Throwback Thursday


Throwback Thursday today and this was taken in 2011 when we took the Boys to London to celebrate Youngest moving from Primary School to Senior School (aged 11) and Eldest moving from School to Sixth Form (aged 16).  We had Afternoon Tea in the Palm Court of The Ritz Hotel.  Very serious faces!!!!!!!

It has been warm today but not as bad as the last few days and last night I slept the sleep of the completely exhausted!!! 

I managed to get the cleaning done today, first thing before it got too warm, and then did my work before taking Youngest to the local airport, so he could meet his Girlfriend and her parents back from their holiday!!!!!!!! Here we go again!!!!!  DH is busy working most days and evenings so I get to see him for only a couple of hours!  Can’t wait for our vacation when we can spend some time together as a family.

Hope you are having a lovely, and hopefully cool, summer.

Hugs, Susie x

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  1. farmquilter

    Been busy here as well…washing windows, mowing grass, trimming bushes, cooking, sewing and umpiring – want to take a nap with me??? It has been over 90 here for the last week and will just keep getting hotter! So grateful my dad has central air conditioning! Looking forward to my daughter and granddaughters coming for a visit in 2 weeks!!!

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