Here We Go!

So sorry for no posts for a while.  Coping with not having Treacle around has been hard and we have also been very busy with work.  Although we do not directly have anything to do with the Ukraine it is having an affect on other aspects of the business and there has been an uptick in work, which is great but busy.  Spring Cleaning is going slowly due to tidying up as well so that is a little behind. 

We had a family discussion over dinner one evening regarding our “empty” home after Treacle’s passing and we all agreed that we will never replace Treacle but feel that our family would like another dog, especially as I am at home all day and feel it the most.  We then discussed what sort of dog, a smaller breed, a rescue etc.  However once you have had a few of a certain breed I feel you tend to get drawn back to that breed.  Airedales first came into our family from my Grandfather who bred them and my first instance of them was when my Mom had her Airedale, Kelly. 

Anyway the upshot of all this is say hello to Miss. Coco!

First night home and in her basket.

DH & I collecting Coco.

Coco & Eldest, a new playmate.

Youngest and Coco, another new playmate!

Not long before she was on the Boys beds!

This step is a bit high!

This outdoor life is all very tiring for a young Puppy!

Fluffy Toy!

Coco’s Mom, Luna!

We picked her up three weeks ago which have passed in a flash and of course it has been very busy.  House training is going well but have the odd accident but it has been nice weather so been able to have the back door open all the time which is helping and it is a good time of year to be doing this.  Coco is very keen on emptying her toy basket and taking all the toys into her basket which then means she cannot get in, so we have a great game of putting them all back and her emptying it again.  She has now had her second set of injections so after ten more days will be able to go outside although we are not keen on the lead at the moment!  She is booked in for a puppy socialisation day at the beginning of June.

I am with her all day of course but have left her for a couple of hours here or there in her crate and after a little bit of crying she settles down and goes to sleep which is good.  The Boys have been great helping out when they are home and of course playing with her.  DH and I are away next week in London so Youngest is having the week off work to look after her and Eldest is helping out. 

Treacle was a huge part of all our lives and we will miss her forever but the Boys have never known our home without a dog and really noticed it whilst we were away and of course because I work and at home all day it was really empty for me, so Coco came home.

So I will hopefully now be back to blogging every day after the initial chaos of a new puppy!!! 

Being in London next week is part business and part social, so will have lots of pictures to show you especially as London is gearing up the for Queen’s Platinum Jubilee so I suspect it will be very colourful.  Also DH and I are hosting a dinner for fourteen at the end of May so will have pictures of that too.

I hope you lovely lot are all well and had a good week.  It’s Friday!  Have a great weekend.

Hugs & Love, Susie, DH, Eldest, Youngest & Coco! xxxxx

7 thoughts on “Here We Go!

  1. Kathy harris

    Coco is so cute. Treacle will be forever in your hearts with lots of fond memories.

  2. Angie S.

    Treacle will always be missed and loved, but Coco is adorable and will add so much joy to your life and for us who read your blog. I look forward to seeing her grow in pictures. Have fun in London!

  3. farmquilter

    I’m so glad your hearts, home and arms are now filled with Coco!! She is so adorable and will add so much love to your house (as well as lots of other things as well)!! Treacle will always be in your heart and forever missed, but when you have so much love to share, it isn’t hard to open your lives to another! I’m looking forward to seeing Coco grow up!

  4. Anonymous

    Sorry for the loss of your friend. Your new puppy looks adorable! Happy spring to you all!

  5. Judy

    Coco is so cute and looks very sweet. I love that picture of her lying on the bed. Treacle will always be part of your family and in your hearts

  6. Nancy

    Coco is adorable! She seems to have a sweet personality. It will be fun to watch her grow into an adult. Congrats on making the choice to add her to your family.

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