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Places we go and would like to go!

It’s Autumn.


This quote for me says Autumn all over, the leaves turning, the nights drawing in and the Autumn weather.  Last night as Treacle went out last thing it was definitely chilly and had an Autumn feel.
For all the children it was Back to School yesterday (although there still seemed to be a lot of children around when I went shopping in Nottingham!).  Our Boys have now finished their formal education after eighteen years between the two of them and yesterday felt very strange not racing around getting lunches and making sure they had all their books, sports kits etc and were smart in their uniforms and of course taking that “start of a new year” picture.
As it is Thursday here is a #TBT picture of the last time they were together going to school.  Eldest was in Upper Sixth and Youngest was in Year Eight at the same school aged 17 and 13.  I was quite sad really, but that’s usual as I hated them going back to school after the six week holiday, I always loved having them at home with me.
The conkers are starting to ripen and the children will soon be collecting them.  The Boys
Aunt & Uncle had a wonderful Horse Chestnut tree in their garden and their Uncle always collected lots of conkers for them.
The Boys Godparents came for dinner last Saturday before they went off on holiday for a month (they are now retired!) and the day was warm so we made the most of it by eating outside again.  We have done so well with the weather this year and been able to eat outside lots and it has been lovely.  It was a lovely evening catching up on all the news and very relaxed. 
This weekend we don’t have anything on for swimming or work or compering so we are going out on Saturday evening to celebrate Eldest’s Birthday as he was away at college when it was his actual Birthday.  Hopefully I will get some pictures.  This is the last week that Youngest’s Girlfriend will be here as a week on Saturday she heads off to Uni.  The weather is supposed to be okay so Sunday we can get some tidying done in the garden and it will then be in great shape as we go into Autumn/Winter.
We will be making the most of the weekends in September as in October all the weekends are filled with either swimming or compering or work and before we know it, it will be November!!!!!  I cannot believe it but Christmas things are starting to appear in the shops!!!  We have lots of things on before Christmas but the stores cannot seem to resist getting things out already!!!!  I know we Quilters are making things for Christmas, as am I, but that doesn’t mean we need to see all the Christmas things in the stores!  I am trying to ignore it!!!
I hope you lovely lot are having a Great Thursday, tomorrow’s Friday!!!! 
Hugs, Susie xx

The Highlands!

As promised here are more pictures of our vacation in The Highlands of Scotland.  We are always in good company as The Queen holidays at Balmoral which is not far from where we stay!

Warning:  Picture Heavy Post!


At the cottage where we stay,  is surrounded by trees and there are several pairs of Red Kites living there.


This came into the deep water Port of Invergordon on the Tuesday;  it is the fourth largest cruise liner in the World, The Meraviglia, which has a capacity of 4,500 people on board.


DH visited a few customers whilst we were up there and one of his trips was to Dunfermline.  The day was quite overcast and we ate lunch overlooking the sea and of course the seagulls were ready to help!!!


Of course in Scotland you can be driving through the middle of a town and come upon the odd castle here and there!!!


The cows came a visiting one day and this gate is the entrance to the cottage!  Fortunately the gate opens both ways so I was able to open the gate inwards and not disturb Mom, although the calf was a bit jittery!!!


As you can see from their looks they were most disgusted that we had disturbed them!!!!


The second week DH had to go to Glasgow so we went via a different route through Glencoe, one of our National Nature Reserves.  As you can see it was early in the morning and very misty and quite dark.


The mist was hanging in the valley


The Lochs around Glencoe.


The weather did not really improve all day and was quite stormy into the evening.


We found a new tea room near to Loch Ness set in the grounds of the farm.  The Ducks came a visiting!


The view out of the tea room window.


The Tea Room.


Just before we came home we paid a visit to the Fruit Farm to get some Brambles and Strawberries, so I could make jam when we got home.


Because of the very wet Spring and then very hot Summer, the wheat and other crops were all ready a lot sooner than normal and harvesting was well under way, whereas normally they are only just beginning to harvest when we travel back from vacation. 


When we travelled up we drove across the new Forth Road Bridge, The Queensferry Crossing which was opened by The Queen last year. “The 1.7 miles (2.7km) structure is the longest three-tower, cable-stayed bridge in the world and also by far the largest to feature cables which cross mid-span. This innovative design provides extra strength and stiffness, allowing the towers and the deck to be more slender and elegant.”     The above picture was as we crossed the middle span.


The view from the cottage as the sun was setting one evening.

I hope you have enjoyed the trip around The Highlands, it really is a magical place and although the weather can be changeable by the hour it really doesn’t matter, when you have views like the one above and a lot of peace and quiet.

Tomorrow I will show you pictures of a surprise from the holiday!

Hugs, Susie xx

We Are Back!


Hi Everyone, we are back and have been back for a week but it has taken me that long to catch up on all the business work as well as home things and the washing and ironing!!!  Sometimes I wonder if it is worth going away on vacation.

It was not the best of holidays as DH was poorly for the whole two weeks with either a salivary gland infection or a tooth infection, our dentist is not sure!  Anyway he could not eat properly at all and lived on soup, porridge and rice pudding and two courses of antibiotics and pain killers!!!  I, too, managed to break a tooth whilst we were away and also got a UTI!!!!  You see holidays are no good for you!!!  So DH and I spent time last week visiting the Doctor and Dentist!!!

We did go out and about despite our problems and have quite a few pictures to show you which I will do over the next few days. 

A Big Thank you to all who voted for Treacle on the Pets on Quilts show and to all who contacted me, I will get around to emailing everyone and sorry I did not do that at the time but the internet connection in The Highlands of Scotland is not good.


I did also get some sewing done whilst we were away and I will be able to show you some of them, but others are for Christmas so I am afraid you will have to wait.  The above picture is the view from the room I was sewing in!  I think I am going to have this printed and put in front of my sewing machine in Eldest’s room where I sew now.  The best bit about where we go, the silence.  There are no cars, neighbours or people at all just the sheep and that is what I treasure the most and hang on to now we are back!!!

IMG_1836Loch Ness from Fort Augustus end.

I will be back tomorrow with more pictures of the vacation. 

Hugs, Susie xx

We Are On Vacation!


We are on Vacation!

Have a wonderful Summer you lovely lot!


We will be back on August 20th, but look out for a couple of posts before that.


Summer Hugs

Susie, DH, Eldest, Youngest, Eldest Girlfriend, Youngest Girlfriend & Treacle xxxxxxx



It’s Friday!



This was Treacle this morning waiting to go on her vacation!!  She is much better although she is still quiet for her, but I think the heat is also not helping as it has gone very hot and humid today but not much sun!!!! 

We got her bag packed and they were very impressed with it at the kennels!!!!


DH set up the watering system for our pots whilst we are away and although the Boys are going to be around at least I know the plants will be getting some water!!!



The strawberries and tomatoes are starting to ripen and the Boys have instructions to pick and eat them.



Finally my sweet peas have also come out and they have instructions to keep cutting them.  I am not sure the Boys will be doing this, more like the Girlfriends!!!



The fox glove is having another go at flowering.

I just have the last little bit of ironing to get done and finishing the packing and then we are all ready.  The Boys and Girlfriends are coming for dinner tonight which will be lovely to see them all. 

Thanks to all who have sent us messages of having a great vacation, we can’t wait and we don’t even care what the weather is doing, we are away.

I will be back in a fortnight but look out as there may be a couple of posts whilst we are away!!!!!!

Happy Summer Vacation Hugs,

Susie xx

Thursday Thoughts.


Best laid plans!!  I was intending on getting the packing done tonight but have only just finished work jobs and house jobs and dinner!!! So I will be having to do that tomorrow now.

Treacle is getting better and I rang the kennels and they are still happy to have her with all her medicines!!!! 


However I don’t mind because from Saturday we are on vacation and the whole World can fade into the back ground.  I don’t even mind if the weather is not good, we are away!!!


Whilst we are away I will have time to do lots of quilting.


And lots of reading too.

Summer Thoughts

Have a lovely Summer, whatever you are up to. 


Susie, DH, Eldest, Youngest, Eldest Girlfriend, Youngest Girlfriend & Treacle



You Know It’s A Hot Summer When ….


It is already hot as soon as the sun rises!


The water coming out of the cold tap is warm!


You get up in the morning and your body looks like these Gators have snacked on you over night!


You get dinner, but then really don’t want to eat it!


The butter in the dish is actually coming  to meet you as it has melted!


You have a shower and need another one immediately as you cannot stop sweating.


We are definitely in a Heat Wave!!!

Treacle will be here later with The Wednesday Wag.

Hugs, Susie xx