Where Did Last Week Go?


Last week flew by in a whirlwind of getting Youngest ready for College which began today!!!  Here he is this morning up, washed, breakfasted and ready for the day!!!!  It was as bad taking him to college this morning as it was taking him on his first day of school and I felt quite sick when I was driving home!!!!! 

The rest of last week was a blur of activities for DH and I.  We went to a funeral on Wednesday for husband of a friend we have known for a long while.  He had had a long battle with cancer and although extremely sad at his passing, it was a relief too that he was at peace.  Thursday the boiler men came to service the boiler and was here on the dot of 8.00am, I hadn’t even got breakfast ready by then. 

Friday night DH and Youngest took themselves off to Guildford as Youngest was on a Uni visit on Saturday morning at Surrey University.  They had a good day and Youngest was very impressed.  They rushed back as Youngest was competing that evening in the first round of the Autumn League swimming competition with the Club and then Sunday DH was out all day at the East Midlands Swimming AGM as President!  Me, I spent the days, cooking, cleaning, washing and ironing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Treacle has been lost all day without Youngest, who has been at home since finishing his exams for twelve weeks!  Here she is this morning getting in on the act and will be pleased to see Youngest when he gets back.  All I am good for is making sure she has her biscuit at lunchtime and her dinner!!!!!!

I am hoping this week is going to be a little steadier than last!  I hope your Monday is going well.


Hugs, Susie x

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