Monday Moping!

img_0432Treacle is moping today as the weather is yuck!!!  We have had freezing fog and then when it warmed up a little bit dank fog and it was a bitter wind.  She has refused to go out this morning and at lunch I insisted she went out but it was not for long.

img_20170122_163401I was busy in my sewing room yesterday doing more of Eldest’s quilt and Treacle was in her usual position and then I got two visitors!!!!  Just before they went off to swimming!  Treacle was not amused by them sitting in her space!!!!!

Getting on well with the quilt and hopefully will get it finished this week.  I did get to the quilt shop but they have changed it all around with their other shop, just down the road.  However they have some material in both shops now which is really confusing.  I did manage to get what I needed but I preferred it when it was all in one place!!!!


For Baby Quilt 1.

img_20170123_130328For Baby Quit 2.

But I am finishing Eldest’s first, definitely!!!!!!

Happy Monday

Hugs, Susie x

2 thoughts on “Monday Moping!

  1. farmquilter

    Treacle would be in heaven here…6-8″ of snow, sun is shining and no wind! You are going to have some adorable baby quilts…looking forward to seeing what you do with the beautiful fabric AND Eldest’s quilt when you are finished with it! Did you ask the shop why they decided to have some fabric here and some there…and tell them what a PITA that is for customers??

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