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Christmas – ish!

So!  Because cases of Covid are rising again and a lot in London and the South East which has a new varient they are now in Tier 4 which means not meeting anyone outside  your home or bubble (!), the Government have also decided to cancel the five day “truce” between the 23rd and 27th for families across the country and now making it only Christmas Day when they can get together!  It is not the Government’s fault but it is hard for families after the year we have all had.  Fortunately it is only DH, the Boys, Girlfriend, Treacle and I over Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day so we are compliant. 

Yesterday DH and I went over to Nottingham to socially distance outside, ie we stood at the garden gate and saw our relatives who were stood in their doorways and hopefully delivered a little Christmas cheer!  Also a visit to the cemetery and a takeaway lunch of hot sausage cob and tea as no cafes/restaurants are open!!!  It really is a very different time of year this year.  In fact I said that with only a week to go before The Day, in some ways it does not seem like Christmas!

We didn’t get to go into the centre of Nottingham but did drive round some of the local areas and I got a few Christmas pictures.

Christmas lights at Belper!  It was raining which is why the photograph is a little blurry!

The Town Hall at Ripley.

The Christmas Tree at Ripley.

One of the pubs in Ripley, obviously closed, but I liked the building.

Christmas lights on the buildings.

These are Christmas trees from last year!  The Old Market Square, Nottingham.

The tree in the Library at Chatsworth.

The entrance to Great Central Railway Steam Line.

The Christmas Tree in the Painted Hall at Chatsworth.

This coming week is going to be busy as always with lots of things to do before the Day, starting today when my hairdresser is coming!  Monday I have some more errands to run, I have to get the Christmas cake finished, the Christmas cookies made and some more mince pies (they have eaten the last lot!), the chocolate log made, the final grocery shopping done, washing, ironing, cleaning and re-claim my dining table before Friday!!!!  As well as the final bits of work and orders to sort out.  DH is delivering the last of some parts on Wednesday to one of our customers and Youngest is going with him.  I am sure it will all get done by Thursday but after this year who cares!!!!  I just think it will be so nice to have a break and do not a lot!!!

I hope you lovely lot are having a good weekend and will have a great week in the run up to Christmas whatever you are up to.

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas…..

So having tidied up after they all left for work this morning, I can now show you our tree for this year!

Its a lovely tree this year very full.  We always get it from the garden centre in our village where by best friend, Jayne, her son works there.

We have moved the sitting room furniture around a little bit and my rocking chair is now in front of the tree.

As you can see the sofas have moved a little bit.

My Mom’s Santa Claus from her tree when she was a little girl so this is now over eighty years old, so is always packed away very carefully!

This is my Fortunum & Mason teapot ornament I got last year.

This ornament is hand painted glass and DH and I bought it when we went to Vienna for our 15th Wedding Anniversary in November 2003.

My Christmas Quilt I made last year.

The bookcases with the Christmas lights on.  I love these.

The other bookcases and the drinks table which has also been moved for Christmas!

These are the little felt mice I bought last year.  I just think they are so cute.

This is our fireplace.  I had some spare lights and put them in the big lantern by the fire.

Our lights on the stairs which we do every year. 

My Dining Room Dresser dressed for Christmas! Say that phrase a few times!!!!!

Our door into the garden.

A new buy from last year which the Christmas napkins are stored in.

This is our garden today, its raining again!

This is what happens when your 21 and 25 year old are at home isolating!!!  They got the train board out and re-did all the track and got all the trains out!  Girlfriend helped.

As you may be able to see, it is sat on top of my dining table!  I have told them that it can stay out until Christmas Eve when it will need to be moved!  That means it will probably end up in our bedroom!  However it is lovely to see the trains running again. 

This is how the board used to look when they were small.

December 16th

On December 16th 1773 American rebels dressed as Indians and threw 342 chests of tea into Boston Harbour thus paving the way for the American Revolution.

Famous people born on this day were Ludwig van Beethoven, Jane Austen and ZZ Top star Billy Gibbons who is 66 today!

Happy Wednesday everyone!  Treacle will be here tomorrow with The Wednesday Wag! I know it is all upside down at the moment  🙂

Hugs & Love, Susie xxxx


We have all been released from self-isolation with none of us having the classic symptoms of Covid!!!  Go figure!  The children are all glad to be back at work and DH and I managed to work all the way through because we work from home anyway, well I do!  DH is normally out and about so it was quite unusual to have him at home!  Treacle of course was in seventh heaven with all of us here.  Captive audience so to speak!

After Treacle had been to the Spa I washed all her beds, towels etc and whilst they were in the washer I put her inner quilt in her basket and she managed to sink into it and looked so comfy.   Anyway we decided not to put her original cover back on and I bought a normal cotton quilt cover and folded it like I did before.  Anyway she absolutely loves it and is so snuggled in it!!!  As you can see above and below!!!

Girlfriend went to see Penny after our self-isolation and here she is “smiling”!  She was so pleased to see Girlfriend after ten days but the stables where she is look after her really well!

I didn’t blog all of last week despite being at home because we were really busy with work.  A lot of customers have decided to move orders up in case there is another Lockdown in January!  Sorry!

I did get some of the baking done.  The Christmas puddings above.

The Christmas Cake above, baked and waiting to be “fed” before marzipan and icing!

Mince pies waiting to go in the oven.

Mince pies out of the oven and cooling.

The welcome sign in our hallway.

A throwback picture to last Christmas and the Library at Chatsworth.  No one is of course able to go this year because of this wretched Covid!

I will get some more pictures of our home when I have tidied up this evening!  You can imagine what it looks like after I have had the Boys at home for ten days!!!!

I have also not forgotten that Friday should have been Book Club Day and I have a few Books for you, so I will do that for this Friday, just a week late but in this year who cares?!!!!

I hope you lovely lot are going to have a great week and all you plans for this different Christmas are going well.

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

Friday at Last!

We got to the end of the week relatively in tact!  Today we have had lots of heavy rain with snow mixed in but not enough to settle.

He is always joking around!

All waiting for the presents to be opened!

Treacle waiting to help with the opening!

Treacle has been to the Spa today and looks and smells so much better.  Her Ladies were all decked out for Christmas when we got there and it was lovely and warm in the cutting area, as it is really cold and wet today.  I did wonder whether I needed to take Treacle’s coat with me to put on her afterwards as it was so horrible!  Although my Jeep was nice and warm for her on the way home.

Treacle has had her Christmas bath and haircut and looks and smells so much better!  Daddy’s home!

Although she has spent the afternoon since we got back in her basket, it is so tiring going to the Spa!

Daddy you may hold my paw now you are home!  Just need my dinner and I will be fine!

We are getting the Christmas tree tonight and will decoarate it and our home on Sunday when everyone is in.  Tomorrow I have a few home jobs to do and also get out all the winter jumpers which I have not done yet and definitely need if the weather is going to continue like this!!!!

I hope you lovely lot have a wonderful Weekend whatever you are up to.

Hugs & Love, Susie xx



“Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire; it is the time for home.”

Edith Sitwel


Happy December!

Happy December Everyone and the countdown to Christmas has really begun!  I opened the first door on my Advent calendar this morning to find a present there!  It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!!!!

Girlfriend and I got Youngest’s cake done last night.  I made the cake and rolled out the icing and made the wheels and Girlfriend did the icing on the cake.  It took quite a while but it looks good.  I will show you pictures tomorrow.

Still have quite a bit to do but I am splitting it down to each day rather than trying to get it all done at once.  Still not feeling too hot so am trying to pace myself!  Today it has been sunny for a while which has been so nice as we have not seen the sun for quite a lot of days now.  That of course means that it is very cold but I don’t mind that.  I am hoping that the cold will kill off my cold!

One benefit of not feeling too good is that I am getting to watch quite a few Christmas Hallmark Movies whilst I am doing things around out home!!!  I just love them.  They are all the same story really but I love the Christmas scenes and the snow!!!  One year DH and I will visit the US over Christmas and go visit one of these small towns where it is a cosy, snowy Christmas!!!!!!

Happy December 1st you lovely Lot.

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

Happy St. Andrew’s Day.

Happy St. Andrew’s Day Everyone!

No posts for a few days as I have felt dreadful!  It is always the same DH gets a cold and gets rid of it in days, I have it for over a week!  Saturday I could barely move and the Boys kept taking my temperature to make sure I hadn’t got Covid (I haven’t just a very bad cold!).

What little of the weekend I did get to do things was making sure things were all tidy and clean ready for the Christmas decorations which they want to put up next weekend.  We got all the jobs done and DH and Eldest did put the outside lights up so we are getting into the festive spirit. 

Today I have been working and also trying to make the sponges for Youngest’s cake!  The first batch is okay but I am waiting for Girlfriend to get home for her to see what she thinks of it before I make any more!!!!  I can make fruit cakes, mince pies, cookies but sponge cakes I am not so hot on! 

I need to tidy my freezers and sort them out to get them ready for things to go in for Christmas and get together things I have hidden all over the place so I know where everything is, so I don’t have a mad dash round looking for something I have hidden and forgotten where!!!!!!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and a great week to come.  December tomorrow!

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

Is It Tuesday or Wednesday, Friday Hopefully?!!

Yes the days are all blending into one and my head is all fuzzy!!!   I can’t honestly tell you what day it is!  Eldest is off this week and busy working on his project car, which has completely confused Treacle, who has gone into major hibernation mode as it has been really cold this week. 

I have still been working and yesterday when I had got finished I got this little job out of the way:

They are all now stamped and waiting to go!

Today I have to make 24 Christmas cookies for DH to take to one of the companies we work with as one of the staff is her Birthday and she has requested them!  I have also been out grocery shopping today because next week is Youngest’s 21st Birthday and he would like a cake.  No problem you would think but he actually wants a Land Rover Defender cake, like this :

This is all because that when Eldest was 2 I make him a tractor cake!  I also made Youngest special cakes one being a space shuttle cake (!) but now he wants this!!!  Girlfriend and I are going to tackle it on Sunday.  I am making the cakes (!) on Friday, which he would like to be coffee, and then we are going to have a go at putting it together Sunday!!!!!!  If it doesn’t go well it will be a cake with a toy Land Rover on it!!!!!

I have three pages of lists at the moment especially as I have a fuzzy head, otherwise I might forget something!  Apparently lots of people are visiting out local garden centre already and getting their real Christmas trees!  DH and I are now considering whether to get ours this weekend and leave it outside in a bucket of water until we need it!  Talk about getting ahead!  We are still waiting to see what Tier we will be in after next week to see what we can and cannot do in the run up to Christmas!  Hey ho.

I hope you lovely lot are having a good week and all your preparations for Christmas wherever you are, are going well!

Hugs & Love,  Susie xx

We Made It!

Yes we made it to Friday again!  Is it me or do Friday’s come round really quickly and equally so Monday mornings?  I start off with the whole week planned and before I know it, it’s Friday and am trying to catch up!!!  I have managed to clear the back log of work I had so am now up to date.  Also managed to get up to date with home jobs too so I am getting there!

I have spent a lot of today racing Treacle to the front door to answer it for all the parcels which are arriving!  So far it has been car parts for Eldest’s project car (!) a new office chair for DH (!) Christmas presents that Youngest has been ordering and a few parcels for me where I have had to replace some towels.  One big thing which was delivered this week was a new hob for my cooker.  We have had, as you know, a few things which needed repairing like the leak in the roof and now my hob has broken!  I noticed a few months ago a small chip on one corner which I do not how it happened.  Anyway I put some things down on it at the weekend and it just cracked from the chipped corner in a perfect half moon shape to the other corner.  So I have only been able to use the back two rings until the new one arrived.  DH and Eldest are going to replace it tomorrow!!!  Don’t you find these silly little things all happen at once?  The lock on the back door broke last weekend! 

There was an article in the newpaper yesterday which was talking about what a dreadful year it has been and that people are looking forward to Christmas so much that some are decorating their homes now. It also said that people who were shown photographs of homes decorated for Christmas thought that the people who own those homes are really nice!  I will be getting the Christmas decorations out at the weekend!!!

I will be making our Christmas cake at the weekend and also some mince pies and the Christmas cookies, so I will be in a Christmas mood.  They have started to show Christmas movies on the TV and the last time I was in my Jeep the Christmas music was on my memory stick!!!  I mean it is only 42 days to go to the Big Day!!!!

Whatever you are up to this weekend I hope you have a lovely time.

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

Thursday Things.

DH and I had to go and visit a customer yesterday in the Lake District, so left home at 5.00am and got there about 8.00am.  We then went into the local town for breakfast and a cup of tea!  This monument overlooks the town of Ulverston and was erected for Sir John Barrow, who was born there in 1764 and eventually became Second Secretary of the Admiralty.  It was made to look like a lighthouse although there is no actual light in it and it was to remind people of Sir John’s naval history.

It was a long day and we got back around 3.00pm where we finished some more work before having dinner and then off to swimming.  However we have to go back again tomorrow with some more parts!!!  It has been one of those weeks.

Madam spent the day here!  We have had the forecasted warm weather, although it is dropping cold at night, so she was sunbathing on our bed whilst we were out!!  She came down and saw us when we came in blinking as if she had only just woken up!  So that was why there was no Wednesday Wag yesterday. 

In fact the whole week has flown by with work and swimming issues.  The swimming looks to be staying the same with less hours for the foreseeable future which is what none of us want, we would like to get back to all our usual days and session times.  I was also speaking to our Accountant yesterday and we were both saying that we don’t see anything changing much and it will probably be like this, this time next year which is slightly depressing.

I seem to be getting an email a day now with Christmas offers.  It is almost like everyone has agreed that it has been such a year that Christmas needs to start now!  I mean they are always early here in the UK but September, that really is early this year!  I was saying though that so far this year we have had bad floods in the UK, the fires in Australia and USA, the locusts in India, the pandemic and probably to add insult to injury we are going to have a dreadful Winter, lots of snow and freezing temperatures!!  I never say this but I will really be glad to see the back fo 2020 although I am not sure that 2021 will be any better!!!

At the moment I am taking it two weeks at a time!  I think that is the longest we can look ahead for as everything seems to change on a moments notice!  My next two weeks?  Swimming!!!!

I hope you are having a Thrilling Thursday, Friday tomorrow!!!

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

PS  As it is Thursday here is #TBT!  The Boys with Santa in 2005!  Aged 10 and 6, on the steam train at Great Central Railway!

Madam and her Reindeer Ears, she does not look impressed!!!!!