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Christmas is Coming Fast!

Sorry for the lack of posts.  DH and I were away in Edinburgh for two days on Wednesday and Thursday of last week and then the weekend rushed up on us and Monday and Tuesday flew by and here we are a week later and oh boy is Christmas rusing headlong towards us!!!

So I will do this in order!  Tuesday I went to the flower show with Fiancé’s Mom and it was a lovely evening and some stunning displays that were raffled for the charity, Blood Bikers.  Mel and I decided that we did not want to win one as they were enormous and we were worried about getting them home in the car!!!!

Jonathan Moseley was really entertaining keeping a running commentary going whilst doing these huge floral designs.

Wednesday and Thursday we were travelling for business and it was quite cold in Scotland but dry for a change although there had been some snow! 

We stayed at the hotel right next to the new bridge in Edinburgh.  It was a great room and for once there was a table for DH to work at and a dressing table which surprisingly few hotels seem to have these days!!!

This was the view in the morning at sunrise and I also saw a man working beneath the bridge in a harness.  It did not look comfortable!!!

We visited the customers in the morning and then headed home and stopped at a lovely old Mill for lunch.


The Mill and the river next to it.


Friday I caught up on work and home jobs and the washing of course and in the evening it was the Christmas Light Switch on in our village and, of course, DH was announcing!!!!  We had a lovely few hours despite all the rain!!!!


After we had cleared up our friends Pat and Alan came round for dinner.  It was a lovely evening and launched the Christmas festivities.

Saturday DH was busy with announcing duties but this time for the Samoyeds, they were very cute and fluffy and quite different to the Rotties the previous week.


Ready and waiting.


These two pictures are the puppies.


This is the winner!

Whilst DH was out I took the opportunity of clearing up the sewing room and then wrapped all the Christmas presents!!!  I will show you some pictures tomorrow.  Sunday DH helped me with the extra cleaning before we decorate for Christmas.

Monday I spent the day working and Treacle was keeping me company in the Den as it was, yet again, another wet and horrible day!!!  Yesterday I sneaked the day and went over to Nottingham to get the final gifts and have a look at the Christmas decorations!!!  Again I will show you some pictures later in the week.  This morning I have been working and this afternoon I have been making the mince pies!!!! IMG_3233

First lot of the pastry ready for cutting


The first thirty six done and cooling!

The last meeting on the Wednesday in Aberdeen was at a local restaurant and whilst DH was busy I was having a look round and found these in the cabinet!


Huge Christmas cakes made at the restaurant!!! 

Tomorrow is house jobs day and grocery shopping and in the afternoon I will try and get the cheesy stars made.  Friday I have a few more errands to run and I am hoping to make the Christmas cookies.  DH is announcing tomorrow and Friday evening for the Christmas light switch on in Long Eaton and Ilkeston and Saturday he is busy again with a friend’s daughters 18th Party and Youngest is going along to help.  Sunday he is then announcing Santa’s arrival at an event!!! At some point we will get the tree and decorations done!!!!!!


Treacle has been busy helping me all day and has just got in her basket for a quick rest before her dinner!!!!

I hope all your Christmas preparations are going well.

Hugs, Susie xx

Tuesday Thoughts.


So after all the rain we have had recently we woke up today to find it all frozen!!  The first extremely cold night of Autumn so far but fortunately the fog which had been forecast did not appear!!  Just once I would love it to snow from about the beginning of December and be snowy on Christmas Day.  Usually it is raining or just grey and dank!!!  I am very tempted one year to go somewhere where it will definitely be snowy for Christmas but I love being at home so it is a real Catch 22 situation.


I got the Christmas puddings steamed and have replaced their caps of grease proof paper and tin foil ready for Christmas Day.

DH and I are off to Scotland tomorrow and Thursday for business and so Friday will be home jobs day and I am then hoping to get the mince pies, cookies, cheesy stars and sausage rolls made, before we go to the Christmas Lights switch on in the village and dinner with our friends. 


This is Jonathan Moseley who we are going to see tonight at the flower arranging event.  He is based in Derbyshire and has done many floral demonstrations including at Chelsea Flower Show.  I am hoping I will get some pictures.

Happy Tuesday everyone.

Hugs, Susie xx

Monday Here!

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We had a wonderful week on the Stitch It & Gift It Blog Hop and because of it I have a few new followers.  So Hi, thank you for following and welcome to my crazy world!!!  I also still have a few comments to respond to and will get those done hopefully by tomorrow, but thank you for all the wonderful comments. 

DH was commentating at the weekend and I have some pictures of the event.  It was quite unusual.


It was the Eastern Counties Rottweiler Club’s Annual Party, Fundraiser and Champion of Champions Show!  I don’t know exactly how many Dogs and Bitches there were there but they are all Champions from the year and this was the final competition. 


This is Taylor and he was last year’s winner.  He was absolutely adorable and when we were fussing him he would throw himself at you and spin round to be fussed!!! 


The room set out ready for the guests and doggies and DH’s sound gear in the corner.  They all must have had a good time as it did not finish until 1.30am!!!!

DH and I actually stayed at the hotel where the event was overnight to make things easier and also because it was our wedding anniversary earlier in the week but DH was busy!!!!  Sunday we met up with our good friends Tricia and Kevin who are now back from Jersey for good.  We had Sunday lunch and it was a really nice few hours catching up.  We have also arranged to meet up again just before Christmas!!!

Very long and busy weekend again but great fun.  Next weekend DH is again at the same hotel but this time for the Samoyed Club!!!  We are not staying overnight though this time!!! 

I have a check up at the hospital tonight (!) and then tomorrow I and Finacé’s Mom are out at a flower demonstration (hopefully I will get some pictures again).  Friday night will be the Christmas Light switch on in our Village and our friends who arrange it will be coming back to us for dinner.  Sunday DH and I will be getting some home jobs done before the Festive Period kicks into high gear!!!!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and a good week to come.

Hugs, Susie xx

Stitch It & Gift It Blog Hop Day 2.

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Hi All, Day 2 of the Blog Hop and I already have a few more things added to my ever growing list of “To Do”!  It is also great as you get to meet new people and their Blogs.  Anyway here are the talented ladies who are Hopping Today!

Tuesday, November 12th

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We are still experiencing floods with more rain falling most of yesterday and over night and all day today.  At the moment it is not as high as it was on Friday but it is taking a long while to drain away!!!  They are now forecasting snow for us next week, just what we really don’t need at the moment.  DH and I have to go to Scotland next week for two days for work so that will be an interesting drive!!!

Still trying to get things sorted for Christmas, as well as finishing up other gift making, so will be using every evening and a few hours each day to try and catch up!!!  Someone said it is only six weeks before the big day now, which the way the weeks fly by it will be here very soon!!!!

Hugs, Susie xx

Stitch It & Gift It Blog Hop Week.

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Monday, November 11th

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Good morning Hoppers and here is the list of talented ladies who are hopping for the Stitch It and Gift It Blog Hop today.  I will be hopping on  Friday so come back and check in with me then.


Busy weekend as always with DH busy and I was busy in my sewing room!!!  Sunday it was actually sunny but cold which was such a relief after all the rain, although we have more forecast for later in the week.  Youngest’s work place was completely flooded with some very expensive cars having to be written off!!!  He will be working from the other site until their new building is ready which hopefully should be in December.  Eldest finally got home after all the traffic had gone but had to go home via back roads to avoid the flooding. 

This week DH is away on business (including on our Wedding Anniversary!!) so it will be a busy week and I also have some errands to run out into Derbyshire, flooding allowing me to of course!!!!!

Hope you all had a great weekend and a good week to come.

Hugs, Susie xx

Stitch It & Gift It Blog Hop!

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Good morning All and I hope you had a good Friday.  We, of course, had a hair-raising night due to lots of flooding.  You don’t appreciate how much water is actually coming down when it rains but as we already have had a lot of rain this just added to the problem!  The water tables are all full and the ground is saturated so it has flooded.  We live on a hill so we are very fortunate but the flood plains around the village and further afield are flooded alot!



The water in the distance are the farmer’s fields.


This is next to the road opposite our Park in the village and as you can see the Canada geese are taking advantage of it!!!


This is further along in our village and the river has burst it’s banks, normally there is a bend in the river here which is now underwater!

Where the Boys work, they could not get out of work so Eldest went with the rest of his work friends for a drink until it had all calmed down and it took Youngest three hours to do a normal journey of one hour!!!!

Anyway Monday is the start of the Stitch It & Gift It Blog Hop and here is a list of the lovely ladies taking part.  I am on the last day, Friday November 15th, so please come back and see what I have been up to.  I will be finishing them off this weekend!!!!  Thanks to Carla at Creatin’ in the Sticks for planning and organising us all.

Have a Wonderful Weekend and enjoy Hopping along with us next week.

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Hugs, Susie xx

Susie’s Friday Monthly Book Club.


Hi All, for this month I give you “A Tudor Christmas”, which looks at where all our Christmas traditions come from.  A lot of people think that the Victorians gave us a lot of our Christmas activities and traditions but in fact many of them go back to Tudor times.

Alison Weir is a famous historical author and has written extensively on Henry VIII’s wives and Siobhan Clarke is a lecturer and guide for some of our historic Royal Palaces including Henry VIII’s favourite, Hampton Court. 

The book examines different aspects of Christmas and explains how they came about.  I love books like this, I have always loved history, especially about Christmas my most favourtie time of year.  Eldest bought this book for me last Christmas and I read it during the holidays.



Sorry for radio silence this week but it has been one of those weeks!  Had a great day on Tuesday with Jayne Christmas shopping although we both said that all the stores seem to be doing a very “low key” Christmas this year with a lot less displays and Christmas gifts!  We usually spend the day looking for those little extra gifts for our families and hardly found anything!  It think it must be a reaction to all this rubbish Brexiet delays and now, of course, the General Election!!!  Just what we all need before Christmas!!!


Wednesday and Thursday were taken up with work and also helping Youngest sort out where his suitcase was after his trip to Florida!!!  Yes as only with us, his case was not on his flight because of a mix up with the tickets attached to the bag and it was left in Florida.  Eventually it made its way back to Gatwick and then to Heathrow and finally last night to our home at 7.45pm!!!!  We didn’t think he would ever see it again, so at least that was one benefit and it looks to be in one piece!!!

ALC Pool

I managed to get home jobs done yesterday as well and also all my washing and ironing so at least I am up to date for now!!!!  I am hoping that next week will be a little calmer.  The weekend is manic of course and DH is out all day on Sunday as it is Remembrance Sunday here and he is out on Saturday night too at at friend’s daughters 18th Birthday doing the music for her!!! Tonight it is the Small Pool Swimmers their championships but that is usually a quick event and the littlies love it especially when they get their trophies!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend whatever you are up to.

Hugs, Susie xx


Treacle’s had a quiet week, lots of rain so she has been snoozing in her basket!!!!!