The Wednesday Wag!

DSC05188Well we are into April now and it is not mine or Mom’s favourite month!  I cannot stand the sunshine and showers, especially the showers.  You just get out on a nice walk or out in the garden in the spring sunshine and then it pours with rain!

I had a lovely time on my vacation but Mom and Dad had a surprise when they collected me.  I had lost this

IMG_20160413_165848I know the picture isn’t very clear but it is one of my big teeth!!!   So Mom had to take me to my doctors on Monday morning for her to check me out!  She thinks I may have damaged it when I was running around with a big stick in my mouth, which I absolutely love to do.  So I now have to go in and have a procedure to make sure that my other teeth are all okay and a scale and polish while I am there!  Mom took me to the doctors again this morning for some blood tests and to pick up some antibiotics and next week they will schedule the procedure!!!!  Mom was so pleased.

I wasn’t too happy though this morning as I did not get my breakfast as the blood test had to be a fasting one, but Mom did give me an extra scoop of food when I got home!   Besides all this I had a great time at the kennels and they said I was very well behaved (makes a change Treacle!)

The weather here today is very spring like and I spent most of it outside in my garden in the sunshine which was quite warm.  Mom joined me with a cup of tea at lunchtime.

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter break and you are having some lovely Spring sunshine.

Wonky Woof, Treacle


Mom’s Spring Flowers by the front door.

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  1. farmquilter

    Welcome home!!! Hey, mom has one of those that she brought home in a bag from Hawaii – not fun at all!!! Glad you were good on your holiday, Treacle 🙂 I’m happy having mom home now! Love ya, Tara

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