We Made It To Friday!

Yep we have made it to Friday, although I think Friday is coming round more quickly these days!  Yesterday passed in a blur of taking Youngest to his exam and collecting him again and then taking him to DH who was at the exhibition at the NEC in Birmingham (!)  I managed to get back through the traffic and got my work finished and then sneaked off to my sewing room and got some things done.  Dinner interrupted the sewing for a while but then got some more done after everything was tidied up. 

2 thoughts on “We Made It To Friday!

  1. Molly and Mackie

    We had to turn our heat on this morning. It was 39 degrees outside. What’s up with that for June? But the sun did come out and it did get up to mid 60’s!
    Your gardens sure are beautiful, Miss Susie!

  2. farmquilter

    It got up to 100 here on the farm this week…I got home today and it is 67!! Tomorrow our niece is getting married outside at her parent’s farm and it is only supposed to be up o 67 with rain at times!!! I’m going to have to dig out the winter clothes for the wedding – the sundress I was planning on wearing just won’t work! Of course, my shoe choices have been complicated by the fact that on Wednesday I had my big toe nail removed (oh yeah, ouch!) and can’t wear a closed-toe shoe! Sigh, can’t wear sandals with heavy socks 🙂 Hope Youngest’s exams are almost over – you both need a break!!!

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