We had a wonderful Christmas holiday with both Boys at home.   Santa came which we were very grateful for.  Of course with a digital camera now you can just keep taking pictures so here are just a few of the sixty I took!!!  It is still a picture heavy post though.  Treacle had the best time helping everyone open their gifts and loved hers!!!!

Youngest and DH above and Eldest below.

Here is our table ready for Christmas Dinner.

We always open gifts from each other first and then after dinner open family gifts.  Treacle of course is in the middle whatever.

She had some new Reindeer Ears!!!! 

The Chocolate Log and our Christmas Cake which finally got finished on Christmas Eve morning!!!

Do you recognise the above house?  It is the Lego Home Alone House.  Eldest bought for me as there were 24 bags of Lego inside the box and thought I would make one bag up a day as you do with Advent Calendars!!!!!  I did not have time as I had not been well for three weeks and was racing to catch up, but on Boxing Day (I was awake at 3.00am!) decided to start it!  It took DH and I all that day and all the next day to get it finished!!!  It is a lovely piece but I have come to the conclusion that Lego is the modern day version of torture!!!! 

One of my gifts from Youngest was a new lens for my Canon camera which I love.  As part of his course he did camera work and is very good and is slowly teaching me.  Anyway he set the lens up and took this wonderful picture of Treacle.

I then had a play and took a couple more of Christmas things.

I hope you lovely lot had a great Christmas and I will be back soon after New Year with a few more pictures. 

Christmas Hugs & Love, Susie, DH, Eldest, Youngest & Treacle. xxxx


2 thoughts on “Christmas.

  1. Molly the Airedale

    What a beautiful photo of Treacle with your new lens and I love your Lego Home Alone House! Your really are in the middle of everything, Treacle☺ Your Christmas looks like lots of fun and your log and cake look so yummy!

  2. farmquilter

    What a lovely Christmas!! Your new lens takes amazing pictures!!! So crisp!! Your Yule Log and Christmas Cake look yummy!!

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