Final Holiday Pictures

IMG_20160812_193534On the middle Friday of our holiday we went out to dinner at Crofter’s Bistro on The Black Isle. 

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This is owned by Actress Penelope Keith (above) and her family and her son runs it.  In fact when the Boys were small we all saw Ms Keith and her husband in another cafe when we were there for lunch.  One of my favourite programmes is To The Manor Born and have the entire series on DVD.

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Anyway the food was lovely and it was a great evening.  It overlooks the bay and afterwards we were taking pictures. 

IMG_20160812_193718DH and I

IMG_20160812_193652Youngest and DH (Youngest is actually smiling!!!!!) Not quite as tall as his Dad yet!

IMG_20160812_193547Looking towards Fort George.

IMG_20160812_203147On the way home there had been some rain with sunshine and this is the rainbow over the bay.

It was a great two weeks away, but gone all too soon as holidays always are.  Although I could have quite cheerfully strangled someone the other day who said quite cheerfully “soon be Christmas”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  My response was it is still summer for goodness sake!  Today the weather is amazing, blue sky, no clouds and warm, so there!

The weather was good over the long weekend too so we managed to get some jobs done which I will show you tomorrow.  There are still some jobs left in the garden to do but still have a few weekends before things get too busy in which to get them done.  Have a huge basket of ironing to get done tonight and DH and Youngest are off to Sheffield for an extra swimming session at Ponds Forge, which is our nearest 50m swimming pool! 

I hope you are having a Thrilling Tuesday, off to start dinner now.

Hugs, Susie x

3 thoughts on “Final Holiday Pictures

  1. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Such beautiful pictures…and SMILES!!! My thrilling Tuesday consisted of a trip to the grocery store and lots of cooking! I love getting my dad to eat more than he is used to!! I hope he can gain some weight this month!!! So glad to have you home again…I missed you!!!

  2. Judy

    I have enjoyed seeing all of your vacation pictures. My daughter and I used to love watching To The Manor Born. Sadly it is no longer on our PBS station which is where we get lots of the shows from the UK which I find so much better than most of our shows. I am going to have look into getting it on DVD.

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