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Good News!

As you know I don’t watch the news or read much of it now because it is all so depressing, but this week we have had some good news. 

Friday last was the second Royal Wedding of the year, that of Princess Eugenie to Jack Brooksbank.  I sort of watched it, ie it was on the TV whilst I was working, but I did love the flowers on the steps up to the Chapel, lovely Autumn colours.



I also liked the Bride’s dress but thought it was a shame she did not wear a veil.  The Page Boys and Bridesmaids all looked lovely although the colours were very much Spring like and I thought they would have carried the Autumn colour scheme through, but no one asked me!!!!!!!


The Duke & Duchess of Sussex attending and I bet it brought back happy memories of their own wedding just five months previously.  It is quite a funny feeling going to a friend’s wedding not long after your own.  It happened to DH and I; we attended some very good friend’s their wedding five months after ours and this time we were guests instead of the centre of attention and it was quite surreal, although it was great to sit back and watch it all happen rather than being in the middle!!!!


Of course we then found out yesterday that the Sussex’s are expanding their family with a baby due in Spring next year.  How wonderful especially as the baby will be close in age with its Cousins, the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge’s children.

So some good news for once in the middle of all the usual rubbish that is out there!!!


The Baby Quilt I was working on is finally done and I will show you pictures at the end of this week.  We are going out on Friday night to friends for dinner, which should be a great evening and then Saturday and Sunday it is the Swimming Club’s in-house Championships.  Normally we have the events a month apart or certainly a few weeks apart but we can’t this year due to other swimming events, so they are the day after each other!!!  I am sure the Swimmers or their parents will be moaning but hey ho!!!!


The weather at the moment is supposed to be good for the weekend so DH and I are hoping to get those last little jobs done in the garden and then that will be it for the Winter.  They are still predicting lots of snow for us this year beginning in the middle of November and going right through December and Christmas.  It is one of those “I will believe it when I see it” scenarios however!!!!

Treacle has had a few fraught days with the high winds whistling around our home and it has kept her up at night so she has been snoozing the days away in her basket next to my desk.  She did liven up a bit though when Youngest got home from visiting his Girlfriend at Uni.  It won’t be long before I am off to bed to read my latest book and no doubt she will be next to me snuggled up!!! 

Speaking of Books I missed last Fridays Monthly Book Club so it will be out this Friday!!!

I hope you are having a Thrilling Tuesday.

Hugs, Susie xx


Oh Good Grief!!!


I get between 60 and 70 emails a day being work or private and I came down first thing this morning and started to sort them, the first one however was “Welcome to Christmas”!!!!!!  IT’S ONLY JUST OCTOBER!!!!!!!

I know the retailers have had a hard few months but I don’t think sending out Christmas emails just yet will encourage us to spend. Anyway I think most sensible people will just buy what they are going to buy for Christmas and that’s it, whether they spend it now or nearer to the Big Day!  I usually start in November and I already know what I am getting everyone, which I think makes it a lot easier.  I have arranged to go Christmas shopping with my good friend Jayne on November 20th and that will be it, besides the things I need to buy over the internet.  I do love seeing all the shop displays and the lights.


Also DH and I are going down to London on November 16th to celebrate our 30th Wedding Anniversary so we will probably do some Christmas shopping then.  I am really hoping that they have the Christmas lights switched on down there by then too. 

When we celebrated our 20th Wedding Anniversary we did the whole of November, Friday and Saturday evenings going out and doing different things and I decided we should do that again ten years later.  So much better than buying gifts.  I have arranged to for a Twilight visit to Chatsworth House to see their Christmas displays on November 23rd, we will also go to the cinema, which was our second date, and go out for dinner in Nottingham, our home town, and a few other things which I can’t mention here as himself reads my blog!!!!!!  Really looking forward to it!


This is my job this afternoon!  Youngest came back from a visit to see Girlfriend with a huge pile of washing, DH seems to have worn a shirt for work and a shirt in the evening every day so that’s about 10 to iron (!) fortunately Treacle’s beds do not need ironing!!!!

DH is out tonight at two meetings, one early on and then a swimming meeting later, so it will be a quick dinner this evening and I can then finish the baby quilt.  The baby will be here before I know it!!!!  I then need to move on to my Christmas projects!

Have a Terrific Tuesday.

Hugs, Susie xx


I know, I couldn’t resist adding this picture!  It’s not Christmasy per se but I just love the snow and lights, tee hee!!!!!!



Good Morning everyone and Happy October!  I hope you all had a great weekend.  DH and I were busy Friday evening with a few bits of work/swimming etc and then he and Youngest went coaching on Saturday morning, before dropping Youngest at the train station.


We went to the Ploughing Match which was mostly completed by the time we got there but there were still a lot of tractors, horses and steam engines around.


The steam engine at our end winding the plough down the furrow.


Here are the men moving the plough to the next furrow.


Off it goes.


A very gentle way of ploughing!


We got there in time to see the carriage driving in the main arena, so we found a hay bale to sit on and had some lunch and watched the different classes.

Next in the ring were the Rockwood Dog Training School display team.  All the dogs are rescues and go to the school to help overcome various issues and do the agility as part of that process.  They were great fun to watch.


This year it is 100 years of the end of World War I, or The Great War, and there are quite a few celebrations happening around the country leading up to Remembrance Sunday on November 11th.  Here there was a display of how the Cavalry and Infantry would have looked in WWI and also a replica tank.


WWI replica tank Deborah II coming into the Arena.


The Cavalry getting ready to charge.



The Cavalry Officer in charge with the Infantry.  This gentleman was not only riding and taking part but also commentated on every aspect during the whole presentation!

After this DH and I walked round the exhibits and the animal & produce shows.

We had a great day and the weather was amazing, bright sunshine with a breeze and a little warmth. 

In the evening it was our friends 50th Anniversary party and another lovely evening celebrating with them.  The band was good too.

Yesterday the weather was cloudy but cool so DH and I got the final jobs done in the garden before Winter, so it has been “put-to-bed”!!!!  Just need to do some sorting out of the little bit of front garden we have, trimming a few of the plants and then it is all done!!!  We have been so lucky with the weather this year and having planned what to do managed to get it all done.  I must say it looks great and I will show you some pictures tomorrow. 


Treacle was busy helping all day yesterday and is now snoozing in her basket next to my desk!!  Too much fresh air for her!!!!!

Have a wonderful week.

Hugs, Susie xx

Autumn Tuesday!


Our trees are starting to turn as Autumn continues its march towards Winter.  However tomorrow and Thursday it is due to be 20°C again although falling to 3°C at night!  The last few days have been very chilly but I have resisted turning our heat on because of the next two days!!!  However if it continues to be cool then I will be putting the heat on!!!!


Treacle has taken to curling up in her basket very small as she had her fur cut last week and its gone cold!  It always happens!!!


Speaking of weather they have forecast, at the moment, for us to have a very hard Winter with lots of snow like 2010 when this picture was taken.  We had not had this amount of snow in a long while and you can see how deep it was and this was just the amount of snow which had fallen overnight!!!  They have also forecast a White Christmas but the weather people are notorious for getting the forecasts wrong so we shall see!!!!


Like this past weekend when they forecast heavy rain for the whole weekend, so DH and I planned on doing jobs inside all weekend, and yet it was quite nice!!!!  We still did the indoor jobs just to get them done, especially before October as every weekend in October has a swimming or compering event on, in fact we don’t have any weekends free at all.  So looking forward to November!  I know you are not supposed to wish time away but I just know it is going to be manic!!! 


Speaking of Christmas, or were we?  Well they are getting things into the shops for Christmas already!!!  Anyway I have arranged to go with my good friend, Jayne, Christmas shopping in November.  I don’t know how much shopping we will get done but it is a great excuse for a day out in Nottingham and to have lunch and even if we don’t spend much we get to see all the Christmas displays which is always great.  Can’t wait.

I am doing quite well at the moment keeping up to date with my work and house jobs etc and I do think that makes things easier for me.  I have started on the second baby quilt getting it quilted and hope to finish it by the end of this week.  This coming weekend on Saturday day time DH and I are hoping to go to a ploughing match over in Nottinghamshire, near to where DH was born and if the weather is kind I will get some pictures.  Saturday evening it’s our Friends 50th Anniversary Dinner which we are looking forward to.  Sunday we will be doing a little bit more in the garden if the weather is kind. 

DH had his tooth fixed on Friday but it is still sore, the Dentist said it will be for another week or so but hopefully he will not need any more visits or treatment.  The Dentist is still not sure what happened but hopes that he has fixed it now!!!!! 

We have a few birthdays coming up in October too, DH being one of them at the end of the month but as we are away for our Anniversary at the beginning of November I think he will wait for his presents then!!!  It is always a very busy few months in the run up to Christmas which is why by the time I get to Christmas Day I feel as if I have run a marathon!!!  Hey ho!

I hope you are having a great week, whatever you lovely lot are up to.

Hugs, Susie xx




You know all that glorious Summer weather we had and the drought?  Yep well all the water that disappeared over all those weeks has come back down today!!!!  You cannot see too well in the picture above, but the water running down our Hill was just incredible.  The plants, I can assure you, do not need watering!!!!


Throwback pictures to Goose Fair which will soon be on again at the beginning of October

Nottingham-20131004-00010ATP at Hatchards 251005

DH and I took the Boys down to London at the October Half Term school holiday in 2005, Eldest was ten and Youngest was six!  They, like we, have always loved bookshops and they always came out with books whatever the time of year, toys were only bought at Christmas and Birthdays but if we went into a bookshop no matter what time of year they came out with books.  I think this helped them to love books as much as we do.  As you can see Youngest got himself a chair and was quite happy.  This was Hatchards in London and we spent quite a few hours in there.

ANP at Hatchards 251005

Eldest above sorting out the books of what he would like to buy.  They also spent their own money on books a lot of the time too.

On the Thames 251005

Of course a trip to London is not done unless you go down the River Thames on a boat, which the Boys loved to do no matter how old they got.  The River is far too interesting to take time out looking at Daddy taking a picture, but I did!!!

I hope you are having a thrilling Thursday, it’s almost Friday!

Hugs, Susie xx

We Remember.


Seventeen years ago we were at home, I working whilst Youngest was playing and watching a Thomas The Tank Engine cartoon on the TV after lunch, as he was allowed an hour of TV time.  He came to tell me that there was some writing on the TV and I came to check and saw the news flash and turned over to the BBC.  The news was devastating, I distracted Youngest with toys and books away from the TV but I was unable to switch it off and sadly saw the second plane hit. 

DH returned an hour later from visiting customers and we just sat and watched in horror.  I went to collect Eldest from school and it was all that was talked about whilst waiting for our children.   We got home and continued with family routines whilst numb to what we were seeing on the TV.  We were the lucky ones on that day as we were together with our boys safe in our home and our hearts went out to all those who were not and to some who would never be again.

We will never forget and we remember all those who were lost and all who remain and to everyone affected by this day.

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

Monday Really?!!


I know there are a lot of hotter places in the World and a lot of you who cope with the heat but in the UK we are not used to it and our homes don’t have AC units, just heating.  Today has been into the 90°F and our home is like an oven!!!!  I had a shower this morning and a shower just now and am no cooler!!!!!!!


The heat is definitely getting to me, I had to Google the last episode of a series I watch to find out actually what it was about!!!!!!!!  Fortunately there was an explanation there which at least I understood.  Oh good grief Charlie Brown!!!!!!


I am busy trying to pull things together for our vacation and Youngest arrived home at the weekend changed all his clothes and took more and went off to work and then stayed at his Girlfriend’s house. When I looked in his wash bin in was full!!!!!  I think sometimes I am running a Laundry!  DH was out on Saturday night so I decided to get through all the ironing and I now have another basket load!!!  I am leaving him instructions whilst we are away on how to use all the machines so he can do his own washing!!!!!


Treacle has been outside all day as she did the whole of the weekend.  She went to her Doctors on Saturday morning for her annual physical and injections.  Her Doctor thought she is doing very well for her age and does not look 10!!  Although her injections did make her a little bit sleepy!!!  As it has been so hot I have been giving her ice cubes to eat and she loves playing with them, I am not sure how much she actually gets as she takes them outside and I think they melt before she has any!!!! 

I hope you lovely lot have an amazing week, even if you are melting!!!!

Hugs, Susie xx