More Good News!

DSC05257The Baby who this quilt is for arrived yesterday at 5.30am and her name is Emily!  Mom, Dad and Emily are all doing well although the Grandparents have not been up to see her just yet and delivered the quilt.  Grandma is DH’s cousin on his Mom’s side so Emily is DH’s Third Cousin I think but it may be twice removed!!!  It all gets very confusing!!  However she is here safe and well.

DSC05266One of my summer pots enjoying the sunshine.

Today the weather has been wonderful again, warm and dry but there are thunderstorms on the horizon because of the heat.  Oh well, we are enjoying it while we can.  Treacle is spending all day outside and as she is not sleeping during the day she is absolutely tuckered out by bed time!  It is so funny you can tell she is so tired!


DH is away all week at an exhibition at the NEC in Birmingham and then he and Youngest are visiting the Birmingham City University on Saturday for Youngest to have a look at the Drama course he wants to do and look round the campus. 


Having managed to get rid of my cold to DH (!) I have now got a water infection (!!!!!!!) for which I have antibiotics from the Doctor!  I hate taking medicine needlessly but having put up with this for over a week I just knew it was not going to go by itself!!!!!


Having got all my washing dried outside over the last few days, I now have a huge basket of ironing to do (!) so that is my job tonight.  Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to get some more quilting done.

I hope you are having a Thrilling Tuesday.

Hugs, Susie x

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