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Places we go and would like to go!

We Are On Vacation!


We are on Vacation!

Have a wonderful Summer you lovely lot!


We will be back on August 20th, but look out for a couple of posts before that.


Summer Hugs

Susie, DH, Eldest, Youngest, Eldest Girlfriend, Youngest Girlfriend & Treacle xxxxxxx



It’s Friday!



This was Treacle this morning waiting to go on her vacation!!  She is much better although she is still quiet for her, but I think the heat is also not helping as it has gone very hot and humid today but not much sun!!!! 

We got her bag packed and they were very impressed with it at the kennels!!!!


DH set up the watering system for our pots whilst we are away and although the Boys are going to be around at least I know the plants will be getting some water!!!



The strawberries and tomatoes are starting to ripen and the Boys have instructions to pick and eat them.



Finally my sweet peas have also come out and they have instructions to keep cutting them.  I am not sure the Boys will be doing this, more like the Girlfriends!!!



The fox glove is having another go at flowering.

I just have the last little bit of ironing to get done and finishing the packing and then we are all ready.  The Boys and Girlfriends are coming for dinner tonight which will be lovely to see them all. 

Thanks to all who have sent us messages of having a great vacation, we can’t wait and we don’t even care what the weather is doing, we are away.

I will be back in a fortnight but look out as there may be a couple of posts whilst we are away!!!!!!

Happy Summer Vacation Hugs,

Susie xx

Thursday Thoughts.


Best laid plans!!  I was intending on getting the packing done tonight but have only just finished work jobs and house jobs and dinner!!! So I will be having to do that tomorrow now.

Treacle is getting better and I rang the kennels and they are still happy to have her with all her medicines!!!! 


However I don’t mind because from Saturday we are on vacation and the whole World can fade into the back ground.  I don’t even mind if the weather is not good, we are away!!!


Whilst we are away I will have time to do lots of quilting.


And lots of reading too.

Summer Thoughts

Have a lovely Summer, whatever you are up to. 


Susie, DH, Eldest, Youngest, Eldest Girlfriend, Youngest Girlfriend & Treacle



You Know It’s A Hot Summer When ….


It is already hot as soon as the sun rises!


The water coming out of the cold tap is warm!


You get up in the morning and your body looks like these Gators have snacked on you over night!


You get dinner, but then really don’t want to eat it!


The butter in the dish is actually coming  to meet you as it has melted!


You have a shower and need another one immediately as you cannot stop sweating.


We are definitely in a Heat Wave!!!

Treacle will be here later with The Wednesday Wag.

Hugs, Susie xx

Summer & Holidays.


As you know our Children start their summer holidays a little later over here and today is their last day of school.  Obviously Eldest and Youngest have now left their school days behind but it still reminds me how much I loved having the Boys at home for the six week holiday.  A lot of my friends would moan about having their children at home for so long but I always thought of it as a joy.  I was very lucky that I work from home so was able to look after the Boys and still work, but I did modify how I worked when they were off, so I could spend the day with them.

I always tried to arrange things to do, not every day of course, but activities that we could do which did not cost a lot or anything at all.

Here is one way of choosing what to do on holiday.  Get some lolly sticks and write down an activity on one end and on the other put a “D” for a dry day or “W” for a wet day.  Put the sticks with the activity inside a jar filled with rice for no peeking and then the Boys would in turn get to choose a stick, depending upon the weather and off we would go or get on with the activity at home.  They loved it, especially the surprise of what we would be doing that day. 



The sorts of activities I would have down would be baking for the day, walking Treacle at Chatsworth House, Visiting a Museum which they had not been to before (they are all free to enter in this country), Visiting the National Forest, this one particular year they picked out the material for their quilts, playing Badminton or Tennis. going swimming for the fun of it instead of training (!), going to the Library where they took part in the reading scheme for the summer, visiting our relatives, Going on a picnic, paining pottery, the list really is endless. 


This was Summer 2002 with Kelly and they had been out in the garden all day and as you can see making mud pies!!!!  Eldest is six and Youngest two

By doing the sticks it gave them the choice of what to do rather than me just saying we would be doing this and that which they loved, especially as they got older.  The first day of the holiday we always had a “Pajama Day” when they could get up when they wanted and have whatever they wanted to eat and basically do nothing structured for the whole day.  It was also a good day for me to decompress after the frantic last few weeks of term.

They loved baking and they both got their Scout Badges for cooking.

We always had to visit any steam train festivals!  Also on holiday in Scotland.

The only thing they hated doing, which I insisted on doing as soon as they had broken up for the summer, was to go shopping for their new uniforms for September!!! They hated it but I hate crowds more, so always took them on the first week of the holiday.  By doing this I was able to get all their names sewn into their new uniforms and knew that everything was ready for the first day back.  It also meant I was able to get all the sizes as the shops do start to sell out.  The only thing we did do the week before they went back to school was get their new shoes/plimsolls/rugby boots etc.

Alexander & Andrew 050906

Ready for the New School Year!

Now they are both working!!! But it still feels like the first day of the holidays to me!!!

Saying that it is house jobs day today and grocery shopping and a huge basket of ironing!!!  The Boys might have been on holiday but Moms always have house jobs to do!!!!

I hope you lovely lot have a wonderful Summer Weekend.

Hugs, Susie xx


Tuesday Thoughts.

Summer Thoughts

I think the heat is getting to me now!!!!  Looking forward to our family vacation with just two weeks to go before we are off to Scotland and I cannot wait!!  We have house sitters coming to look after our home and garden whilst we are away which will be a great help in this weather.

Today has been a frantic day of work whilst not feeling too well which is why I think the heat is getting to me!!!  The next two weekends are busy too so we will all be ready for our vacation.  Treacle is off to her Doctors on Saturday for her annual physical and injections.  She doesn’t mind as her Doctor always gives her a treat after the injections and that is all she is waiting for!!!

Happy Tuesday everyone.

Hugs, Susie xx