Five More Sleeps!

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Yep only five more sleeps to go and omg!!!  I have so much to do!!! 

I love, love, love this time of year especially driving around at night and seeing all the houses lit up with their trees and lights outside and some people go really to town.  of course there are some houses that you would never know its Christmas, Bah Humbug!!!

Anyway I have been putting up more lights at our home!!!!

img_0348Here is our Christmas Tree.  We got it from our local Garden Centre and Eldest’s Best Friend, who is a Horticulturist there, was working the day we went to get it.  He helped us pick this one out and it has been great.  DH says we have to have a huge tree to accommodate all the ornaments we have which we have collected since we were first together in 1986.  It also includes lots of things the Boys have made over the years at playschool and school.  The smell of the tree is wonderful and you can smell it right through the house.

img_0358We have put up lights on the kitchen cabinets this year and they look great and I just might leave them up!!!!

img_0357My Boys bought me this sign a few years ago and it is so true!! They love the kitchen at Christmas especially when I am baking!!!!!

img_0356This is one of my favourite pieces,  It is a made of pottery and I just love Santa’s face.

img_0354This was a gift from our friends, Ted and Helen, after a visit to Germany where their daughter and family live.  I had liked them for a while but the ones over here were all candles but I loved that this shows the nativity.  It sits in our dining room window.

img_0353Finally our stair lights.

img_0339Here is madame last Wednesday all lovely and fluffy and I do love her this long but of course it is not practical really, especially when she kept coming in the house with half the garden attached to her paws!

img_0359 img_0360Here she is after her visit to the Spa and yes it is due to be cold again this week!  Of course!!!!

Friday was the swimming club Presentation Night for the main pool swimmers and it was due to start at 7.00pm as there was so much to get through.  I was in Nottingham during the day and was going to straight to the venue.  Well with one thing and another the whole of Nottingham and Derby became gridlocked!!!  I left at 5.00pm and sat in traffic in various places for well over an hour and had to go down several back roads that I know to try and get around the traffic.  All in all it took me two and a half hours to get there which should have taken no more than an hour!!!!  Fortunately I did not miss Youngest receiving his trophies!!!!

img_0336 img_0330He handed over as Captain this year after two years and presented the Andrew Parr Trophy for Boys 8/9 Years 50m Breaststroke.  Here he is with it.  It was a good night but I did leave after the presentations were made as I was shattered!

Saturday evening we went to the Boy’s Godparents house for dinner and to see them before Christmas.  It was a lovely evening, especially after such a hectic week and also before another hectic week this week!!!!!! 

There is still lots to do but I am just taking each day as it comes, otherwise I think I will get too stressed.  Work is really busy as well but at least that all stops for the holidays on Friday, so it will be great to have a rest.

I am also determined to get some quilting done whilst it is the holidays and definitely get my sewing room tidied.  It has been used as a wrapping station over the last few weeks so as you can imagine the mess in there!!!!!! 

I hope all your plans are coming together for the Christmas period.

Christmasy Hugs

Susie xx

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Another Christmas kitchen which I love.

2 thoughts on “Five More Sleeps!

  1. Molly and Mackie

    Your tree is just gorgeous! Oh to have a live tree with that wonderful scent! And we love the lighting on top of your cabinets as well as your stairs lit! Love the kitchen sign and your pottery Santa! You have such pretty things! You look adorable in your Santa hat, Treacle!

  2. Merideth Sears

    I cried Uncle and gave up getting all mine done by Christmas! Ones in the project pile will make great Easter gifts. I think I burned myself out last year and my heart just wasn’t in it this year.

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