So This Happened!

DH & Kev were both fine and walked away with just a couple of bruises!

This was Friday morning at 8.00am.  I was just getting in the shower when DH rang Eldest, who then managed to catch Youngest just before he left for work and we all headed over to Nottinghamshire.  DH had collected Kev from his garage where he had taken his car in for a service and were heading into the office when a van came out of a crossroads at high speed, he never stopped.  He hit DH’s truck in the side which sent it spinning, it then hit the curb which launched it into the air, took a branch off the poor tree and ended up in the field!

The Truck did a sterling job of protecting DH and Kev.  Of course everything in the back, tools, boxes etc were strewn across the kerb and field and we tried to collect as much as possible but some things were destroyed and lost.  Of course now the mountain of paperwork starts!

DH has his dashcam footage which shows what happened so hopefully we can resolve it quickly.  The truck was only two years old so the next issue will be trying to find a new one, especially with the current chip shortage and lack of new vehicles being built. 

The rest of the weekend was taken up with sorting things out and we had a swimming event on Saturday evening and I spent most of yesterday catching up on the ironing which I was going to do on Friday!!!  Today is house job day, which again should have been done on Friday (!), as DH is on his way south to the first business exhibition of the year and which of course has not been held for two years because of Covid.  Things always happen at the worst time!!!! 

How was your weekend?  🙂

Tomorrow I am out being a “ladies who lunch” with Jayne which I am so looking forward to and I have a few other errands to run later in the week.  I hope you lovely lot have a great week.

Hugs & Love, Susie & Treacle xx

4 thoughts on “So This Happened!

  1. farmquilter

    Oh my goodness!!! Thank goodness DH and Kev walked away!!! Dash cams are a blessing as well…but oh, dear, what a headache!! Did the van finally stop after ramming DH?? As I was driving to see DD#2, I was very aware of the fact that if I was in an accident, I likely would not find anything close to my truck! Hope you can find a suitable replacement for the Isuzu!

  2. Judy

    So glad no one was hurt. I am sorry that now you have all the extra problems with taking care of everything. Nice that the person who caused the accident readily admitted it but good to have a dash cam anyway. Hope you can find another vehicle to replace yours soon.

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