Busy Weekend.

Well the country celebrated HM The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee over a long four day weekend.  DH was commentating at The Beacon Lighting in our local area on Thursday which went off with, as can only happen here in the UK, a few issues!!  People who were due to entertain did not turn up (!) but the weather held and the actual Beacon was lit which did not happen at another event, where they had to call the Fire Brigade to actually light it!!!! 

The Goring, where we stay, all decked out for The Jubilee.

DH and I got a few jobs done but after several busy weekends and our Business celebration were were shattered so we did not get as many things done as we would have liked, hey ho!  The weather wasn’t too bad but you know how they say that Global Warming is going to make are summers hotter and hotter, well not this year!  It has been really quite cold on some days, including yesterday when the rain set in.  DH was down at our Village park commentating, he left at 9.00am in the morning and did not get back until 7.00pm.  It went well and everyone enjoyed it.  I stayed home and got some quilting done and looking after Miss Coco as both The Boys were out too.

The Night of the Concert and the Drones say Thank You Ma’am. 


This week is busy as DH is down at The NEC for yet another business exhibition which was obviously cancelled over the last two years.  Like Swimming the exhibitions are trying to get in, in case anything happens again, but at least this is only three days!This is Saturday’s adventure my Birthday present from 2020 and can’t wait.  It is in Birmingham so only an hour away and we will get some dinner beforehand.  Sunday the four of us are going out for Sunday lunch for my Birthday.  This is all happening a week before my actual birthday because we are all busy that weekend!!!  I don’t mind it makes my Birthday last longer!!!!!! 

I hope you all had a great weekend and the weather was kind to you.  Tomorrow will be Miss Coco’s first day on Coco’s Corner (!) and this Friday I will catch up with the Books I have been reading for Book Club!  Have a great week you lovely lot.

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

The State Coach which took part in the Parade yesterday.


2 thoughts on “Busy Weekend.

  1. farmquilter

    Your weekend sounds lovely and your weather sounds like ours – weird! Cold here too, and it rained a bit yesterday, neither is “normal” for this time of year. Enjoy your week!

  2. Molly the Airedale

    I wish we could send you our weather. It’s been just gorgeous and I’ve gotten a lot of yard work done. I taped The Queen’s Garden that was on PBS yesterday and I’ll be watching it today. I can’t wait! Love the poppies and blue corn flower wallpaper on your blog!

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