Caught Up Now!

DSC05191 This is the view I have looked at for the last two weeks whilst I have been sewing, well not sewing for the whole of the two weeks but I did get lots done!  I got my commission quilt cut, sewed and sandwiched but not quilted as I could not get the correct thread. Something I am going to do this Friday.

DSC05193We had a great vacation; Youngest get some revision done, I sewing and DH some work which culminated in him having to fly down from Inverness to Birmingham for a business meeting during the second week!!!!!  I kept the truck and Youngest and I had a delightful tour round although he said I drive slower than Dad on the very narrow roads with passing places!!!!!  Plus I did not want to collect DH the next day from the airport with his pride and joy truck dented!!!!!!!!!

DSC05199The weather was great, very spring like and we had frosty mornings which warmed up by the middle of morning.  So although it was late March/early April we did well.  We did see some sleet and snow but it didn’t settle.

DSC05202We also had visits every day by the sheep although no lambs yet.  They are always a little later in Scotland than at home because of the unpredictability of the weather!

DSC05196 DSC05197We visited Baxters again where they do huge Scotch pancakes with any kind of fruit and DH and Youngest love them.  They also do a small cup of soup and half a sandwich which I always have!  If you are ever in the area it is well worth a visit.

We also visited The Royal Zoological Society of Scotland Highland Wildlife Park which we took the Boys to when they were aged seven and three!!!!!!  It has grown a lot since then and with more exotic species and huge enclosures for the animals to roam in.  The weather was not great when we got there so a lot of the animals were in their sleeping areas, but that meant we did get to see them.

DSC05206Bukhara Deer

DSC05207Przewalski’s Horses

DSC05208European Bison having their lunch!

DSC05210 DSC05211Chan & Animesh, the newly arrived Snow Leopards who were born in 2013.

It was great to have a break and not a lot to do and it definitely re-charged the batteries.  It has taken me from Monday to today to catch up on all the work emails, accounts etc and today I am doing House jobs to catch up.  Tomorrow Youngest has an Inset day (teacher training(!)) and DH has been at an exhibition at the NEC all week so Youngest is going tomorrow to help.  I have to go over to Nottingham and then Saturday, if the weather co-operates, we can hopefully get in the garden to start the tidying!!

Despite Treacle’s tooth coming out it has not slowed her down at all, she is eating fine and playing with all her toys!  I suspect she won’t be after they have done the procedure for a few days but you never know with her!!!  I am trying to keep her away from sticks!

I hope Spring has sprung wherever you are.

Hugs, Susie x


DSC05203Sunset over the Loch

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