Autumn Making Itself Known!

The weather is up and down here at the moment!  Some days it is quite cool and very Autumnal and other days it could be Summer again!

The weekend was so busy.  Saturday morning saw me at the Hospital for an eye check up.  When I was in junior school someone threw a stone and it hit me under my right eye.  A few months later I noticed when looking at the board I had a jagged line down the middle.  Long story short the stone had created a scar on my retina.  After many, many appointments they basically said there was nothing they could do.  However your brain is an amazing thing and I don’t see it anymore and the only time I do is when I go for my eye test!  However the last time the optician said that my eye pressure was higher in that eye and wanted to get it checked.  Another long story short, everything else is fine and they just need to keep an eye (!) on it!!!!!  That wasted three hours.

DH and I then went to the Regional Swimming Awards.  It was held near to the Headquarters in Loughborough and in fact the hotel was actually in the University grounds.  We were, of course, way early which was a good thing because no one had told the organisers that it was an Open Day at the University!  You have never seen so many parents, children and cars!  It was a very nice afternoon with several awards being given out and Afternoon Tea. 

We got home about 4.00pm in time to get ready and go out again in the evening with the Boys Godparents for dinner at The Farmhouse, which was a lovely evening and we caught up with them.  Sunday we got some jobs done but had a chill day too. 

Yesterday flew by with work and DH was at a swimming meeting all evening (!).  Today it should have been “Ladies who Lunch” day but Jayne is poorly, so we have cancelled until she feels better.  DH said that there is something going round so I really hope I don’t get it!  Tomorrow I am with Eldest at his work and Thursday and Friday are Home jobs days. 

The Plasterer came yesterday to look at the utility room ceiling and he has booked us in to do the job and the Plumbers say that it should be November for getting the bathroom done.  At least it will be before Christmas.  At the weekend DH is out both days at a regional event so I am hoping, if I get all my jobs done before then, to get into my sewing room and get some things done there.  Here’s hoping!!!

Hugs & Love, Susie & Coco xx

Keeping an eye on the neighbourhood!!!!

2 thoughts on “Autumn Making Itself Known!

  1. Molly the Airedale

    Our eyes are so precious. I go to the eye doctor to have my pressures checked a couple of times a year and then there’s the yearly appointment. November is still quite a ways away but at least it will be before Christmas.

  2. Anonymous

    Never a waste of time to make sure every body part is working as it is supposed to, especially after such an injury!! Glad all is well on that front. I hope Jayne gets better soon and you don’t get the bug going around so the Ladies Who Lunch can get together soon. First day at uni is mental – can’t imagine trying to slog through that but so glad all went well and you had a lovely tea. Love the picture of Coco supervising her domain! Thank you so much for the beautiful birthday card!!

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