It’s been raining all day today and it has been cold too.  In fact it feels more like winter today than winter was!!!

I have spent all day working and Treacle has spent the day snoring in her basket by my desk!


So here is a Throwback Thursday picture of our Boys in Florida in April 2010, where the weather was fantastic and warm and lovely and oh so much better than here today!!!!!   I hope the weather is better where you are. 

I haven’t got any quilting done yet (!) but am hoping to over the weekend in between DH and I painting our bathroom.  It is only small so I am hoping it won’t take us long and half of it is tiled so hopefully……….

Tomorrow I have got to be out in the morning and then I have house jobs to do, but if I get done quickly I may get a couple of hours of quilting in hopefully……………….

Hugs, Susie x


1 thought on “Thursdayish!

  1. farmquilter

    Just started to sprinkle here…tomorrow we have a 90% chance of rain!! Still in the mid-60s though…and in a few days they expect 80s!! That’s why where you are is so green and where I am is so brown except for where we irrigate!!! Cute pictures of the boys – they certainly have grow up too quickly!!


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