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Clocks Go Forward!


Our Clocks go forward tonight one hour and it takes me until they go back again to catch up!!!!!!

I love the lighter mornings and longer evenings but the first week when we move the hour on is horrendous, especially with me still waking up at 3.00am every night!  I really want to see only one 3 in a day, 3.00pm!!!!!!

Hey ho, at least it means I will be able to get lots done in the evenings now!!!

Sleepy Susie!!!!! xx


Yes it is #Throw Back Thursday today and also so much news to comment on, tee hee!


If the US celebrities accused of paying to get their children into college had done some historical films, especially about Britain, they may have learnt from our past. The wealthy in the UK used to get their children into top Universities by donating a building here and there and having their name put on it!!!!  This way the University then felt obliged to take their children even if they were as thick as custard! Generally known as “tit for tat”


Tomorrow is Red Nose Day in the UK and there will be lots of programmes happening and collections everywhere. 


You will all know about Brexit after Treacle’s Wednesday Wag yesterday and our politicians have managed to vote out every possible deal but still want Brexit!  Hence the above picture (it reminds me of Harry Potter)!  I don’t like to get political here but the people of Britain voted to leave the EU (no matter what margin it was) and yet the politicians are now digging their heels in because they don’t like the deal.  Which says to me that they want to make a name for themselves and not for the good of the people they represent!  However even if we had an election the other parties are only the same if not worse than what is in at the moment so we would be no better off!  It is a shame that they did not get business men and women to negotiate the deal, I think it would have been a lot better and be all done by now! Grr.


House jobs day today, as well as some work, and tomorrow some errands to run.  The weather is supposed to be high winds and heavy rain all weekend, so it is a good job I am inside then!!!

Boys at Firepower London April 09

Ten years ago!!!!  Eldest on the left and Youngest on the right they did love dressing up especially if it involved the odd tank!!!  They were 13 and 9 and we were away for Easter in London.

Have a Thrilling Thursday, tomorrow is Friday, yeah!!!

Hugs, Susie xx

Weird Weather.


So Sunday I took the picture with a small amount of snow and this morning at 7.00am after it had just got light it was doing this!  I don’t know if you can see from the picture but it is not stopping to rain it is just coming down in bucket fulls!  In fact our small pond that we have in an old whiskey barrel is so full the little fountain can hardly work!!  DH and I will have to empty some water at the weekend.  So Treacle and I have been in all day working!!!


Treacle has been on guard patrol.


Watching out of the window.


Of course you do need the odd snooze in between times.  She is now using her new quilt as a cover, especially as she has had all that fur removed and it is also freezing cold today too!!!!


She missed this pesky thing as she was fast asleep when it paid a flying visit.  It really does not like the new bird feeders as it cannot hang on and try to get the sunflower seeds at the same time!!!!  As you can see from the size of it is not starving, it’s probably this nuisance that ate all of my snow drop bulbs! Grr!!!!!!


I am still on my clearing out mode and slowly getting around to everything so at least by the end of Spring this year I will know that everything in our home is wanted, required and loved!!!  Well that’s the plan!!!!  Tonight I have a basket of ironing to do.

Happy Tuesday everyone.

Hugs, Susie xx


The March Lion!


Here in Derbyshire March has come in like a Lion!  We have had high winds, trees down and this on Sunday morning :

We get no snow during December, January and February but March 10th? Snow!!!!  Of course two weeks before we had the hottest February since records began!!!  Crazy, crazy weather!!!

We had a wonderful evening on Saturday with our friends who came for dinner and caught up on all their news and they went home around 1.00am!!!  Needless to say we cleared up on Sunday morning!!! 


This was Treacle on Friday last and we gave her a brush yesterday and clouds of fur was coming out and we have put it out in case the birds are starting to build their nests.  Today she was at the spa, after I had taken DH to work as his truck was in for a service today!!! 

She visited everyone at the company we work with in Nottingham this morning when we dropped DH off and before I took her for her Spa day!!!


Here she is all washed, cut and clean for all of two seconds and about five pounds lighter now all her fur has gone!!!  Of course this week is supposed to be very cold again, it’s always the same when I get Treacle cut!!!!  She will be wearing her coat for walks!!!


I don’t think I will be doing any gardening this week as it is forecast hailstones and more rain, very cold and high winds!!!  I have plenty to do with work and home jobs so it won’t be an issue!!  Next weekend DH is out all weekend commentating for another swimming club at their Open and I am going over to Nottingham again on Saturday morning and then in the afternoon I am doing a Safeguarding Course for swimming until 4.00pm, oh joy!  Sunday I will be able to spend the whole day in my sewing room, yeah.

Have a great week everyone.

Hugs, Susie xx

A Spring Day.


Well I think Phil has got it right this year and it will be an early Spring.  Today has been amazing here.  After a very frosty start the sun came out and by midday there was even some heat in the sun.   My snowdrops have really liked it too and have come out.personalerrands2

I managed to get all my house jobs done this morning and some business work and then ran my errands this afternoon and fitted in a quick hair trim!  I suppose getting up really early does have its benefits!!!!! 

DH and Youngest are busy setting up the sound system for the swimming competition over the weekend tonight and then they have to be back at the swimming pool by 6.00am tomorrow.  I have already made their lunches so I just need to make flasks in the morning and get theirs and Treacle’s breakfasts.  So it will be an early start again but then I can go and get on with my quilting, hopefully getting a lot done.

Perhaps we are going to have a lovely Spring day again tomorrow.  Treacle spent a couple of hours outside today as it was so nice but was not too happy when she had to come in!!!

I hope whatever you lovely lot are up to this weekend, you have a great time.

Hugs, Susie xx


Baked Alaska Day!

Well the first month of 2019 has passed us by and it has been a blur of activity but also a quiet month after the fun of November, December and Christmas.  DH and I visited Edinburgh twice in January for work and I was just a bit sad we were not continuing North to get to where we stay on holiday, but the way the months fly by it will soon be August!!!!!


Today, February 1st, is Baked Alaska Day!  Who knew that a dessert has its own day!  Anyway Baked Alaska was created by Charles Ranhofer, Chef at the famous Delmonico’s Restaurant in New York.  He created it to celebrate the United States purchasing Alaska from Russia in 1867!  I have eaten it a few times and find it to be quite sweet, so it is not one of my favourites, however it always fascinates me how the ice cream in the middle does not melt!  I have never tried to make it but may have a go one day!!!

I always feel better when January is over as I feel that January is like Monday morning!  You have a great weekend and then it’s Monday again.  So the same with the year; you have a great December and Christmas and then it’s January!!!!

When I was little I always felt that February was the longest month ever, even though it is short by three days (or two in a Leap Year!)

This weekend DH is compering a swimming event on Saturday evening but we have the rest of the weekend to get some more jobs done in our home!  Who knows what the weather is going to do, certainly not the weatherman!!!  We have had some snow showers today but it has not settled!!!

I hope you lovely lot have a wonderful weekend and if you are somewhere it is very, very cold, stay warm and safe.

Hugs, Susie xx


Bonnie Scotland or Brr Scotland!

DH and I are back from our business trip to Edinburgh and oh boy was it cold and snowy!!!!!  It was -5°c which I know is not that cold in comparison to some other countries but it was cold to us!!! Here are some pictures of our trip. 


This is snow on the trees although it looks like a hard frost.


Snow on the mountains, below.


Snow on the fields too and the sheep were busy trying to find the grass beneath.


The pictures below were on the way back yesterday and at a lower level so no snow but very cold. 


The freezing fog hanging over the top of the mountains


As we got into the valley the fog was quite heavy and very cold.


We got home by 7.00pm and Treacle was pleased to see us.  Youngest had been home fed and sorted her out but she still tried to con DH and I when we got in to say she had not been fed!!!!  We knew she had as her bowl was on the floor!!!!

Today DH has been in London all day at an exhibition but went on the train this time so was able to work on the way down.  I dropped him off at the train station at 5.00am and I will go and collect him at 9.30pm tonight!  I got caught up on the work of the last two days whilst we were away and also got house jobs done too and five parcels off in the mail!  It is amazing what you can get done when you are up so early!  Treacle was in her basket when I got back having had breakfast at 4.30am, which I think she thought was far too early!

Tomorrow I have some errands to run and I have to go over to Nottingham as well. We have another quiet weekend this weekend again which is great because every weekend in February is taken up with swimming events!!!  Although that means I will get some quilting done.

Tomorrow is also Burns Night, so it will be Haggis for dinner!

Happy Thursday everyone.

Hugs, Susie xx