My ironing pile is all done and I am up to date, well for today.  I will start again tomorrow with all the bedding and towels.  Ironing is such a discussion these days.  Our Boys say that their things don’t need ironing at all and are quite happy to wear things out of the dryer or off the line.  I always say that if they have been in the washing machine then they need ironing. 

I actually don’t mind ironing, so long as I have things to watch on TV.  Sometimes though it can almost take as long to find something to watch as it does to iron!  I have watched a few films, Horror mainly (getting ready for Halloween!).  I have also been re-watching the original “Frasier” series.  It always used to be on our TV screens on a Friday evening at 9.00pm and DH and I always watched it BC (before children).  I love the characters and their interactions which made it very funny, although I always thought that David Hyde Pierce was the better actor of him and Kelsey Grammer. 

There is going to be a new series of Frasier with just Kelsey Grammer in and I just don’t think it will work.  I am sure that people watching this new one, who have never seen the old series, will like it but I will not be watching because I think we will miss the other characters. 

I watched this the other evening!  Hmm; six episodes about two young, newly married British people transplanted to New York for his work.   However he strays and his wife finds out and she decides, because of a past history of her own father cheating on her mother, on revenge rather than divorce!  Well Jenna Coleman who plays the lead was supposed to be Welsh, however her accent came and went!  I got to the end of Episode six  and was not impressed!

I watched this the other evening and loved it.  I have seen all the Insidious films and thought them very clever.  If you don’t like horror then this is not for you but if you do it is good!

By tomorrow I will have another pile of ironing and will be looking for more things to watch!!! 

Happy Wednesday everyone.  Hugs & Love, Susie & Coco xx

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  1. farmquilter

    I don’t like to iron clothes, so will move them to hangers immediately from the dryer or the clothes line. However, I don’t like wrinkled clothes, so if I must iron, I’ll do it. Thankfully hubby has mostly shirts that do not require ironing and his jeans don’t need it either. Dress slacks and shirts for church do usually need at least a touch of the iron.

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