Oh Boy What a Week!

Right I hope you are ready for this post as it is going to be a bit long!

IMG_0201This person, Eldest, as you can see was Ten in this picture.  Well eleven years later he was twenty one!

IMG_0152Happy 21st Eldest we love you and are very proud of you.

This is his smile now!  What is it with Boys and not smiling!!!  Anyway ten of us went out for dinner on Monday evening and had a lovely time and celebrated his 21st in style.  We then went back to their place for cake and presents.  On Sunday we hosted a family and friends lunch at home for his Birthday.  We had ten for lunch and fortunately the weather was good.  It was a lovely afternoon.IMG_0154This is his Birthday cake which Girlfriend made.  Tiramisu cake and it was lovely.

IMG_0161Opening his gifts.

Image result for Results day

Today was results day for Youngest and although he didn’t get exactly what he wanted he did well with a mixture of B’s, C’s and one D!  Almost the same as his Brother!!!!  So he has decided to take the course at the college in Nottingham which is Acting & Film Production which he really wants to do.  We are so happy and proud of him and he is really pleased that he got in to the college.  He begins on September 12th!

Swimming is on its summer break for a week – NO SWIMMING FOR A WEEK YEAH!!!!!!!!

Here are some more pictures from the holiday.  We sailed up Loch Ness again and the weather was amazing.  We stayed outside on deck for the whole trip.

IMG_0113This is where you move out of the Caledonia Canal and into Loch Ness

IMG_0128Looking down Loch Ness

IMG_0127The Mountains above.

IMG_0125Looking back the way we had come and at the deepest part of the Loch.

IMG_0124The wake from the boat, which is often mistaken for the Loch Ness Monster.  People used to ask us when the Boys were little if they were going Monster hunting.  Our reply was “No we don’t need to as we take two little Monsters with us”!!!!!!!!!!!!

IMG_0123 IMG_0114This is where the Loch splits and forms the River Ness.

Told you it was a long post!!!!!  Hope everyone is having a Thrilling Thursday and thanks to all who have commented on Treacle’s post for The Pets On Quilts show at Lily Pad Quilting.  Voting is open now.  Treacle is not very well at the moment.  She went to the vets today and has some form of bug so we are dosing her up with medicine and she is on a special diet.  Hopefully she will pick up in a few days, otherwise it will be a return visit to the vets!

Hugs, Susie x


4 thoughts on “Oh Boy What a Week!

  1. Molly and Mackie

    Your vacation shots are just gorgeous! Happy 21st Birthday to Eldest! We are drooling over his Tiramisu cake!
    We are sending you lots of AireZen, Treacle. Feel better soon!

  2. farmquilter

    Yeah, I want to vote too…just tell me where11 Love the pics of Eldest’s birthday – my how they grow!! Your vacation looks so lovely – glad the weather cooperated! YAY YOUNGEST!!!!! Off to college…so close to entering the “real world”!! Poor Treacle :o( Sure hope she gets better soon!

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