We got to the weekend after one of those weeks!! DH and Youngest are out all day today at the County Swimming Championships and I have had a lazy morning doing not a lot!  I am getting on with some quilting though!

It is amazing what a few days of sun can do in the garden, especially after all the rain we have had.  Here are a few pictures of the flowers which have come out.

Snowdrops I think are my favourite of all the spring bulbs.

White Hellebores, they have done well this year.

We also have this mauve Hellebore which has also done well.  Obviously likes the wet conditions!!!

This is the wren which came to visit the other day.  Again with the few nice days of sun it obviously brought out some insects and the wren was busy picking them off the plants.  The wren does not stay still for very long and for this one picture, I probably took five of where the wren was and then wasn’t!!!! 

Finally our thoughts and prayers are with the Ukrainian people at this time fighting for their lives, homes and livelihood because of yet again one man’s imperialistic aims!  I hope that the rest of the World will be able to help the Ukraine resist this attempt and peace comes to the country very soon.

I hope you lovely lot will have a good weekend whatever you are up to. 

Hugs & Love, Susie & Treacle xx

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  1. farmquilter

    Your garden definitely reflects the work you put into it – so beautiful!! Definitely praying for the people of the Ukraine!! Definitely not what the world needs to have going on right now.

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