Throwback Thursday!

james-bondTwelve years ago here are the Boys on Half term Holiday in London.  Daddy was at an exhibition just outside London and I took the boys into the city every day to visit the museums and one of the visits was to Madame Tussauds.  They both loved and still do James Bond so when they saw the wax of Pierce Brosnan as Bond they had to have their picture taken with it!!!!!  Eldest was nine and Youngest was five!

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Chertsey centre

We were staying at an apartment in Chertsey which is twenty seven miles outside of London and getting the train in which went over Clapham Junction.  This is a huge hub for the trains and it has railways going in every direction.  The Boys loved it, they had never seen so many trains. 

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Clapham Junction

We came into Waterloo station which is enormous and at that time the terminal for the Eurostar.  We came back to the station in the evening and I was trying to find the platform for the Chertsey line and there were hundreds.  I suddenly found it and it was right round the other side and we only had a few minutes to catch it.  It was like a comedy film with the Boys and I running through to get the train.  We made it, just!!!!  The Boys loved it!!!!!

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Waterloo Station with all the boards!

It was a great week and we spent every day at the museums, including the Natural History Museum which was their favourite.whaleLovely memories.  Happy Thursday everyone

Hugs, Susie x

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  1. farmquilter

    Always fun to take a walk through the memories of yesteryear!! What an enormous train station and yard!! When we flew in to London, we took the tube to Kings Cross where we waited for the train to take us north…what shocked me was having to pay to use the loo!!! So different from what I am used to. How do you remember to always have change on you and the prices range from 25P to a pound…a bit jaw dropping!! Loved taking the train through the English countryside.

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