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It is what it says – our Family!

Retro Event.

DH and I did the Retro Event on Saturday evening and everyone seemed to really enjoy it, although it was completely different to other events we do as they were there to play the retro arcade games!


The event was held at the Old Library in the centre of Derby, which sadly closed a year or so ago and the books were moved into the Council House.  However they are now using the space for these types of events and is now part of the Derby Museums.


This is two sides of the ceiling and sky light in the centre of the Library.


The door onto the balcony.  Sadly they have not kept books on these shelves which I think would have been a better idea but hey ho!


The sky light.


One of the old book cases.


Everything ready and set up.  As the games were mostly from the 80’s we took all the old 45rpm singles which you can see at the back on the left!  They weren’t too bad.


DH checking the lights!

We finished at 11.00pm and then cleared up so got home at 1.00am having had something to eat on the way home!!!  It was a long night but good fun.

Yesterday we spent tidying up the equipment and going through the singles as well so it is all very tidy now but we didn’t get much else done!!!!! 

And so we begin another week(!)  The dryer is still playing up so the engineer is coming back tomorrow again(!) DH is out at a swimming meeting tonight(!)  Eldest and Youngest are both down in Milton Keynes this week training (!) and I have lots of work to do and some home jobs too!!!!

I hope you all have a great week!!!

Hugs, Susie xx


Summer is winding down and next week begins the Autumn months and we are all making the most of the warm weather whilst it is still here.  We have a busy weekend coming up with friends round for dinner on Saturday evening and hopefully Sunday we can continue to work in the garden. 

As it is #TBT I thought I would show you a selection of pictures from previous holidays with DH and The Boys!!!


Uncle Gordon and The Boys target shooting!

Loch Mohr 3

The Boys in Loch Mhor!


The Pier at Loch Mhor!

Family Parr 2011

The four of us at a benefit concert for the RAF.

It has been a busy old week and our holiday is now a distant memory!!!! I have been making Jam this week and will show when it is all done and at the weekend will be making chutney.  Also have the ingredients for making soup which I will put into the freezer for the cooler months!!!

Have a few plans for when the nights start to draw in with some projects I want to get on with as well as continuing quilting.  I have a baby quilt to finish and a few other projects on the go!!!

I hope you are having a Thrilling Thursday, almost the weekend!

Hugs, Susie xx

Our Vacation.

So Friday morning we decided to get up early get a few bits of work finished and then pack, as we were going to travel up to Edinburgh that evening after Youngest go back from his second week away at Head Office training.  It was a nice day so the back door was open for Treacle to run in and out as always.  DH went to make a drink and fussed her as he went past and then saw blood on her legs!  When we examined her we found that she had managed to cut her eye lid, probably on a bush which she loves to run in and out of!!!!

So off to the vets we went for an emergency appointment DH holding Treacle and me trying to stem the flow!!!!  The vet thought that it would be fine as it was not a deep cut but had to stop the bleeding so we waited in a side room for an hour and she said it was okay but she would have to wear the dreaded cone to stop her opening it up again!!!! So three hours later we got home. 


We then had a business appointment to go to and then had to go over to Nottingham so we did not get back until about 4.00pm! We still had to pack (!) so we didn’t finally leave until about 6.00pm!  Therefore we didn’t get to the hotel in Edinburgh until 2.00am, having stopped for food (McDonalds!!!!) on the way!!!  We fell into bed with the Do Not Disturb sign on the door!!!!!


This was the view from our window at the Hotel which was north of the new road Bridge in Edinburgh. 


We were not far from the Naval yard where the new HMS Prince of Wales aircraft carrier  is being fitted out.  She is due to launch next year


Our good friend, Susan, mentioned Glamis Castle to us (where the Queen Mother was born) which is not far from Edinburgh and it just so happend that on the Saturday they were holding the first ever Horse Trials and Country Show, so we decided to go.


The riders competing in the jump competition.  We had missed the dressage section for that day and some of them were going on to the cross country.


Waiting to enter the ring.


Warming Up.


Glamis through the trees.


The Castle itself and so many turrets.


The clock above the main door.



A very small door for a very big castle.


The side of the castle where the entrance for the tour was.


I just loved the turrets.

It was a guided tour around the open rooms, some of which were the ones the Queen Mother used when she visited.  My favourite was the dining room.  The rooms were not huge but it certainly made it feel like a family home rather than just a show piece.  The family still live them and so it is very much a living, breathing space.  Unfortunately we were not allowed to take pictures inside.

Charleston with Truck

We then continued North to the cottage, via the supermarket to get food (!) and arrived at 7.00pm!! It was great to finally be away and all the peace and quiet!!!




The next morning we woke to find the cows had come to visit.


These two were particularly cute and obviously twins!!!

Today is catch up on home jobs, got the ironing all done (!), and tonight we are out for Eldest’s Birthday Dinner!! 


Not changed much!!!!!! Ha

Xander and Cake 2

We love him to bits and are so proud of him!!! 

I hope your Thursday is going well.  Tomorrow I will show you some more pictures of the holiday and especially a day which I did not expect to get to do but did and had great fun.

Hugs, Susie xx

A Very Busy Few Days.

It was a very busy Carnival Week and we were very fortunate with the weather, no event had to be cancelled or moved due to the weather.  Friday turned into chaos and to add to it I had to take Treacle to the Vets as she was feeling out of sorts.  Neither we nor the Vet knows what is wrong with her and as far as the Vet can tell there isn’t anything wrong! We have had some bloods taken to make sure but as soon as we came back she was bouncing around like a one month old!!!!!!!


Carnival Parade.

Saturday was the main day and DH was down at the park by 6.00am and got home at about 7.00pm.  I was going to go over to Nottingham for a little light (or heavy!) shopping but woke with a bad head so decided that it was not the best idea! 

Sunday DH was again out all day at an Open Water event in Nottingham and I spent the day quilting.  Treacle is fine and skipping about!

As DH had been very busy he was working at home today and clearing up the few things after the weekend.  However we got a phone call from our farmer friend in the Village who needed help with baling, especially before the rain which is due at the end of the week.

Tom Baling July 2019

I was due to help driving a tractor but he had run out of baling machines so DH went off with the tractor and did three fields.  It was a good job I didn’t go as Youngest was sent home from work with breathing difficulties and an extremely sore throat and other issues.  I then took him to our Doctor and it turns out he has an infected tonsil on one side so now has a dose of antibiotics!  We didn’t get home until 6.30pm and DH was out at another meeting tonight and I had done nothing towards dinner!!!!!

We have another busy week with Business and things happening at night and next weekend again!  I am very much looking forward to our vacation in August!  I know we shouldn’t wish the weeks away but I am towards our holiday!!!!


I am out tomorrow evening at Tangent and we are going to a friends house where they have bee hives and collect their honey.  The weather is still supposed to be nice so hopefully we will have a good evening.  I will try and get some pictures.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and have a great week.

Hugs, Susie xx

Happy Monday!

Not normally two words which go together, happy and Monday, but I am today as Wimbledon has started!!!!!


This is where I get to revel in two weeks of wonderful tennis from about 11.00am until about 9.15pm, much to the Boys annoyance!!!  They like tennis but are so glad that they now have Amazon Fire Sticks so they can watch TV in their rooms instead of Wimbledon!!!! 


Treacle watches for the tennis balls, her favourite toy of all!!!!


Carnival has begun in the Village yesterday with Crowning of the Carnival Queen and picnic on the Park and the weather was nice and warm and not too hot.  Saturday was very hot with no breeze so the air was actually hot!  We did a few jobs in the morning but by midday had come inside and were doing swimming jobs in our Den where it was a little cooler. 

Amber Valley-20140629-00106

Treacle the last time she entered the Dog Show with Youngest as Wimbledon Attendees!

It is set fair for the week of events, tonight being The Dog Show which I used to run.  It is quite nice now that I am not involved but great that the event I started is still going!  DH is commentating tonight.  He is away tomorrow all day and staying away overnight and won’t be back until mid-afternoon on Wednesday, when it is the Duck Race in the evening.

Treacle has had the door open all day from about 5.00am until 9.45pm and spent all of it out of doors so when she does actually come in, in the evening, she is absolutely tired out with all the fresh air and being on the go!!!!


Fast asleep on the patio!


DH and Treacle relaxing!!!!!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and looking forward to a good week.

Hugs, Susie xx

Treacle, Thursday & Friday!


Good Morning BlogWorld I know we have missed a few days but we have been so busy.  Here am I, above, on Mom’s knee yesterday as it was her Birthday!!!!!  We shared some Popcorn as Dad and Boys were all away and busy so it was just her and I!!!


Although it was Mom’s Birthday I got some treats when my food delivery arrived!  I am always envious of Molly as she gets lots of things to try and now my foody people are doing the same. So far I have tried the Training Treats and I really like them.  I don’t need the weight control of course, as my Doctor says I am in perfect condition but I am sure they will taste nice and the pouch is wet food which I have never had, so that will be different to try.


Mom has been washing up a storm now that her new washing machine has arrived including all the beds and I was with her when she was unmaking them, any excuse to snuggle in the bedding!


So after a very busy few days I am just busy relaxing now that Mom is working at her desk this morning!!!!!


Thank you Treacle you have a snooze now!  I went to the quilt shop that is closing at the end of this month and got a few things which were reduced and I thought I would show you what I got.


My purchases.


Thread was on offer and so were the needles.


Fat Quarters were on offer.


I always buy a new blade for my rotary cutter when I see them.


The material I got was £7 a metre which is half price to what it normally is.  I just love the dog footprint material.


I just love the colours in this otter material.


And I love this beach fabric.

I don’t know what I am going to make with it yet but it will go into my stash until a project comes up.

I have finished the blocks for Kathleen Tracy’s Block of the Month and in July we will get the instructions of how to put it together.  I have used scraps and bits to make the blocks so I hope they look good together when it is finished!!!!!



June 20th!


I had a lovely peaceful day yesterday and then went out in the evening to Piccolino in Nottingham for dinner with DH, Eldest and Fiance as Youngest is away for the week on his first training week at the Head Office so he will be home tonight and we are going out with him tonight as Eldest and Fiance couldn’t make tonight!!!!  That’s okay I get to go out twice!!!!!  Not doing my diet much good though!!!


Tonight we are going to The European in Derbyshire, which is another lovely little Italian Restaurant (above).


I have house jobs to do today and grocery shopping and then DH is out all day again tomorrow commentating, so I have errands to run tomorrow morning and then will get back and do some more quilting.  The weather here has been better yesterday and today with the sun shining after all the rain from last weekend and the beginning of the week but it is still cool and not as warm as it should be for Summer!


Today, of course, is the Longest Day and it was getting light at 3.30am (Yes I was awake to hear the birds start their dawn chorus!!!!) and it won’t get dark until about 9.45pm so a very long day!  Of course that means that the nights will, although slowly, start to draw in again, Noooooooooo!!!!!  We are hoping that the weather is going to be okay on Sunday so we can get into the garden as we have not been able to do anything over the last couple of weekends because of all the rain!!!! 

Whatever you are up to this weekend I hope you have a great time. 

Hugs & Love, Susie xx


Sometimes you just need to see a picture of sun, blue sky and clear water!!!!!!


An Entertaining Week!


Fiancé’s Mom and I went out for breakfast this morning after the school run for her!!!  We have managed to find a lovely little Tea Shop in one of the local villages and they do some lovely food and their cakes are to die for, not that I have any!!!!


Yesterday Treacle was at the Vets for her annual checkup and booster injections.  She got a clean bill of health and all she was bothered about were the treats the Vet always gives them afterwards!!!! 


I then had to go to the Dentist as I had chipped a tooth which he sorted out in about two minutes but took me half an hour to get there and then back again and waiting to see him!!!! 


In the evening DH had a swimming meeting at one pool and I had a swimming meeting at the other pool!!!!  Of course as it is this time of year it is staying light until about 9.45pm so of course I think there is loads of time left in the day when in fact it was bedtime!!!!!


Finally our builder has been here doing a few repairs on our roof and steps!!!  It has been a busy old week and it is only Tuesday!!!

I hope your Tuesday is going well, Treacle is here tomorrow!!!!

Hugs, Susie xx