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Friends are Good for Your Health.

A 2012 article published in the Public Library of Science said that out of 148 studies on social relationships it was confirmed that strong positive, social relationships increased longevity and general health! That’s great! We all know that having friends helps no end in lots of situations, just a teeny-weeny bit difficult in the current climate when we are all having to stay away from each other!!!! Thank goodness for modern technology where we can all still see each other, even if it is through a computer screen!!!!

We have had our first major issue at swimming with one of them actually having a positive test! The rest of the lane have been told to self-isolate for fourteen days and I am hoping that ALL the paperwork we have done beforehand and on going has helped us get to this point and they will all be fine! The swimmer who has the positive test at present has no symptoms!

By the time you read this, DH and I will hopefully be in London! I did say that I am hiding there so no one can find me and perhaps I would hop a plane to somewhere where there are no people!!! The Galápagos Islands sounds nice at this time of year!!!!! Don’t worry I will be back Monday, or will I??????????? 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend you lovely lot.

Hugs & Love, Susie x

That was the Week That Was!

Well despite trying to be more organised (!), getting things done immediatley and trying to keep on top of work, home jobs etc I still get to the end of the week failing at it all!!! Including this wretched new writer!!!!!

If we are not at swimming we are having zoom meetings about it! Work, which is a good thing, has been manic since everyone now seems to be back from whatever holiday they managed to take, but restrictions because of Covid are now happening on a local authority basis, which means that where we live is in a high Tier but everywhere else around us is in a medium Tier!!! So I am not sure what I am able to do or if I can go out or not, except to work which is a laugh when I work from home!

You know how the Chinese have The Year of the Rat or whatever the animal is? Well 2020 will be “The Year of the Confused”!!!

You know we have been having issues with our home. Well the roofing man is coming in a few weeks to repair that, with scaffolding in tow (!), the drive people are coming to tarmac the drive soon before Winter(!) and we need to get some glass replaced in our windows!!! This is because, especially the roof issue, that the people we bought the house from bought the land but then could not really afford to build the house. So they said to the builder to cut corners where he could, then he actually cut a lot more corners to make as much profit as possible. Therefore every time we do a job it becomes so much bigger as we have to put faults right!!! Home ownership who would have it!!!

Quilting is non-existent at the moment, I have four tops which need quilting and lots of other things I should be getting on with but time just slips away at the moment. I have come up with a huge plan which I have written down for ALL of the things I want to do and am then going to tick them off. It is the only way I can see getting things done at the moment. I was up ironing until 2.30am on Sunday morning as I had got behind with that!!!!!!

Somebody had a Spa Day last Friday and looks so much better and smells a lot better than she did!!!! Her bed has been washed but the cover not put back on but that does not stop an Airedale Terrier! She is lying on the inner and in fact likes the inner better than the outer! However I cannot wash the inners very well so she will have to have the cover put back on! Can you say comfy????

Anyway I am going to make sure that I post something every day this week, come hell or high Covid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you lovely lot are all staying safe and well.

Hugs & Love, Susie xx


We managed to get the garden done on Sunday. We put the garden furniture away, tidied up some of the plants, got the pots planted with Winter Violas and also managed to get some bulbs planted. It remains to be seen if they stay planted with the wretched squirrel around!! I will get some pictures tomorow of how it looks. There are still a few jobs to do but hopefully we can get those done next weekend. The weather was not bad if a little cool.

Treacle has taken to her usual hibernation post as you can see above!! She is getting very woolly again so I will have to book her an appointment at the Spa!

Nottingham is looking like it will be in for a local Lockdown from this week so that will put paid to any shopping! I was hoping to go over and get some Christmas shopping done but will have to see how things go! Blooming Covid!

I still have a few home jobs to do which I have down for doing next weekend as well. The evenings will again be taken up with swimming sessions. DH and I are due to be away in London for the weekend in a few weeks time and after that I am going to sort the rotas out so that I am not at each session, especially if we are still doing this, this time next year!!!!!!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and a great week.

Hugs & Love, Susie xx.

What A Week!

I have had one of those weeks and no matter how I try, I cannot sort out this wretched new writer! I know a few of you have said that other software has done the same, I just think they dumb it down!

It won’t even keep the colour I choose, hence the different colours!!! Grr. And don’t get me started on Justify, I keep pressing the button and nothing happens!!!!!

I was also thinking about what to write about, because to be perfectly honest we have all become quite boring! We are not going anywhere, not doing anything and certainly not seeing anyone! This Covid has a lot to answer for. I am sure you are completely fed up with me talking about swimming, as I am fed up going to each of the swimming sessions and that is all that I am doing most nights of the week! At the weekend DH and I are trying to get home jobs done and so I don’t get chance to do any quilting or anything else for that matter!!!!!!

Treacle is going into hibernation mode, as she does at this time of year, when it turns colder and she is not able to be outside all day!!!

I did have a visitor today, the roofing man to look at the roof where we have had a leak into our Den! I mean it is getting really bad if that is the highlight of the week!!!!

Work has been really busy this week, so I have got behind on reading my favourite blogs and replying to my two very good friends, Susan & Sue, who have emailed me, which I will try and get done over the weekend. All the days do seem to blend into one at the moment.

The weather is supposed to be okay here at the weekend and we have some jobs to do outside which DH and I are hoping to finish and also a few jobs inside too! Before we know it, of course, it will be Monday morning again!! Sigh!!!!!

I do hope, you lovely lot, are all coping with things and of course staying safe.

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

Mondays & Rain.

It has been raining and blowing a gale the whole weekend so outside jobs were a no go! We did get a few jobs done inside, but with the swimming situation time is quite short! I am hoping next weekend we will get the outside jobs done.

I did okay with my work jobs and keeping up to date with things so I am half way there!!! We had a full house over the weekend with Eldest, Youngest and Girlfriend for dinner every night, which was lovely.

This is the first time having to use the new editor in WordPress because they like to change things regularly and not for the better and force you to use it! Well so far nothing is working properly! I cannot get the colour to stay the same, the justify doesn’t work and goodness how I am supposed to sort out the pictures so this may take a while. Really don’t need this when I have umpteen other things to do!

I really hate you WordPress!

I will try and sort it out by the end of the week!

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

October’s Here.

September has left us and October is here and it has turned cold and lots of rain!  Treacle is not happy as the door into the garden has been shut most of the day!

Whilst we were away there was a water leak from heavy rain into our Den where I work, so the roof man came today to have a look and see what needs doing.  He is hoping that it will only need a little bit of sorting out and not a whole new roof, which was my worry!

Our entrance today looks like the post office!  Eldest has been ordering things as it is Fiance’s Birthday on Monday and Youngest has been ordering things for his car!  SO I have spent the day answering the door!!!!!

Tomorrow will be house jobs day and we also have to go and see our Accountant in the afternoon for the business.  The weekend is due to be wet again, so I think it will be indoor jobs!!!!

I hope you are all having a Thrilling Thursday.

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

Tuesday Already?

At the moment no matter how organised I try to be I seem to get to the end of the week and it is all chaos!  Despite me writing lists and getting things done by the time Friday comes I still seem to have a huge list to get through and lots of jobs still to do!

The weekend was busy trying to catch up and the weather wasn’t too bad and we did get a few jobs done outside.  The weather here is definitely turning and twice we have put the heating on as it has been really cold in the evenings. 

Bit of a blurry picture but as you can see the leaves of the trees are starting to fall!

This week would have been Goose Fair, had it not been cancelled because of the Covid situation.  Here are a few pictures to enjoy from our previous trips. 

A view of the fair from the top of the Big Wheel.

The Galloping Horses, an old favourite but always busy.

One of two big wheels a the fair.

It is one of our favourite visits, so much missed this year and it was the first date DH and I went on, 34 years ago this week!!!!!  So where have 34 years gone????????????????  Autumn will not be the same without these events!

There is a lot in the media at the moment of how Christmas is going to be this year because of the various restrictions and the fact that it can change from week to week.  We will be at home but a lot more low key than previous years. My Countdown on my blog has now moved from months into days, 87 to be precise, oh my!

We do have some current restrictions and I am falling back on my motto of when we were just coming out of lockdown “if you don’t have to do it, then don’t”!!!!  We are trying to see some friends, it would be just the four of us, for dinner and we have postponed it for a few weeks and will probably then meet at one of our homes rather than go out.  All of us are working at the moment which is important but going out isn’t.

I am determined to be more organised this week, she says!!  Swimming is still continuing at the moment and that is taking up a lot of time.  I was hoping that once it was up and running then things would calm down a bit but that does not appear to be the case and each week brings it’s own challenges!!  I have also broken a tooth which I am getting fixed tomorrow!  Never rains but it pours!!!

I hope you lovely lot are having a thrilling Tuesday!

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

Thursday Things.

DH and I had to go and visit a customer yesterday in the Lake District, so left home at 5.00am and got there about 8.00am.  We then went into the local town for breakfast and a cup of tea!  This monument overlooks the town of Ulverston and was erected for Sir John Barrow, who was born there in 1764 and eventually became Second Secretary of the Admiralty.  It was made to look like a lighthouse although there is no actual light in it and it was to remind people of Sir John’s naval history.

It was a long day and we got back around 3.00pm where we finished some more work before having dinner and then off to swimming.  However we have to go back again tomorrow with some more parts!!!  It has been one of those weeks.

Madam spent the day here!  We have had the forecasted warm weather, although it is dropping cold at night, so she was sunbathing on our bed whilst we were out!!  She came down and saw us when we came in blinking as if she had only just woken up!  So that was why there was no Wednesday Wag yesterday. 

In fact the whole week has flown by with work and swimming issues.  The swimming looks to be staying the same with less hours for the foreseeable future which is what none of us want, we would like to get back to all our usual days and session times.  I was also speaking to our Accountant yesterday and we were both saying that we don’t see anything changing much and it will probably be like this, this time next year which is slightly depressing.

I seem to be getting an email a day now with Christmas offers.  It is almost like everyone has agreed that it has been such a year that Christmas needs to start now!  I mean they are always early here in the UK but September, that really is early this year!  I was saying though that so far this year we have had bad floods in the UK, the fires in Australia and USA, the locusts in India, the pandemic and probably to add insult to injury we are going to have a dreadful Winter, lots of snow and freezing temperatures!!  I never say this but I will really be glad to see the back fo 2020 although I am not sure that 2021 will be any better!!!

At the moment I am taking it two weeks at a time!  I think that is the longest we can look ahead for as everything seems to change on a moments notice!  My next two weeks?  Swimming!!!!

I hope you are having a Thrilling Thursday, Friday tomorrow!!!

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

PS  As it is Thursday here is #TBT!  The Boys with Santa in 2005!  Aged 10 and 6, on the steam train at Great Central Railway!

Madam and her Reindeer Ears, she does not look impressed!!!!!

Tuesday – Sun Day!

Who can believe that we have a few days where it is going to be really warm again!  The last hurrah of Summer before Autumn really arrives.  I just hope we are able to get the jobs done in the garden whilst it is nice, there is still a lot to do but at this point I am just taking them one at a time.  Otherwise I think I might just get in a tiz with all the lists I have been writing!

We are at swimming again tonight, tomorrow, Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning and it is getting to be quite boring for DH and I.  Our Boys don’t swim any more and really when you don’t have a vested interest in the pool it really is not good.   We will be dropping the number of helpers down to two on poolside and hopefully be able to give people more time off, especially as it looks like we will be doing this until Christmas at least.

I did get some quilting done whilst we were away and now need to get on with that, so I am trying to organise things so I have some time at the weekend hopefully to do it, along with all the other things I want to get done.  How do I get more time in a day, anyone know!!!!!!!!!!

I don’t know about anyone else but I have a terrible time breaking in new shoes/trainers/boots!  Consquently I hate it having to buy new ones but it has got to the point where I need new trainers for the pool, new boots for winter and new shoes for going out.  No matter how well made they are or expensive or not they always rub my feet and I end up with blisters on my heels!  It is because we all have very narrow feet in our family and therefore shoes never seem to fit properly.  I have bought some new trainers so I will have plasters on my heels by the end of the week!!!!

Treacle is enjoying the last of the summer sunshine outside. 

Happy Tuesday everyone.

Hugs & Love, Susie xx