The Wednesday Wag!

DSC05275I have had another full day outside, patrolling the perimeter of our property to keep away all intruders of the two and four legged kind, including those rats which run up trees! 

The last few days have been very warm and spending all day outside I am not getting my forty winks in, so by the time the door is shut in the evening, at about 10.00pm I make my weary way to my basket and I just really don’t have the energy except to fall into it!

DSC05271Even if that means I am the wrong way round in my basket!

DSC05272I have been keeping in the shade quite a bit today as it has been very warm.


Did I hear my dinner bowl rattle?

Tomorrow is supposed to be warm but not as sunny but Friday and the weekend are looking like lots of rain, although Mom says the garden needs it.  I hope you are all having some lovely weather too.

Woof, Treacle

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