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Well that was summer done although we are due for some warm days next week which always seems to be the case now, once the children are back in school which is next week for us.  I used to hate the Boys going back to school as I loved them being off and having that relaxed time with them rather than the routines of school and all their activities starting again. 

The picture above was when they were both at the village Primary School

The above one is when they were both at the Senior School!

Don’t they look happy – NOT!!!!

I have been working all day today so tomorrow will now be home jobs day and grocery shopping.  DH & Youngest are out on Sunday at a car show and have things to do so I wil be getting some more jobs done.  I am also hoping to do some gardening tomorrow to get things tidy now that Autumn is here.  Can anyone tell me where the weeks are flying to?  Cannot believe that we are now at the bottom end of the year and it will be Christmas before we know it! 

Have a wonderful weekend you lovely lot. 

Hugs & Love Susie & Coco xx

When You Have One of Those Weeks!

We had one of those weeks last week where everyone had something go wrong or an issue!  You know how when the Universe decides it is bored?  Well the weekend did not go well for DH and The Boys.

They had tickets, which was their Christmas presents from me to them last Christmas, to go to the Festival of Speed at Goodwood on Saturday.  Anyway they set off on Friday and stayed nearby so that they could get to Goodwood early Saturday and enjoy all of the day.  Friday night we got a message that the event was cancelled due to bad weather (mainly high winds)!!!!!!  To say they were all gutted was an understatement.

Of course that made me feel guilty as I had my Spa appointment still, which I did go to and was great!  Anyway DH and the Boys went to see some other museums and popped into London too so although it was not the day they planned they were together.  I have got a picture of the three of them but not allowed to put it here by decree of the Boys!!!!  They still had their rooms at the hotel so decided to stay and start back early Sunday morning. 

I went to bed early and dropped off to sleep but then was woken up at 10.40pm by a phone call from DH.  Eldest’s work alarm had gone off, the cameras had gone down and they thought they could hear someone inside!  They were three and a half hours away so I got up and drove over!  One of Eldest’s fire colleagues was there with his keys.  Fortunately no one was in there and nothing had been touched and we think it was the high winds which had caused the problems with the cameras and made it sound like someone was inside.  The Police came and checked everything too.  Anyway DH & The Boys decided to check out and come home so I went to Eldest’s Girlfriends home, Youngest’s Girlfriend drove over too so we sat there drinking tea and chatting until they arrived home at 3.00am!  Needless to say we did not get up early yesterday!!!

I did get to watch both Championship Finals on Saturday and Sunday and it was great to see two new Champions.  So Wimbledon is over for another year.  I did get to see quite a few matches over the two weeks, so much so that today it was a bit of a Monday blues as there was no tennis to watch!!! 

We are now on the run down to our Family holiday and I am writing lists to make sure that I don’t forget anything!!! I am sure the next three weeks are going to fly by!  The Boys will be home sitting the week they are not with us!  Can’t wait!!!

I hope you all had a good weekend and good week to come. 

Hugs & Love, Susie & Coco xx


We survived the pool although we did roast even with all the fans going!  The swimmers had a wonderful time and lots of happy faces with their medals and PBs’.  We also got home early too which was a bonus.  They had the picnic and fun day yesterday and the weather held until everyone had left and we had cleared up. 

DH, Youngest’s Girlfriend and I got to see the new puppy yesterday, Honey, before we went to the Fun Day!  Here she is:

Being cuddled with Mummy!

Daddy’s got me, better behave!

Although in the pictures she looks big, she is quite tiny!

Youngest’s Girlfriend with Honey.

We can’t wait for her to have all her injections and then she can come over and have a play date with Madam!!  I am sure that will be fun to see.

Busy week as always here and next weekend DH and The Boys are off for a car weekend so keeping fingers crossed that the weather is going to be good for them.    Have a wonderful week you lovely lot. 

Hugs & Love, Susie & Coco xx



As it is Wimbledon Fortnight I thought I would show you some #TBT pictures from when DH and I were in London during the Tournament in July 2021.

Ralph Lauren, who provides the Wimbledon clothes, this was their store in Chelsea.  Stunning flowers.

Wimbledon Champagne Cocktail, yummy.

Our wonderful Treacle with her LARGE tennis ball.  I will have to get Coco one of these!!!  Tennis Balls were Treacle’s favourite toy out of everything and Coco is the same.

I have been watching the tennis on and off and avoiding the commentary by picking the games I want to watch which is SO much better! 

Today has not gone as planned, having spent the whole day at my desk!  Tomorrow is going to be busy now with Coco’s spa day and then trying to get home jobs done, hey ho!  I hope your Thursday is going well. 

Hugs & Love, Susie & Coco xx

Busy Business Day.

It has been a busy old day with work and with Eldest at his business too!  Tomorrow I have home jobs to do and grocery shopping because Friday I am ferrying Miss Coco to her spa day and running some other errands.  Saturday is all day at the swimming pool for our Open which will be late and then Sunday is a day off although the swimming club is having a picnic fun day so we may call in to see them.

Our weather has gone back to being cloudy and although still relatively warm we have got quite a few rain showers too.  Must be because it is Wimbledon.  This weekend it is also the British Grand Prix so again rain!  My strawbery plants are quite a bit behind with the cooler weather but hopefully we will get some before we go away in August.

I did buy this bed for Coco for the sewing room and it is in there.  I have not had chance to get in there yet but I did find her asleep in it at 3.00am this morning!  Obviously she likes it.

I hope your Wednesday is going well, almost the weekend.

Hugs & Love, Susie & Coco xx

Wimbledon, but not as we know it!

Today is the start of Wimbledon 2023 but sadly without Sue Barker commentating.  The BBC who televise the event has put Clare Balding in charge and I know you are not supposed to say this of people but I really, really don’t like her!  I can’t even stand her voice!  So I am spending all my time muting the sound whenever she is on.  Sue Barker used to be at the studio in Wimbledon all day from the start of transmission to the end but Ms Balding did not pole up until 3.00pm!  Says a lot for how our National broadcaster is doing things these days!

Anyway in celebration of it being Wimbledon Coco has a new tennis ball to play with, although I suspect she will lose it!

The weekend was manic with the Carnival but DH, Eldest, Youngest and Girlfriends all helped and although it was a long day they had fun too.  I spent my time ferrying people around which was fine and the rain held off, so another bonus.  DH was out at a swimming event yesterday but it finished early which again was a bonus.  We have our own swimming open next Saturday and it is supposed to be hot again, just when we have to spend several hours in a hot swimming pool!!!

Coco has her spa day on Friday and I am having my hair cut on Thursday!!!!!

I hope you have a wonderful week you lovely lot. 

Hugs & Love, Susie & Coco xx

Goodbye June, Hello July.

Well June flew by but at least we have had some lovely warm days and the plants and flowers have loved it!  Tonight is the “Cake Off” cake competition for the Carnival as well as getting ready for tomorrow.  The weather so far is supposed to be okay with sunshine and no rain, but of course that can change really quickly here in the UK!!!!

Tonight Youngest and Girlfriend are going to see the new Indiana Jones film.  Youngest has been a fan for years and was determined to go and see the film as soon as it was released.  When he was young he always dressed up as Indiana Jones and especially at any fancy dress parties. 

July is busy already with DH every weekend at a swimming event but one weekend when they are all off to The Goodwood Festival of Speed to look at all the cars!!  That day I have a Spa appointment and of course looking after little Miss Coco. 

I only have a few chapters left of my book and I can say I have really enjoyed it, as I say not for you if you don’t like horror things but it is very well written.  In fact I was reading last night in bed and doing the “only one more chapter” until about 1.00am when I decided I needed to put the light out and get some sleep as I was up at 5.00am!

I hope you the lovely have a wonderful summer weekend. 

Hugs & Love, Susie & Coco xx

I Don’t Know Where The Weeks Go!

I honestly don’t know where the weeks go to, no sooner is it Monday, it is then the weekend and it all starts again!

Poor little Coco has been suffering for the last three weeks in heat and it has really knocked her for six.  Fortunately she finished last week and is getting back to her normal self.  It has not helped that it has also been very warm here too.  I am booking her in for a spa day which will hopefully make her feel better.

I have been continuing to get home jobs done, you know all those jobs that get left, the “I’ll get around to it” jobs!  I managed to get all the curtains washed and hung out on the line to dry while it has been nice and just now need to wash dressing gowns, cushion covers and blankets. 

DH and I got quite a bit done in the garden but still have some tidying to do, but again it is an ongoing job! 

Happy Belated Father’s Day to DH.  We had a family gathering on Saturday evening as Eldest’s Girlfriend it was her Birthday last Thursday, mine is tomorrow and obvously Father’s Day yesterday, so it was a triple celebration.  We even got to eat outside as it was nice!

Work has been manic as it was our business Year End and then getting everything sorted for the new business year, as well as helping Eldest with his work too.  I really do feel like a swan sometimes, it may look calm and peaceful gliding across the water but furiously paddling below!!!  That is definitely how I feel a lot of the time at the moment.  It is also the start of Carnival on Sunday!  A week of chaos as always and then DH has a swimming commentating job the day after the main Carnival Day on July 1st so another frantic weekend.  I am really looking forward to our holiday in August!

Things have been really busy as well at swimming and I have been helping Youngest sort out the small pool swimmers change over, which is done every sixteen weeks.  We did the first one in a while in March and I thought oh good the next one is June and suddenly we are in June and having to do it all again!!

I haven’t even been able to sort out my sewing things since Eldest moved out, everyhing got put in the room but nothing is sorted yet.  I still have some jobs to catch up on before I can sort that out!

This week is realtively peaceful with only a business meeting on Wednesday, so again I will have chance to catch up on things.  Hopefully tomorrow DH is taking me out for breakfast for my Birthday!

I know I missed Book Club Friday but will do that this week.  Promise.

I hope you lovely lot will have a wonderful week and enjoying the start of Summer. 

Hugs & Love, Susie & Coco


What a two weeks!  Poor little Coco has been having her season for the last two weeks, she and I do not know what to do with her!  She has become very needy and I am spending a lot of my day cleaning up.  I do hope she will finish soon for her sake as she really is out of sorts.  Good news is that in three months time we will be able to get her spayed so she won’t have to go through this again.

As with everything else here in the UK we go from freezing cold to baking hot!  The last few days have been very, very sunny and hot.  It was then a scramble to get out summer quilts, fans and everything summer!  We have to take action quickly because this could be our summer and it could also go back to being cold!!!!! 🙂

Of course with the heat comes the fact that trying to sleep at night is hard, so when the alarm went off at 5.00am this morning I felt like I had only just gone to sleep!!!

DH spent the weekend at the local pool commentating and I spent the weekend doing jobs!  I have, however, caught up with home jobs and work so at least I am starting this week with a clean slate!!!

Today is my best friend, Jayne, her Birthday.  Mine is next week and as you know we go out once a month for lunch so we are going out the last week of June for our Birthday lunch!  Will try and remember to take pictures!!!

DH and I managed to get the garden tidy and I did my pots for the summer, having to keep Madam from investigating them.  Still have one or two things to do but can do those on the odd days when DH is not commentating! 

I have a spa day coming up on Thursday and home jobs to do on Friday.  Saturday DH and I will be sorting out our new Business Year and doing budgets.  Eldest’s Girlfriend her Birthday is on Thursday this week (all these June Birthdays!) and so Saturday evening we will probably have a takeaway and hopefully if the weather holds we can eat outside.  Sunday DH has another swimming meeting but hopefully we will be able to do a bit more in the garden as well. 

Tomorrow I will  show you how the sewing room is coming on.

Have a wonderful week. 

Hugs & Love, Susie & Coco xx

Summer & #TBT.