Coco’s Corner.

Mom says I am getting to the straggly stage with my hair as my grown up brown Airedale furs is coming through the black of my puppy furs!!!  Sometimes I look like I have been plugged in and got a shock as it all stands up on end!!!

Mom has enrolled me in the Puppy Club where my food comes from and they sent me all this!  I am enjoying the food and Mom has read all the books, although as I am the fourth Airedale they have had, so they do know quite a bit already!!!

I keep pinching washing from Mom’s washing basket and then lie on it.  This is Youngest’s work jumper and polo top and I love having them!!!

This is my other Mommy, Luna and that is my sissy, Binx.  Mom thinks that Binx and I are about the same size. 

I am getting used to our routine now and also used to Mom who has to go out sometimes so I get left at home in my crate but Mom usually comes home quickly so I am not alone too long.  They all went out the other day for a while and I was such a good girl in my crate and I didn’t really realise they were out.  They leave the radio on whilst they are out, Mom puts the classical station on and the Boys put the pop stations on so I get to hear lots of different music!!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful week and weekend. 

Puppy Woofs, Coco xx

2 thoughts on “Coco’s Corner.

  1. farmquilter

    Coco is so cute!!! Even in the scraggly stage of fur, what a doll!! Tara will always choose to sleep on my clothing, if at all possible!! It smells like us and makes them comfortable! I wondered why Coco was so dark as a baby…now I know!! Interesting how the genetics of each breed are so different!! Aires will always end up black and tan, while most of my dogs are luck of the draw kind of thing when it comes to color of their fur.

  2. Molly the Airedale

    Your mom is beautiful, Coco, and we love the messy AirePuppy look. You will grow out of that stage soon enough. Enjoy it while it lasts! Mom leaves the radio on for me too when she goes out and it is always classical music.

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