Monday Musings!


I honestly don’t know where the weeks are going, I mean it is the beginning of October!

I started Eldest’s memory boxes and of course got sidetracked looking at everything(!) and decided the easiest way was to put it into piles.  Well I did, but you should have seen the state of our bedroom when I finished!!!!  I didn’t get the job finished either!  Eldest came yesterday and we made a decision to keep a few of his school books from each year, rather than all of them, as we have now and then shred the others.  You wouldn’t believe how much space and boxes are needed to store everything.  Youngest said we could do the same with his books as well.

Yesterday for Sunday Lunch we had some friends round who we have known for twenty four years.  We haven’t seen them for ages as they have been away on holiday and busy visiting relatives, now they are retired.  It was great to catch up on all their news.  However I didn’t get any of my extra jobs done which I am going to have to try and get done next weekend now.  The week is going to be busy as well and I have a basket of ironing I need to get done.


On Saturday Actor Robert Lindsay was given the Freedom of the Borough of Erewash.  He is locally born and has been in several TV programs and many stage plays.  DH was MC for the event, which was to be held outside until the heavens opened when they all had to go into the Town Hall.

Needless to say DH and Youngest who also went were soaked to the skin!!!  So I had two extra full sets of clothes to wash and get dry cleaned!!!!  It never rains but it pours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Youngest managed to get a selfie with Mr Lindsay

Treacle is having a sleepy day today and is tucked up in her basket by my desk!  It is a lot cooler again today and I think that although tomorrow is supposed to be a little warmer, we are in the downward spiral to Autumn and Winter!!!!

I hope you are having a Good Monday

Hugs Susie x


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  1. farmquilter

    Almost noon here and it is barely above 40 degrees!!! We actually got the first snow on the valley floor here yesterday evening! I’ve seen it snow here every month except August, but still, October 2 is a bit early. Been hearing about the hard winter we are to have here, just maybe they are correct this year!! That means I’ll be doing some flying instead of driving. What fun for DH and Youngest :D…love the selfie!!!

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