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Oops I Forget August Book Club!

Oh my I forgot to show you the book for August!  I blame it on being on vacation and then getting back and trying to catch up and now we are in September!!!!!  Anyway here it is:

This was written by A.A. Milne of Winnie The Pooh fame.  It is his only mystery book and having finished reading it, it is such a shame he did not write any more.  It is a cross between Poirot and Sherlock Holmes, who is also referenced in the book. 

The House Party are all settled at The Red House with their host, Mark Ablett, when he receives a letter to say his ne’er-do-well Brother, Robert, is coming the next day to visit from Australia.  Meanwhile Anthony Gillingham comes to visit his friend William Beverley who is staying and is one of the House Party.  When Anthony arrives at The Red House he hears a shot and is dragged in to help break into the room from where the sound of the shot came from and  they find a body on the floor which Anthony learns is Robert Ablett from Australia.  However there is no sign of the master of the house Mark.

Anthony takes the roll of self appointed Sherlock with William helping out as Watson and they try and find out what happened and where Mark Ablett has disappeared to.

It is not a long book but it flows along really nicely until the great reveal like Monsieur Poirot does, at the end of the book.  Highly recommend it if you like this type of book.

I will be back very soon with September’s book.

Hugs & Booky Vibes, Susie xx

Susie’s Friday Monthly Book Club

Come with me,’ Mom says. To the library. Books and summertime go together.”

Lisa Schroeder

The above quote screams summer vacations to be.  We always, when I lived at home, went to our local library the night before we left for our vacation to get lots of books to read whilst we were away.  Now I am lucky to have lots of books on our shelves to read while we are away and I will be taking quite a few. 

Do you have a set of books that you take away to read?  Winter and especially leading up to Christmas I tend to read books about Christmas or Christmas mystery books and at this time of year tend to read books that have summer themes.  I know of one friend who always took one classic book away to read, not sure I could do that. 

August 9th was National Book Lovers Day which was last Monday. Did you get time to read?

I do have one book that I have wanted to read for a while but not sure whether I am going to like it or not, however it will be going with me to Scotland. This :

I am not a big fan of poems but love stories and I have come across Poe’s work in other books so got this a while ago but have not started it.  I will let you know how I get on with it.

Eldest bought me all the Clive Cussler books I was missing so several of those will be going with me as well.

Whatever you are up to during August I hope you can find some time to read and I will be back at the end of the Month with a couple of Reviews. 

Have a Lovely Summer

Hugs & Love, Susie, DH, Eldest, Youngest & Treacle xxxxx

Susie’s Friday Book Club.

Well you go away for a few days and goodness me the paperwork and jobs do pile up!!!  I am now up to date.  We have also had some very, very (for us) hot weather over the last week.  In fact we had to buy two new fans, one for our room and one for our Den where I work all day.  Yesterday the temperature in the Den reached 32°C and it was unbearable even with the fan!!!  Treacle has been very wise and found the coolest spot in our home under the dining room window and on our tiles every day and spent the day there, smart doggie!

Anyway it is a little late but here is my Book for this month’s Book Club.

Last month’s book “Into The Dark” by Karen Rose was not as good as it started out and in fact I did not finish it!  Whenever that happens I always turn to an author I know and love, because I know the book will be good, so this month it is another one from Mr Cussler.

This one is a Kurt Austin thriller.  It begins with Kurt rescuing some Scottish fishermen whilst he and Joe are working there for NUMA, which is when the mystery starts when the passenger on the fishing boat was not rescued.  Thus begins a treasure hunt unlike any other where arms dealers, thieves and the British MI5 are involved.  Can Kurt and Joe sort things out and find the treasure before everyone else and not die trying!

I have only just started the book but I am loving it already!!!! 


It is a little cooler today than the previous days which is a relief and we are due for some rain over the weekend which the garden will love. 

Last Monday I went out with my good friend, Jayne, for lunch.  We normally go out in June for our Birthdays, which are a week apart, but couldn’t so went on Monday.  We had a lovely meal and it was great to catch up on all the news.  Jayne is, at the end of this month, going to become a lady of leisure as she will be “retiring” from her present job.  Which means that we will be able to go out a bit more afterwards!!!!!

DH and I are off to London again later today and coming back on Sunday morning and we are then out with some other friends for Sunday Lunch.  It is so nice to be able to be out and about and doing things again.  Let us hope that this will now continue and we will not have any more lockdowns!!!

I hope you lovely lot have a wonderful weekend and I will have some pictures to show you on Monday. 

Hugs & Love, Susie & Treacle xx

Is it biscuit time yet?

Susie’s Friday Book Club.

I have only just started this book but have already read several of Karen Rose’s books and love them.  Karen’s Biography reads that she “was introduced to suspese and horror at the tender age of eight when she accidentally read Poe’s “The Pit And The Pendulum” and was afraid to go to sleep for yours.  She now enjoys writing books that make other people afraid to go to sleep”.  Now I don’t find her books that scary but she does wite a very good story. 

This book is about Doctor Dani Novak who was been keeping local soccer coach Diesel Kennedy at arms length because of her dark secrets.  However two young boys, Michael Rowland and his younger brother Joshua need their help when Michael runs from his stepfather with his brother in his arms.  Hiding from him he sees him taken away in the trunk of a stangers car never to be seen again. 

Michael is now the only witness to who murdered his stepfather and is in grave danager, can Dani and Diesel protect him and his brother but find who is threatening Michael!

I will let you know how it goes as I get into it!!!  


I was asked by one of my loyal readers for pictures of the sitting room and our books now that it has been completed so here are a few on Book Club Day :

Here is one side of the sitting room bookshelves.

The sofa, drinks table and fireplace.

The other sofa, coffee table and fireplace.

The other bookshelves and our TV.

This is my reading chair!  My rocking chair was bought for me by my Grandmother for my 18th Birthday.  I love it and it has done duty as not just a reading chair but also in the Boys’ Nurseries when I was feeding them.

The colour originally in the sitting room was Buttermilk which was slightly yellow but as you know we could not get the colour in the paint we needed so we went for this one which is called “Ivory Lace”, it is slightly cream in colour but looks white in this picture.  I do sometimes wonder with all these names of paint these days whether they are just white with different names!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am so pleased it is all done now! 

Tomorrow It is going to be warm, dry and sunny again so DH and I are going to get the garden sorted because Sunday is supposed to be the same but very much hotter, so that will definitely be a rest day!!!!

I do hope you lovely lot have a wonderful weekend whatever you are up to and it is a lovely summer’s weekend wherever you are. 

Hugs & Love, Susie & Treacle xx

Susie’s Friday Book Club on Monday.

Sorry for the radio silence last week due to being very busy with work and other things, so I thought I would do Friday Book Club on Literary Monday!  See there is a link.  

I have not long started this Stephen King book, you know I am a huge fan, and it seems he is back to his best although it does not appear to be one of his creepy ones.  However it is his usual good writing.  

Tim Jamieson, former cop, is on a plane to New York when the passengers are asked to give up a seat for law enforcement.  No one wants to but on a whim Tim leaves the plane and decides to hitch to New York.  He eventually comes to a small town in the middle of nowhere, where he finds a job being a Night Knocker and gets it and settles in to small town life for a while.

One of its residents is young Luke Ellis, a child prodigy, who is due to go to two colleges at the age of 12.  Just before he is due to go three dark figures break into his house at night and abduct him and take him to The Institute.  Here he meets other children similar to himself but what exactly do they want from him?

That is as far as I have got in the book but am reading fast!!!!!  

I won’t bore you all with the various coming and goings of the family over the last week, I don’t think you would probably believe me if I did, needless to say it involved cars, vans, backwards and forwards with work, children, horses, dogs and everything in between!!!  We are hoping that this week is going to be a little calmer, one can hope!!!   

I will tell you all a little bit tomorrow. I hope you all had a great weekend.

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

Susie’s Friday Book Club on Monday!

This is one of the Books that Eldest bought me for Mother’s Day.  I tend to read a Clive Cussler book when I want some adventure reading and when I don’t have to follow a very complicated plot!

This is one of the Oregon Files books when Juan Cabrillo and the team investigate the appearance of an old motor yacht in a dried up sea thousands of miles away from where it was last seen.  It also involves the theory of “The Philadelphia Experiment”, did it actually work or was it a hoax?  The team in their extraordinary ship come up against a weird blue light in the ocean when it flips a modern yacht, is this what was used all those years ago or is this something new using old technology?  It is a race against time to stop the Russion General before he takes over the Kremlin.

I have almost finished the book and I loved it as I have all his other books. 


It has been a busy old weekend doing home jobs and today has seen the next stage of opening things back up again and apparently there have been long queues at shops and restaurants!!!!  Needless to say I am not going just yet.  The weather has turned bitterly cold again (!) and it was snowing a little bit over the weekend!  I am still wearing my winter wardrobe!!!!!!!!!!!  

It  is going to be a busy week with work as usual and I am trying to get some spring cleaning done in between times as well but with it being so cold I am finding my motivation is a little lacking!!!  Swimming begins again tomorrow and lets hope things will continue. 

Have a wonderful week you lovely lot. 

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

This is Leakeys Book Shop in Inverness!  It sells second hand books and you can spend hours in here.  As you can see they also have a large log burner and it is great on cold days!!!

Susie’s Friday Book Club!

Yes I know it’s Monday! 

Here is March’s Book Club.  This was the first book I had received from Heywood Hill in my “Book a Month” present from DH & The Boys!  

It is set in Cracow 1893 and Zofia Turbotynska, whose husband is a Professor at the local university, is bored!  She spends her days directing for staff of two and trying to climb the local Cracow social ladder.  Part of her attempts to climb involves the local Retirement Home, Helcel House, and organising a charitable raffle.  Zofia one morning visits the home to find it in uproar as one of the residents has gone missing, only to be found deceased a few days later by Zofia directing the staff of the Home to search the attics!  The death is ruled as an accident but Zofia is not convinced and sets out to find clues to what has happened, basing her actions on her favourite detective novels which she reads. 

This book was originally written in Polish and then translated to English and “Maryla Szymiczkowa” is in fact two people Jacek Dehnel and Piotr Tarczynski, Jacek is an author and Piotr a historian.  I enjoyed the book up to a point.  I found around half way through that it got a little bogged down with the descriptions and the walking backwards and forwards to Helcel House!!!  So much so that I did skip several pages to the end.  It probably would not have been a book I would have chosen to read if I was in a bookshop but then again this is the whole point of the book a month, so if I was rating this out of 10 it would be 7/10!

This is the book I am reading now.  I do like Karen Slaughter’s books as the characters are all connnected but each book is about one of them with the other characters being in but not of the book.  Might review this next month or the new book I have just received from Heywood Hill, we shall see!!!! 

I hope you had a great weekend and some time to read or quilt or both!!!! 

Hugs & Love, Susie xx


This is The Stuttgart City Library.  Although I am usually not a fan of modern interiors I do like this!!!  (Picture by: William O’Connor).  Here is the link if you would like to read further about it 



Going into Monday like:

Just how I feel today!

Literary Monday!

How many times have you finished a book and then thought I wish it had been longer?  I can get so wrapped up in the story that you get to the last page and are amazed that it is the end.  Of course it is also a real trial when you are reading a series of books and then have to wait for the next one to be publised, George R.R. Martin being a case in point.  We have been waiting for quite a few years now for the next instalment of the Game of Thrones books!!!!  Please get a move on and get it published Mr Martin!

Definitely prefer reading books to watching TV although I do watch films.

Who hasn’t wondered what happened to them after you close the book, especially Elizabeth & Darcy of Pride & Prejudice?  

This is quite true and I remember when Youngest started to read books for himself and he said he could see pictures when he read the words, a true reader!

We had a set of books when we started to read at primary school called “The Janet & John Books” which progressed for new readers, above, and they are still used today in a more modern form.  I was able to read when I went to school so I think I started on Book Five and both our Boys could also read when they went to school.

The children are all back at school today, the first time since Christmas and this is the first step to us hopefully opening things up again.  Let us hope that it does not drive up the rate of infections again!


DH & I have had our first jabs of the vaccine for Covid and it was fine.  Our second jabs will be in May! 


On a final note our newspapers are full of that wretched interview and to be honest some of the things that the Duke & Duchess of Sussex have said are appalling and they should be ashamed of themselves, especially as we know the Royal Family will not respond to neither confirm nor deny anything.  However one of the things the Duchess said about Harry and herself being married before the actual wedding is wrong.  In Britain you are not able to get married unless the place is licenced and you have two witnesses!  It may be that they practiced their vows in the garden but they certainly did not get married.  SO if she is stretching the truth (lying) about that, what else is she/they lying about?  

I hope you are having a very Happy Monday and will have a great week. 

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

#TBT & World Book Day.

You know I don’t need much excuse to talk books and today is World Book Day!  When The Boys were at primary school they always had to dress up as their favourite book characters and for a long while it was Harry Potter for both of them, although I did have trouble one year with Youngest as he wanted to be “Kipper”!  We managed to make the ears and found a shirt that was sort of the colour of Kipper!!!  His favourite of all the Kipper books was this:

I must have read this book to him a thousand times, it was always the book he chose and sometimes I had to hide it so we would read something else!

His other favourite was “Humphrey’s Bedtime” by Sally Hunter, another book I read all the time to him and I think because Humphrey’s bedroom was the same as his:

The window was exactly the same as Youngest’s!

Eldest loved the “Thomas The Tank Engine” books and we had all the original stories in one big hardback book which again DH and I read constantly to them both.  I read “Winnie The Pooh” to them and as they got older progressed to the Harry Potter stories.  It was the thing I wanted to do the most after Eldest was born was to read stories to him and then Youngest when he arrived.  It was a huge part of the bed time ritual which we all loved.  Both Boys continued to read as they got older and Books were always bought but tailed off a little as exam revision took over and when they had to read books for school.  However they both now read for pleasure.

I think Books are something which keep you company whatever is happening in your life and I can never not imagine having a book to read with me wherever I go.  A very good friend who was a secretary like myself, never reads a book!  She will perhaps glance through a magazine occassionally but she never reads and I just cannot imagine being like that at all. 

Here are two of my favourite Book Quotes!

Yes I don’t need wardrobe space I need book space!!!

So apt for the current situation!

Of course this is what I should have been doing today:

No not quite reading but I have been working so it is a bit the same, so Home jobs will have to get done tomorrow now, hey ho!

As it is #TBT today here are the Boys in 2005 in Hatchards of London book shop picking out the books they would like.  This was Easter so they always had a small chocolate Easter egg but their main gift was book(s).  As you can see on the floor Youngest has picked out some Thomas books (!) Eldest was into Knights and dragons at his age so he is trying to find those sorts of books.  They were nine and five!!!  We have stored all their childhood books in sealed boxes in our attic for when they have little ones of their own.

Our bookcases in our sitting room, looking rather tidy (!)

My “To Read” shelf which has rather more on now since Christmas! 

I hope you have enjoyed our little trip through World Book Day today and hope you get some time to read either today or over the coming weekend.

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

Susie’s Friday Book Club ( Yes I know it’s Monday!)

Well last week passed in a blur and Friday I was busy grocery shopping and doing other jobs which I meant I missed this post!!!!!!  Any who here we are.

If you have followed me for a while you know that Clive Cussler is one of my most favourite authors and if I ever want a good book then I turn to Mr Cussler.  This one does not disappoint as it is a Kurt Austin adventure where he is trying to explain why the world’s oceans are rising and it is not due to climate change.  It has to do with an ancient Japanese sword and a plot by a Chinese business man!!!  They get up to all their usual antics and amazing escapes and it is a great book to escape into!  I have almost finished it and I will then be on to this book next.

I got my first book from my subscription with Heywood Hill!!!  It is great to receive parcels like this in the post.  I normally get to open all the mail as I am at home of course and mainly it is bills and work so it is really nice to receive this through the mail!!!

As you can see it is wrapped really well and with a pretty ribbon too.

This is the book inside!  I will review it for March.  It is perhaps something I would not have chosen for myself but that is the whole reason for doing the subscription to find new authors.  Can’t wait to see what March will bring.  I may get a bit behind with the books depending upon how much reading I get to do with work and everything else but I will catch up at holidays!!!!   

We had a lovely evening on Saturday but I forgot to take pictures of the food!!!  I started cooking at 8.30am and finished by 4.00pm and we ate at 7.30pm by which time I was quite tired but it was worth it, they all loved it. 

Have a wonderful week everyone. 

Hugs & Love, Susie xx