It’s Tuesday! Well I think it is!

dsc00652I was sorting out the pictures in my folder and came across this of Eldest, Youngest and Treacle and the last time it really snowed here in 2010!  As you can see from how deep the snow is there was a lot and it has not been like this since.  Treacle and I are keeping our fingers and paws crossed that we get snow like this, this year!!!!

Today I thought it was Wednesday!  All Day!!!!  I was quite disappointed to find out it was only Tuesday but then I do have an extra day to play with this week then!!!  I think the Season is starting to get to me!!!!!!

The boiler men had to come back today to repair the repair they did before as it was still not working properly.  It is supposed to be now!!!!

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This is Julian Norton on the left and his business partner Peter Wright at their veterinary practice Skeldale in Thirsk, North Yorkshire.  It has been a new programme in the UK called “The Yorkshire Vet” and is based in James Herriot Country and is in fact his old practice!  

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James Herriot, whose real name was Alf Wight, wrote about his life as a young vet in North Yorkshire from when he first arrived newly qualified to settling in and raising his own family, along with all the animals and their owners he treated.  If you have never read the books then they are a must if you love animals.  They made it into a television programme in 1973 called “All Creatures Great and Small” and it was a hit.  Well the TV are now following the real vets in their current practice and it is a great programme.  The added bonus is it is narrated by the actor who played James Herriot in the original TV programme, Christopher Timothy. 

With all the TV programmes that are on today with stress this is a very gentle show and I love it.  If you get chance to see it do.  There have been three series so far.

I hope your Tuesday is going well and yes it is Tuesday!!!!  and your plans for Christmas are coming together

Winter Hugs, Susie x

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3 thoughts on “It’s Tuesday! Well I think it is!

  1. farmquilter

    Wishing for snow here in Nevada too!! Home has gotten some, but not nearly enough!! I will be looking for The Yorkshire Vet here because I adored the books by James Herriot (read each one several times!!). Tara went to the vet this morning as she was to have her teeth cleaned…she screamed when they were taking her temperature (poor baby) at 8 this morning and I was to bring her back at 10 for the surgery…got a call at 9:45 that they had an emergency surgery come in so we get to do the scream again next Thursday. I even get to stay in the room and observe the surgery!!! Enjoy your extra day this week, my dear!

  2. Judy

    We are having snow today and my daughter has been stuck on the freeway for about 5 hours trying to get home. It is not fun here because people literally can’t seem to get it together and drive in it so they just abandon their cars making it tough for even the tow trucks to get in to tow them away. I worked at a job for years where I had to be there snow or not and never had a problem driving in it so am not sure why people are so afraid of it here.
    I loved the James Herriot books and I sure hope I get a chance to see the show over here. Our local PBS station broadcasts a lot of the British shows which I love to watch so i am sure it will be here one of these days.

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