Cuteness Alert!

I had to pop out first thing after I had taken Youngest to school to see a good friend, Jo, who runs The Painting Parlour ( from her home in our village.  She is a very talented artist and runs painting parties for all ages (she has had quite a lot of hen parties there).

She is going to do two pieces for my stall in July so I went to have a chat with her and whilst we were having a cup of tea she introduced me to the new additions of the family.


Mummy cat who is called Pringle and the last of her kittens.  Dad is a Ragdoll so the kitten on the right follows his colouring and the kitten on the left is following Mum.  Jo is keeping the kitten on the left, who they have called Flo.


Snack time over so lets play!


I’m winning!!!!!

They were absolutely gorgeous and I was very tempted to slip one into my bag before I left but knew Jo would notice!!!!!!  I don’t know how Treacle would have taken it though!

Managed to get all the house jobs done so we have tomorrow clear to do the painting, well that’s the plan but it could all change again when DH gets home!!!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Hugs, Susie x

2 thoughts on “Cuteness Alert!

  1. farmquilter

    I really think Treacle would love to have a little friend to cuddle with in her basket, don’t you? Our barn cats used to cuddle with our lab in the dog house before he passed…they really miss him in the winter as he used to keep them quite warm!

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