The Wednesday Wag!

img_0444It’s been a funny old week here.  The weather is not good and I have to keep having my paws wiped every time I come in from a walk and dried all over after having been in the garden. 

Yesterday I got to go for a walk with Dad as he had taken his truck in for a service and so we walked back home.  It was great.

img_0447Today I have been driving Mom mad as every few minutes I dive out of my basket, which I manage to fling into the back of her chair and race to the window barking!!!  Here is a picture of my basket after one of these episodes!!!!

img_0448This is where it should really be!!!  I think I keep hearing that pesky squirrel or it could be the rat!

img_0439Of course I always want to see what Mom is up to with her camera but she says I got a little too close here!!!!!!

Mom has also promised me some new tennis balls at the end of the week and I can’t wait as I seem to have lost all of my others!!!!

I hope you are having a woofy Wednesday


2 thoughts on “The Wednesday Wag!

  1. farmquilter

    I tell ya, Treacle, it’s the rat stealing all your tennis balls!!! I have about 25 tennis balls here I wish I could give to you…I don’t play with them because they are way too big for my tiny mouth!!! It has been raining here as well and I make my mom hold an umbrella over me when I go out! Our snow is all gone now which really makes me happy. Mom had to shovel the grass so I had somewhere to potty, but she was mean and tossed me into the snow one day – it was deeper then my belly, all cold and wet and I could not even move, I was so shocked!!!!! XO from a much warmer Nevada, Tara

  2. Molly and Mackie

    Will you be getting pink tennis balls or chartreuse ones, Treacle? You will never believe this. Storm Chris has dumped about 14 inches of heavy snow on us! We are so hoping that tomorrow, we can go out and play in it! Do you want to come for a visit?!

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