9/11 We Will Always Remember


Sorry for the lack of posts it was a busy week for work and then the bathroom floor decided to collapse into our laundry and downstairs bathroom!  Turns out there has been a small leak from the clean water tank in the main bathroom, which has been going for a while and has managed to wet the complete floor under the flooring.  Needless to say DH has been speaking to a plumber in the hope that they can come and fix it. 

We did say a while ago that we might re-do the bathroom and well the Universe laughed and decided it was a good idea!  As you can imagine it is a mess!  Hopefully if they can repair the damage we can then get the floor re-done and a new bathroom set too. 

This week is busy again with work and DH has another announcing event on Saturday and then DH, Youngest and I are at another swimming event on Saturday evening (!) no rest for the wicked.  Hopefully Sunday will be nice and we can get some jobs done at home. 

We have had a scorching week last week here with 29°C most days, it has been hot and sticky.  This week it is more like 20°C which is more normal for us and some rain. This will mean the garden will be going mad again, so that is a definite job for the weekend!

I hope you have a wonderful week. 

Hugs & Love, Susie & Coco xx

2 thoughts on “Remembrance.

  1. farmquilter

    Always remember 9/11 and teach it to the generations born after that time who have no clue how the world changed that day! I’m so sorry about your bathroom – what a horror!!! Would your homeowner’s insurance cover most of the cost? I’ve never had to use homeowner’s insurance, so I don’t know if it covers a water leak like that, but I think it should!! Would love to see pictures of the before and after its repair! Three days ago, I spent most of the day thinking about you and HMTQ…watched a few videos of her life.

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