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Susie’s Friday Book Club.


Clive Cussler is one of my most favourite of writers and although he does now write with someone else, he/they stay true to Mr Cussler’s original format and the books are very good.

This book is the twelfth in the “Oregon Files” series and sees the adventures of Juan Cabrillo and his partners trying to recover several stolen paintings which are being used by a Filipino Gang to fund their activities.  The gang is also on the trail of a deadly drug developed in the Second World War which enhances the person who takes it to extremes but then has a devastating effect when not continued.  Juan’s team, known as The Corporation, are traversing the Western Pacific in their very special ship, which looks like a down at heel freighter but packs a punch from its true identity hidden underneath the rust, to try to save lives, the paintings and remain hidden!

The action moves through the book without stopping and you really feel as if you are with the team trying to save the World.  If you like adventure books then this tick’s all the boxes.  As always it is on all platforms from Amazon.


Sorry for lack of posts this week!  It has been “One of Those Weeks”!  I won’t go into everything which has happened this week needless to say that I have arrived at Friday with still lots to do, the days flew by and I did get lots of things done not always what I should have been doing!!!!!  Today I am trying to catch up on Home jobs as well as work and tomorrow we have friends coming for dinner.  It will be great to sit down for a few hours of peace and quiet!!!!!

I hope you lovely lot have a fantastic weekend and I will be back on Monday as normal.

Hugs, Susie xx


Forgot to Say….

March 2nd 2019 – Dr. Seuss’s Birthday


Dr Suess Day 3.2.2019 (3)

I forgot to say on Book Club Friday yesterday that Molly, Treacle’s Airedale Sister in the US, and her friend Chimera are hosting a Dr. Seuss Day on Saturday March 2nd 2019.  Our Boys loved Dr. Seuss and their favourite was The Grinch.

Molly can be found at :

Chimera can be found at :

Mark your calendars now and go join them for lots of fun with Dr. Seuss.


Hugs, Susie xx

Susie’s Monthly Friday Book Club.


I have got behind with Matthew Reilly’s books so when I got my book tokens for my Birthday I bought his latest ones and so this is the second book I have read of his new ones.  It is a “stand alone” one not linked to his two hero’s but is, as all his others are, well written.  From the first page it moves fast and does not stop until the last page. 

The Chinese have been developing a new kind of theme park with which they want to out-do Disney World and all their parks combined.  This has been achieved by a find of the Century, dormant dragon eggs, however they have not just hatched the eggs but also tampered with some of them and that is where their troubles start. 

As the cover suggests “Jurassic Park with Dragons” and I would add “Game of Thrones” but the Dragons are aiming for the Throne!!

It is a great read and can be found at Amazon on all platforms.


Do you ever buy books because you like the look of them?  This is different of course to judging a book by its cover (although I have bought books because of their covers before now and found them to be very good).  However when we were in London before Christmas I saw this book in the bookshop and just loved it.



Hannah Dale is an illustrator and her drawings can be found on pottery and kitchen wares but she has also included her illustrations in a book on British wildlife.  There is a picture of the animal and then a description of it on the opposite page.  They usually call these books “coffee table books” and I just love the whimsy of the drawings in this one.



On a sad note Rosamunde Pilcher passed away on February 6th aged 94.  If you have never read any of her books then I can highly recommend them.  Her break through novel, “The Shell Seekers” was in fact her fourteenth novel but this book made her name.  The book is about character Penelope Keeling who relives her life in flash backs through the novel and her relationship with her adult children.

There is a follow-up novel to The Shell Seekers called “September” which I actually liked better than the first!  But that’s me! 

I hope you lovely lot have a wonderful weekend and find some time to sit and read, which is what Winter is all about!

Hugs, Susie xx


Susie’s Friday Book Club.


I read this over Christmas and Matthew Reilly is one of my most favourite authors.  Matthew is Australian and began writing when he was twenty-two with his first novel “Contest” which he self published before being noticed by Pan Mcmillan.  “Contest” was based in the New York State Library so I was instantly hooked, I mean a book about a library?!!!!!  He has now written seventeen novels and a handful of short stories.


Matthew Reilly

(from his website :

He has created two heroes “Scarecrow” and “Jack West Jnr” and this book is one of the Jack West novels.  It does sort of follow on from the others but you can read it as a stand alone.

Jack West is visiting a top-secret base near his farm in Australia, the next thing he knows he wakes up in a cell with the door opening and an Ape of a man attacking him.  He realises that he is not in Australia and is now part of a contest from the Middle Ages and everyone else around him knows what is happening and how to compete and he doesn’t.  How will he get by?  If you don’t win or come high up then you are executed along with several hostages that mean everything to you, including Jack’s daughter!

It is a page turner and I finished the book in two days (which is what Christmases are for?)  If you like action and adventure that this book certainly has it.  I read his second book, “Ice Station” first and then bought “Contest”.  I loved Ice Station so much I gave it to Eldest to read (it is just up his street) and he then went on to read all of Matthew’s books! 


One thing I did want to discuss here is when Authors who have had very successful careers but as they get older don’t want to be on the treadmill of producing one or two books a year, decide to then release books with a co-author.  I have found at least three of my favourite authors who have started to do this and the books are terrible! 


The first Author who I found did this was James Patterson.  His early books were great but then I read this book with a co-author and you could tell that Mr Patterson had written every other chapter and the co-author the others and it was so disjointed and in fact poorly written.


Very much to my disappointment Stephen King has also started doing this and I do sometimes wonder whether the co-author writes the whole book and then the known author just adds his name.  Well I read the book written by Stephen King and his son Owen King and really did not like it at all.  It made me realise how much I longed for the early Stephen King books which were just amazing and off the wall.


The final author who has now started doing this is Wilbur Smith.  I am a huge fan of his work, I own all his books until his latest which has a co-author and so far everyone who has read it has said the same thing, not to Mr Smith’s standard at all.


Saying all this the only author who has had co-authors for a while is Clive Cussler and he seems to have gotten it right with the co-authors who he has worked with. I have read several of his later books and they are still as great as his early books.

I understand the reasons why the writers do it but on the other hand I do think they need to find the right people, like Mr Cussler, so that their body of work does not suffer.  So far the Authors I have mentioned above I have not bought another of their books which are co-authored and don’t see me doing so because the ones I did read really were a disappointment.

I hope you lovely lot have a wonderful weekend, I am off to my sewing space over the weekend but will fit my reading in around it.

Happy Friday!

Hugs, Susie xx


Matthew Reilly’s book based in a Library!!!! 

Monthly Friday Book Club.

Sorry this is a week late but as you can imagine at this time of year, I run out of hours in the day, days in the week!!!!  Anyway this book has to appear here for December as it is one of my favourites which I read every year, like Pride & Prejudice.


You will all know the story of Ebenezer Scrooge from films and TV programmes so I don’t need to give you a synopsis.  It is, in my opinion, the best Dickens book as it is a story of hope and no mater how many times you read it, you can’t help but be uplifted by Scrooge’s change of heart after being visited by the three Ghosts. 

I also think that the sentiment of keeping the spirit of Christmas in your heart all year is something we should all strive for. 

I also have a second book this month;


Nigella’s cook books are written with a sense of fun and she shares bits of her life in her writing around the recipes, so you can actually read her cook books, not just use them.  I use her Christmas cookbook a lot at this time of year but also have used several of the recipes during the course of the year too.  The recipes are very easy to follow and if you do not like a particular ingredient you can change it and the recipe still turns out very well. 

I have really enjoyed my Friday Book Club, once a month, and hope you have enjoyed my suggestions.  I will be carrying on with this next year and have a whole bookshelf full of books to read which is one thing I will be doing over the Christmas holidays.

I hope you get lots of books in your Christmas stockings (Books are always on my Christmas list!).  Happy Christmas Reading.

Hugs, Susie xx

Christmas Books wrapped edited2

(Picture Credit :

To Read.

As I didn’t get chance to go to the Book Store on holiday with one thing and another I went when all the children were back at school.  It was lovely and quiet and so I spent a happy few hours browsing.

I found a few of my favourite authors had published new books so I got those and also a few books of a couple of authors I have missed their newest works.  Anyway that means this :


Sorry it’s a bit blurry!!  But a whole bookshelf of new books to read, what a great sight!!!!

Obviously these will appear as I complete each one, on my monthly Friday Book Club, the second Friday of each month!!

It has been a very strange and busy old week but I can honestly say I am so glad tomorrow is Friday and it is the weekend!!!!!!  I know we are not supposed to wish the weeks away but this one can be gone as quickly as possible as far as I am concerned!!

I hope your week is going better than mine!!!!!

Hugs, Susie xxx


Chatsworth Library, again!  I am thinking of putting up some lights halfway up my bookshelves!!!!  Might look for the lights in the sale after Christmas for next year, watch this space, tee hee!!!!!


Susie’s Friday Book Club.


As it is the second Friday of the month it is Book Club Day.

Now all of us who read a lot know that the book is always better than the film.  However have you ever gone on to read the books of old films?  Well if not let me suggest one to you, as it is definitely a favourite of mine.


“Dracula” by Bram Stoker.  I originally read this when I was about eighteen and of course had seen lots and lots of films about him and just think of how many modern interpretations of Vampires there are now, all of which stem from this book.  When it was first published in 1897 it was mistaken for a factual account as it is written in the form of diary entries.  Added to the fact that when wealthy young Victorian Man went off on their Grand Tours of Europe they went with a travelling Vampire kit to ward off any that they may meet, you can see why we all became fascinated.

The story starts where young Jonathon Harker, newly qualified in the field of Law, is sent to visit an old client of the firm, Count Dracula in his Castle in Transylvania to help with the sale of some land.  However he soon realises that he is in fact Dracula’s prisoner, worst still that he is a Vampire, but eventually escapes home to England.  Closely followed by Dracula himself with boxes filled with Transylvanian earth which will help him to re-gain his strength.  That and a very nice young lady named Lucy Westenra, who is holidaying with her good friend Mina Murray in Whitby, will help Dracula become strong again.  Fortunately Mina is engaged to Jonathon who, with the help of the great Van Helsing, devises a plan to rid the World of Dracula.

The book is very good and does not go in for the shock horror of lots of blood. guts and gore but in a very restrained and refined way does have you turning the pages to find out what happens next.  It is a classic of course but certainly one of my favourites.  You can get it from Amazon on all platforms.

I thought you would also like this book as it is not long after Halloween, always a good time for lots of Vampires to be around!!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and don’t get too scared if you read this book, but whatever you are all up, I hope you have a great time.

Hugs, Susie xx


Kings Library, Peles Castle, Transylvania.