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Yesterday passed in a whirl of work and Treacle kept me company all day in her basket.  One minute it was 7.30am and I sat down at my desk and then it was suddenly 6.00pm and I hadn’t started dinner!!!  The weather has been up and down, yesterday when I got up it was foggy and I could not see the end of our road but by 2.00pm it was sunny with even a little warmth to it!  Today it has been raining all day and Treacle is not a happy bunny!!! 

Treacle snoozing in her basket yesterday.


This was yesterday morning at 8.00am as you can see the fog has come down and we cannot see past the houses across the road from us!


Eldest and Fiancé have returned from New York and they had the best time ever!  Youngest has arrived in Orlando and they have already been round some of Universal where they are staying.  Here are a few pictures that they have sent us so far:


The entrance to Universal.


Youngest has finally got to go to Harry Potter World!  It was due to Open in 2010 which was when we last went as a family but sadly, even with the extra ten days we had there, it did not open until after the summer.  He was most disappointed.


Hogwart’s Express.


Jurassic World. He never liked the films but he likes the rides!!!


Of course it wouldn’t be the Boys if they weren’t sending us pictures of cars and Trucks!!!!


I managed to catch up on my work this morning and got house jobs done this afternoon.  I did get all the washing and ironing done yesterday as well but at least I only have DH and my washing this week!!!!  Tomorrow I have some errands to run and in the evening we are out at a business dinner.  The weather is supposed to be heavy rain all day tomorrow and Saturday and nice on Sunday when DH is busy all day!!!  The garden will have to wait!  Saturday I plan to get some more jobs done at home and I will be quilting Sunday.

Happy Thursday everyone.

Hugs, Susie xx


It’s Friday!


Yeah It’s Friday finally!!  Long week this week with work and things!!  Goose Fair tonight, yeah!


I saw this on Farm Quilter’s Blog, a wonderful Autumn Giveaway and some great Autumn projects to have a go at and Carole is so generous with Autumn patterns on the Autumn Jubilee.    If you leave a comment and also blog about it you can be entered into the draw.  The link can be found here.


I have noticed that quite a few of my favourite Bloggers are stopping their blogs or have not added anything for a while and several I have followed for years have also stopped.  I know that life gets in the way but I am sad that these ladies are no longer blogging.  However it also means that I get to search for some new blogs to follow.


Busy Weekend hopefully getting the garden done tomorrow as the weather is getting unpredictable so it is now time to get things done before it gets too bad and we can’t get out in the garden.  Sunday it is due to rain all day so that will be a good excuse to get indoor jobs done, there are always lots of those to do!!!!!


Our power went off this morning (it went off yesterday too!) just as I was in the middle of working.  Fortunately I have fifteen minutes to save my work and close the computer down once the power goes off!!!  So that was it for this morning, I gave Treacle her lunchtime biscuit early and went out and ran errands!!!!  By the time I got home it was back on so I was able to finish my work and do this post!!! To say we live not far from the city we seem to lose power very often!!!!  Of course I now have to go round and set all the digital clocks again and switch all the things back on, Grrr!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful Weekend whatever you are up to.

Hugs, Susie xx


As it is #TBT I thought I would show you the trees in all their Autumn finery from last year.  As you can see from the first picture it was a very misty morning. 


It cleared a little later and I managed to get a great picture of the tree below.


The final photograph was taken further down the road with different types of trees.


The leaves this year seem to be hanging on longer and not turning colour yet, probably to do with all the rain we have had this year!!!

I have had a busy day today getting up with DH this morning at 5.00am and working, then I got the cleaning done and this afternoon a huge basket of ironing!!  I have some errands to run tomorrow and more work to finish and then it’s Goose Fair!!!  At the moment we have rain in the morning but it should have dried up by the time we go in the evening.

I hope you are having a Great Thursday.  Friday tomorrow!

Hugs, Susie xx

Busy Day.


Goodness me where has September gone?  It has been a busy old month and today has been a busy day!  DH had his annual check up at the Doctors this morning then we had to go to Nottingham to visit our accountants then get back for a very quick lunch before DH had to go and have a tooth checked at the Dentist to then get back to do some work before he has gone off this evening for swimming meetings!  I mean how many things can you get into one day!

The weekend was busy and we got some jobs done and also some socialising as well!!! Good job as the next three months we have one weekend per month free and all the others are filled with swimming things or DH announcing!!!  However that means I will get lots done!!!


I did upset my optician the other day.  I went for a check and she was talking about Christmas and that she must get organised as she has four children to buy for and she asked me when I started getting things done, to which I replied that half of it is done already!!!  Oops!!!!


I am getting on with my quilting projects as well and have almost finished the baby quilt but I cannot show you that yet. 


It is Goose Fair at the end of this week.  DH and I will be going on Friday evening as usual and I am hoping that the weather is good or at least not raining!!!  Hopefully I will get some pictures for the Blog on Monday.

Have a wonderful Week you lovely lot.

Hugs, Susie xx

Moon Rise.


Happy Thursday Everyone.  I have a few new Followers to I just wanted to say Hi and thanks for following and I hope you enjoy this journey with me!!!!

As The Boys are away working hard this week, DH and I went out last night (!) now don’t faint it wasn’t to swimming or announcing or anything else we actually went out to Derby Cathedral.  No it wasn’t a religious service but an evening of song by the very talented ladies called “The D Day Darlings”.  They sing songs from the 1940’s and specifically from WWII.  The other reason for this particular evening is because there is an art installation at The Cathedral called “Museum of the Moon” from 16th September to 6th October, which is a touring artwork by UK artist Luke Jerram. 


The Moon is suspended from The Cathedral ceiling, it measures 7 metres in diameter and features detailed NASA imagery on the lunar surface and is internally lit.  To keep it inflated there is a small fan embedded into its north pole which continually pumps air in.  Once it is inflated it weights 40kg.  The installation has already visited thirty countries worldwide including USA, China, Korea and Italy. 

It really is quite stunning.


When the lights went down this was the lighting for the Moon.

The concert was very good and so different, we both enjoyed it.

As it’s Thursday I have been working this morning and this afternoon it is home jobs!!!  It is raining again today (!) so Treacle is busy helping me with the cleaning, well she is following me around from room to room so I suppose that’s helping!!!

I hope you are having a Thrilling Day.

Hugs, Susie xx

Definitely Autumn.


Well it is definitely Autumn here as the first few leaves of our big cherry tree in our garden have started to fall.  It is also cool in the early morning and in the evening when the sun has gone down, so although we are due for some warm days the heat does not last long!


My dryer is now fixed, the part had to come from Germany, and yes I have another load of washing to do courtesy of DH and the Boys!!!! 

I managed to get my Baby quilt finished on Sundy and the binding sewn on so I just now need to hand sew it to the back, wash it, dry it and it will be ready and waiting for when the Baby puts in an appearance.  It is due on Youngest’s Birthday although we know that that does not always happen!!!

I have been busy sorting out all the Birthdays I need to buy for between now and December with presents and cards, so that in a few weeks I can concentrate on buying Christmas presents.  I find that if I do it this way I don’t forget anything.  In past years I have been so busy sorting out Christmas that have then forgotten Birthdays!!!  Especially those in December like Youngests!!!


DH is compering an 80’s Retro Event on Saturday evening and I am going too as to make it authentic he is going to use the vinyl singles we used to play in the 80’s!!!  They are all scratched and pop but they are authentic!!!  It is also a gaming event with genuine 80’s arcade games so it should be good fun.  As far as I am concerned the 80’s was the best decade for music since I was alive, the 70’s were good but I preferred the 80’s, and play a lot of that music today on my iPod!!!  In fact Youngest is a big fan of the music and has a lot of it on his iPod too and wishes he had been alive in that decade!!!!  I turned sixteen in 1980 so I suppose I hit the decade at the right time!



Of course you always look back with rose tinted spectacles but I think it was a great decade.  I was at college and then got a job earning real money, I gained a lot of new friends through work and started going out on a Friday or Saturday night.  Princess Diana came on the scene and influenced a lot of fashion during the 80’s and as she was only three years older than me I really related to her.  The fashions were better after the weirdness of the 70’s!  and, of course, I met and subsequently married DH during the 1980’s, so defintely the best decade for me!!!

I will try and get some pictures on Saturday to show you what it looks like!!!!

Today has been busy work wise again but tomorrow I am out in the morning visiting a friend whose Birthday is later in the week.  I hope you are having a thrilling Tuesday.

Hugs, Susie xx