Hither & Thither!!!!

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It has been one of those days today where I have been playing chauffeur to Youngest.  He is staying at a friends tonight, whose 17th Birthday it is, and then going from there to college tomorrow morning, so we have been sorting out things needed for tonight and then tomorrow!!!!  They say girls are bad about deciding what to wear and take!!!!!!  Don’t believe it Boys are as bad!

Work is busy but still needs to be busier but hey ho, but I am keeping up to date with everything which is good for my sanity!!!!!  

Quilting is going okay and hopefully at the weekend I will get one of the Baby Quilts cut out.  I love baby quilts as they go together quickly and you feel as if you have accomplished something.  Bed quilts always seem to take ages!   Image result for tennis ballsTreacle has been watching the tennis with me and I am convinced she is trying to work out how to get in the screen to fetch the tennis balls.  She has a few at the moment and they are pretty wrecked but as soon as the better weather starts we will get a new can of them for her.

The weather is still cold and grey and the sun has disappeared again.  I really am looking forward to some better weather.

How is your Tuesday going?

Hugs, Susie x

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