Friday Yeah!

photo S&AEldest and Girlfriend are away for a week in Menorca and the weather is warm and lovely. 

We have an extra day at the weekend, late Summer holiday, and so far the weather is supposed to be nice so DH and I are hoping to get the final jobs in the garden finished and some jobs finished in the home.

Treacle is a little better this morning but still on a restricted soft diet and her medicine.  She is fine in herself and running round the garden like a lunatic so the Vet is not worried about her, in fact she went bouncing in to see the Vet, tail wagging and waiting for her treat that they give them after their exam (of course she did not get one so was a little miffed!!!)   In fact I felt a complete fraud saying she was ill the way she behaved, talk about showing your owner up!!!!!

Youngest and two friends have gone off on the train early this morning to the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham to a gaming show called “Insomnia”!  It is a massive show so we don’t expect him back until late tonight (they are planning on going for dinner after it closes)

Here are some more pictures from the holiday :

IMG_0131A slightly different view of our Loch.

IMG_0135This was docked at Invergordon, a deep water port.  It is the MSC Splendida, 137,936 Tonnes and 3,500 people on board!

IMG_0134To DH and I, who like solitude on holidays, this would be our worst nightmare but each to their own!  I also think it looks like a floating block of apartments!!!!  Gone are the days of graceful sailing ships!!!!!!

IMG_0132This is the view looking out of Invergordon towards the sea.

IMG_0139The sun shining off the sea.


IMG_0147The sunset that evening.  The day had been clear and wonderfully warm.

IMG_0145When the moon rose it was full and very sunny!

IMG_0143The heather was blooming already, whereas normally it is only just coming out when we leave but it was very purple.

IMG_0142This was just sailing in, one of the many oil tankers.

I hope everyone has a lovely summer weekend.   We need to make the most of it as the nights are starting to draw in and before we know it, it will be Autumn! 

Hugs, Susie x

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2 thoughts on “Friday Yeah!

  1. Molly and Mackie

    Your sunset picture totally took our breath away! WOW! We are so happy to hear that you’re feeling more like yourself, Treacle! Mom finally figured out how to see the entries so she could vote. yay!

  2. farmquilter

    Such a lovely holiday!!! Your pictures make me yearn for another trip across the pond!! The water looks like diamonds are floating on top of the water – stunning!! And the heather…*sigh*, in my dreams! Yeah, I’ve noticed how the sun is setting earlier while I’m dreading the shorter days and the coming cold weather. Seasons in life change just as the seasons of the year change and I’m not looking forward to the coming season.

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