International Women’s Day 2022.

Today is International Women’s Day and as you know in our Home it is just Treacle and I as I am surrounded by Men!!!!  When I was growing up it was just my Mom and Grandma the main female influencers in our family, as I am an only child and so was my Mom, tiny family!  However they both taught me a lot, especially my Grandmother who I spent all the holidays with.  

My Grandmother when she was young.

My Mom on her Wedding Day, March 19th 1949.

When you have such a tiny family and especially as by the time I was twenty I was on my own, I found that my friends became my family and I have some great friends who are like my sisters, despite not being related at all.  So on International Women’s Day I would like to recognise them;

Carol E, Val T, Christine T, Anne M, Tricia B, Pat M, Jayne M.

And truly International for me;

Sue S & Susan R.

What I was lucky with when I met DH was that his family became my family which was wonderful having not had a family for ages.  Some have now passed but I am so grateful for them;

Auntie Moll, Auntie Sue, Auntie Margaret & Auntie Margaret

We also have DH’s Cousins;

Judy J, Elaine H, Jackie F.

Over the years there have been other friends from work and social things which were great at the time but moved on when circumstances changed but they have all been in my life.

Today we also stand with those women who are currently fighting with their fathers/brothers/husbands in the Ukraine against the invasion.

Hugs & Love, Susie & Treacle xxx

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  1. farmquilter

    I’m so glad you have become my “sister” across the pond!! I think of you so often and wish you lived next door!! What fun we would have! Women need other women in their lives and it is wonderful to celebrate that!!

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