October 1st!

Autumn & Books - Print:

Yes, October 1st and the weather has taken it literally and it is cold today!  It is also now raining!  So the only thing to do when the weather is like this

img_0221Hot chocolate, marsh mellows and yes it’s in a Christmas mug!

img_0207 img_0209 img_0208Decorated for Autumn and Halloween (I’m ahead of the game this year!)

img_0203 img_0205Treacle had her weekly brush, after a bit of complaining!!! It will take oh all of five minutes to look scruffy again!!!!

I am now off to go through Eldest’s keepsake boxes (there are lots and lots of them!) and sort them out and get them put into albums!! I also need to get this job done as they are in Eldest’s room and I cannot move in there and as I am using it as my sewing room and I have several jobs to get done!!!!

Have a wonderful Autumn Weekend.

Hugs, Susie x

1 thought on “October 1st!

  1. Molly and Mackie

    You only have to get brushed once a week, Treacle? We are coming to live with you! We have the same weather here that you do and our heat just popped on. Guess what our nutty mom is doing? Washing windows! She says the rooms are so much brighter when you remove the screens. Whatever mom!


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