Coco’s Corner.

I have been having a very busy week with Mom.  She has been doing her quilting in Eldest’s room and I have one of my Beds in there with her.  In fact it is not her sewing room at all, it is my bedroom and I am allowing her to sew in there. Eldest definitely said it was my bedroom when he moved out!

Here I am making sure Mom does the ironing correctly.  I am very keen that she gets all the creases out of the clothes and make sure they are folded correctly.

Here I am helping Mom at night taking her make up off.  I am very keen on the lotions and potions she uses as they smell very yummy!  Occasionally she will put a little bit of lotion on my nose!

The cats have been very annoying in the last few days so I have been very keen to make sure they exit the garden quickly.  I was quite interested in the squirrel and do not bark at him like I do at the cats!

We are having some works done soon at home in the Bathroom so Mom has booked me into the Kennels as she says it will be better for me to be there as it will be busy and she does not want me in my crate all day everyday for ten days!!!  I am looking forward to it as I get to see all the other doggies.

I hope you are having a wonderful Woofy Week.  Coco xxxx

2 thoughts on “Coco’s Corner.

  1. Molly the Airedale

    I love looking out the door too and barking at pretty much anything that moves! How nice that you get to have a vacation while the workers are fixing the bathroom, Coco. When you come home, it will be completely changed!

  2. farmquilter

    Vacation time, Coco!! You will have so much fun with all the other dogs! My mom just locks me in the bathroom when people show up to fix something at the house, which I think is just rude – she should let me bite their pant legs or shoelaces so I can protect her! I also hate cats and squirrels in my yard – nasty creatures invading my space that I have to protect mom from. Exhausting needing to protect mom all the time, so even though it is not yet 7 AM, I’m going back to sleep cuddled up with mom under the warm blankets. Tara

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