The Hot Wednesday Wag!

It is very, very hot.  The humidity is of course the worse thing running at about 50% during the day but up to 85% at night, so no one in the house is getting any sleep!!!!!

Mom worked at her desk yesterday, the hottest day, and then got her ironing done and she felt like this afterwards :

Today she and I have been helping to clean Youngest’s bedroom from top to bottom.  She usually tries and does this once a month but with being busy for the last two months it has not been done, so today was the day!  He is generally tidy so that was not the problem but its the amount of things he has!!!  Which all have to be moved and dusted and polished and then put back!!!  It took them FOUR HOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  and in this heat!!!!  She still has to do Eldest’s room (which she is now using as a sewing room) but apparently Dad is going to be roped in to help!!!!!

However I did get a gift after helping with the room :

IMG_0070One of Youngest’s old footballs!  Its great.  Mom’s gift?  A load more shredding!!!!!!!

Tomorrow Mom has normally cleaning jobs to do and the grocery shopping as she has to be out on Friday, although she hopes that she will be getting some more sleep soon as she is starting to feel a little spaced out!!!!!!  I don’t know what she means!

Hot Woof


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