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He Did Well!

Xander Parr 6

Eldest last week had his Final Exams and Assessments at the end of his three year course he has been doing and has just heard how he has done.   He got 100% across the board!  He is just now waiting to hear if he has got onto the Elite Group for his final Masters year, next year and we are also waiting to hear when Graduation is. 

Congratulations Eldest, we are so proud of you!

Hugs, Susie xx

London on a Sunday.

Gone are the days when London on a Sunday was quiet and a day for going to museums and art galleries and the like.  It is just another shopping day now, which begins a little later than a Saturday.  DH and I decided to have a lazy morning and did not have breakfast but got packed up and checked out of our room.  We decided to go to Fortnum & Mason store to look at their Christmas things and it definitely was not as busy as the day before.


We had a light lunch in the Ice Cream Bar at Fortnums.  DH had ice cream but I had a warm lunch as it was too cold for ice cream for me!!!! 

DH’s Ice Cream, my sausage roll and my tea.


The windows at Fortnum & Mason are always a treat to see.  Here is a Christmas Turkey!  No not DH in the window the Turkey in the background!!!!!


Above is the Fortnum Clock which strikes the hour and the half hour with music.


Another of their windows with flying mince pies which DH said looked like the Golden Snitches from Harry Potter!!!!


Another window with a massive Christmas pudding and this time I got DH in the window, smiling!


The Children’s window.


The side of the Fortnum building and an iconic London road sign!


Above, the famous Fortnum & Mason Hampers.


The Fortnum Tea window which is how the store began as a very expensive, exclusive Tea Shoppe!


The entrance to Fortnums.


The trees and the wreathes at the entrance.


If you shop at Fortnum & Mason then you are in good company as it is the Queen’s Grocer.


Another of their wonderful Christmas trees and below the centre display down the middle of the store.


Love this picture looking from the first floor down to the basement.

We managed to find some other little bits for the children for Christmas which I was so pleased with.

Right next door to Fortnum & Mason is Hatchards, one of the oldest book shops in London since 1797.  It is now owned by a national book shop chain but they have retained the charm of the old store.  This is where the pictures of our Boys were taken when they were on chairs choosing their books from a few posts ago.  Of course I cannot pass a Book shop without going in.  DH bought me some books which I had wanted for Christmas and will be reviewed on my Monthly Book Club page!!!!. 


Who does not love bookshelves full of books!


This is on the ground floor.


In the lovely bow fronted window was a Christmas display of Beatrix Potter books and some of her illustrations.  The Boys loved these books when they were little.


You can see the theme of the Christmas lights on Piccadily this year are Angels but as you can also see it was quite a sunny day with a blue sky, although it was quite cold, so although the lights were on you can’t see them at all!


After this we went back to our Hotel for Afternoon Tea.


As it was cold we had a seat by the fire for our Afternoon Tea and next to the fire-place were two of the Big Sheep at the Hotel.


The Tea, which was very nice but filling.  We brought the little cakes from the top plate home for the Boys.


Our Tea table.


The roaring fire above and the chandeliers in the lounge.


After Tea we retrieved our bags and headed for the train station for our journey home, the train was there waiting and on time and Eldest and Girlfriend collected us from the station when we got back. 

As well as a wonderful weekend, DH arranged a surprise for me when we got to London on the Friday with a visit to a lovely little jewellery store specialising in Pearls, Coleman Douglas, as this is what your 30th Wedding Anniversary is.  He bought me a lovely pair of pearl earrings (above me trying them on for size!).

Of course I could not let DH get away with the only one for a surprise.  He has always loved the Fortnum & Mason hampers but not their standard ones as he does not like the things in it.  However they now let you put your own choice of items from their ranges in and this is what I did and had it delivered to the Hotel as a surprise.  He loved it and the basket?  Treacle is now using it as a new toy box!!!!!!!

It was a wonderful weekend and although we were supposed to go away for a two-week holiday, that was not going to happen because of business commitments it was so nice to get away for a few days. 

Of course we were back to earth with a bump on Monday with work and DH was away yesterday and today in Scotland on business and I have lots of things to try to get done this week, some Christmas things, some Birthday things as well as all the normal stuff.  I went yesterday Christmas shopping with my good friend, Jayne, in Nottingham and we had a lovely day and I will show you some pictures of that tomorrow.  I do love this time of year! 

Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone.

Hugs, Susie xx

PS  It is definitely getting near Christmas, I have put the Christmas CDs’ in the Jeep!!!!!

Saturday in London.

We had a lovely evening on the Friday and our room at the Hotel was really nice.  Here are a few pictures :

We fell into bed around 11.00pm and were fast asleep when at 2.15am the fire alarm woke us up with a start!!!!  DH threw a dressing gown and slippers at me whilst I was still half asleep and said come on, leave everything, however I did get my bag and my jewellery!!!!  By the time we got into the corridor we were told it was a false alarm but unfortunately they could not switch the alarms off!  IT was so penetrating that we had to leave our room and went downstairs to the lounge where it was less noisy.  They brought us a pot of tea and some of the others were drinking alcohol!!!  It was an hour and a half before we got back to our room, which was then thankfully quiet!!! 

Needless to say everyone was late up the next morning for breakfast!


After breakfast we had a wander around the stores, particularly Harrods & Harvey Nichols and found some great little things for The Boys and their Girls for Christmas, which is what I wanted.  However it was very, very busy with people Christmas shopping.  We got back to the hotel around 3.00pm and had a rest before having dinner in the Hotel Restaurant. 

As you can see DH was tired!!!!  I was asleep on the bed!!!!!!!


This is the Dining Room at the Hotel where we had a lovely dinner.  Interestingly they do not allow phones in the room to be used, so no photos of our dinner, which was worthy of the odd picture or two but I am sure they are protecting their creativity!  I had risotto for my starter and chicken for my main and DH had smoked salmon to start and Dover Sole for main and it was delish and very filling!  We just had coffee afterwards.

We were thinking of then changing and going out to see all the Christmas lights but it was just too late and we were too tired!!!  We again fell into bed around 11.00pm but I then woke up again at 4.00am after the previous nights entertainment!!!!!!!

Tomorrow I will show you our Sunday in London.  I know it should be The Wednesday Wag but I have given Treacle the day off, she is still recovering from the weekend too!!!!!

Hugs, Susie xx

Our Weekend Away.


DH and I had a wonderful three days in London and as there are lots of pictures I am going to split it over the next three days.  We left on the 10.05am train from the station and here is DH doing a little bit of work on the journey down.  However it is still a picture heaving post hope you are ready!!!


The lamps outside our hotel, The Goring.


We had lunch at a little cafe along from Harrods, above.  Their desserts looked lovely but I was too full.


Harrods was decorated for Christmas.


We had dinner at Gilray’s Steak House overlooking the River, which was very busy for a Friday night!!!


DH still messing around with Emails.


The Bar at Gilray’s.


Dinner served in a frying pan!!!  There has been a big debate about why you get these strange “plates” instead of actual plates.  However it was a lovely meal.


This used to be the old Westminster Council building and it has now been taken over by several businesses including a hotel, the restaurant and other businesses. This was outside in the centre of the building.


I also think that some of the tennis players who were playing at the ATP Tour Final at the O2 Arena were staying there as there was one of the official cars parked here. 


We then went to see the play “Witness for the Prosecution” by Agatha Christie at the old court building at the other side of the old Council Offices.  It was great and we really enjoyed it.  The above and below pictures are the foyer.


Where the play was to take place, we had a great view!


Where the Judge will sit.


The pictures above are as the play was proceeding. 


When we came out it was a typical November evening; cold, drizzling and a little bit foggy.  The red lights above the building is the London Eye.


You find, especially in London, that people never look up especially at the buildings and this building is opposite the old Council Offices.  This building would have been an old maternity unit but in those days it was called a Lying in Hospital!!!!


When we got back to our room, it was ready for our arrival and the sheep was busy giving us advice!!!!  The sheep are a big thing at The Goring.  Below is from their website :

Bar-baa-ra The Goring Sheep

Impeccably English and perfectly individual

The Goring sheep have become as iconic as the hotel itself. Here is a little history on how they came to be…

Guests used to remark to George Goring that they did not feel as if they were in London when they stayed at The Goring, but rather it had the peace and calm of a country hotel – due to the beautiful garden and the quiet location in Belgravia. 

So one day, when he was driving through Somerset, Mr Goring came across the workshop of a lady who made the most engaging wooden sheep with real sheepskin fur. He bought one and took it back to The Goring, as he thought it really brought the country feel of the hotel to life. The guests loved it – and he subsequently commissioned her to make more and more. 

So when guests visit The Goring today, they will be able to see some of these famous sheep dotted about the hotel and on each bed, ready to welcome guests to The Goring.


Here is the the “Big” sheep below in our room.


However we get to keep the little sheep on the bed which is now residing on our bed at home, although I am having to keep him away from Treacle who thinks it is for her!!!!

She had a fantastic time with Youngest and Girlfriend over the weekend and we are very grateful to him for looking after her and our Home whilst we were away.

Tomorrow I will show you what we got up to on the Saturday!

Have a fantastic week everyone.

Hugs, Susie xx

Our 30th!


30 years ago we said “I Do” and became one!!!  Sorry the above picture is not good but it is a photograph of a photograph, no digital in those days!!!!!  Makes me sound ancient!!!! 

We were very fortunate that the day dawned very frosty and bright sunshine which was a relief as November can be quite dreadful weather wise.  The above picture was taken in the grounds of the Hotel where we had our Wedding Breakfast.


This was taken in the hotel.

As you know we are off to London next weekend to celebrate as we were really busy this past weekend so could not go and Monday really is not a good day to have a celebration!!!!  However DH and I went out for a very nice lunch at The Cock Inn at Mugginton in Derbyshire.

DSC_0756As you can see the weather was good today too.



A great painting on the wall of the Restaurant which is part of their paperwork, menus etc.

We have had lots of good wishes today from family and friends, which was lovely of everyone and a big Thank You to all.  Will get lots of pictures at the weekend to show you next week. 

The next few days I have quite a lot to do and catch up on before we go away on Friday and Youngest is at home over the weekend with Girlfriend to look after Treacle whilst we are away.  Which of course means she will be thoroughly spoilt but hey we are away!!  He started a new job today and had a first great day so all is well there and Eldest is away from Wednesday to the end of the week with his final exams and assessments and he will know by Friday how things have gone and Girlfriend has just got her results from her Masters year and she got a First!!!  So when we get back hopefully we will be going out and celebrating lots!!!!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and a great week to come. 

Hugs & Love Susie xx

Happy Halloween & It’s Wednesday.



I am here!  It just took all day Monday to catch up on all the work which had piled up over the previous week whilst my computer was upgraded!!!  I managed to finish at 6.30pm from quite early on that morning, but so glad I am back on track.

Yesterday I had to go out and run some errands and drop Youngest off at the train station for him to visit Girlfriend at Uni.  Again I didn’t get back until about 4.00pm, long day!


Here was one of my collection stops!  120 Advent Calendars for our Young Swimmers!!! This is instead of a party, this year they are getting a present!  Just have to wrap them now!!!!!!

I also had to collect a laptop from the computer place which was 40 miles north of this place which has been sorted for the swimming club.  I then came back the pretty way instead of the motorway through Chatsworth park and stopped at their Farm Shop to get a few supplies.


I also called at the Quilt Shop on the way home too as it is near here (!)  I got home and was thoroughly tired and felt quite coldy so had dinner early and went to bed!!!!  DH was out so Treacle kept me company.


This was cuddling last night.


This was Monday whilst I was working all day, you can see how busy Treacle is!!!!!

Two of the fireworks from Friday evening!  It was very cold.

We have been spoilt with all the nice weather at the beginning of October and now it has turned very cold, with a biting wind so all the winter jumpers are out and now in use!!!!

I hope you are all having a great week and I should now be back every day! I also need to catch up on the Blogs I read too but that will have to wait until later.  Have a great Wednesday, nearly the weekend.

Hugs, Susie xx


I hope everyone has a wonderful Halloween!