January Hmm!!!

Why does January feel like a Monday morning?  It always does to me after a wonderful December and Christmas.  Not only December really, I love all the months in the run up to Christmas!    We took our Christmas decorations down at the weekend and I cleaned our home from top to bottom and then did a mountain of washing, the ironing of which I am going to do today!  That never helps, I hate it when the decorations come down!!!!!

I remember when it was New Year 2020 and some idiot said it was going to be like the 1920’s again, the Roaring Twenties!  Ha so far the Twenties have only managed a rather pathetic whimper!  Dare we actually come up with some Resolutions (or in my case Aims) for the New Year on the basis that nobody seems to have a clue what is going on?  Well I decided I would do some and they are pretty much the same as last year!!  But don’t we all do that, put the same Resolutions down each year determined that this year will be the year that we actually complete them?  Yes, of course we do, but it doesn’t stop us doing it!!!!

Anyho here are my Aims for 2021 :

1.  Be more organised and tidy at home and with my work.

2.  To Do some, every week, and also more Quilting this year.

3.  To Read more.

4.  Continue to de-clutter areas in our Home, especially the attic!

5.  To Balance Work/Home/Social things.

I think five things is about all that most of us can try and manage.  I am always trying to be more organised and tidy so that really is an on-going Aim.  My quilting I really do enjoy doing but as I have now lost my sewing space and I am using my work desk to sew on things are not as easy as before, so I am trying to organise things to make it a little easier.  Reading, I love, but then work/home gets in the way and so I have not been reading as much as I did so this is one Aim I think I can achieve.  De-cluttering is again an on-going thing, DH and I are continually tackling areas to get it sorted. 

Balance Work/Home/Social things is a big one. in 2018 DH and I managed to get the balance right, don’t ask me how but we did, but in 2019 it all went to pot again.  Of course 2020 and 2021 Covid sorted that problem out for us!!!  Obviously it will all depend upon how things go moving forward but if we do return to any sort of normality this year then we are going to try and balance it out! 

Everyone was back at work today (!) they were not a happy bunch including Treacle who was having a grumble this morning (!) but it is a day short this week. The weekend will be busy as it is the swimming club’s big Open where lots of Clubs from the area come and swim.  We have, of course, not been able to hold it for the past two years, so it will be great to see all the swimmers there and it is a great fund raiser for us, but it is a very long day!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas & New Year and thank you for reading my posts and joining me here on my Blog and we go through 2022 Hopeful & Happy and less trouble than we have had in the first two years of this decade! 

Hugs & Love, Susie, DH, Eldest, Youngest & Treacle xxxxx

A few more pictures from Christmas!

What is a giant squeeky carrot for if not to rest your head on!!!!!!!

Treacle loves opening her presents!

I am not sure whether the look says “I am going to get you for this!” or “Really Mom?!!!”

We came down to find a Borg in the kitchen!!!!  (You will have had to watch Star Trek to know what a Borg is!  A human/cybernetic being!)  A VR headset was a present for Youngest.  Treacle wants to know when it is her turn?!!!!

Susie x

2 thoughts on “January Hmm!!!

  1. farmquilter

    January is a bit of a downer month, for sure!! The decor that looked just fine in July appears a bit drab when the holiday trimmings comes down. The long, dark, cold winter stretches out for months ahead of us as most of us await spring’s arrival…not much to look forward to until then. I only have one goal this year and that is to get home permanently.

  2. Molly the Airedale

    Christmas is coming down here too – one tree each day. I hate when the lights are put away but thankfully, the sun has finally come back – at least for today. Love your giant carrot and your neck warmer looks great on you, Treacle. Temps were in the teens here this morning and Molly wore a coat on our walk. She loves prancing along in her coat 🙂

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