Well we had a very busy weekend!  Lots of busy hours and for me not a lot of sleep!  DH was out at swimming on Saturday and Sunday, leaving home at 5.00am and then Saturday evening we were at the wedding reception.  We had a wonderful evening and not only did we see the Bride’s parents we also saw four other very good friends who we have not seen for over eighteen months.  We all sat together and spent the whole evening with them catching up and chatting and it was so, so nice.  We have all said that after Christmas they are coming to us for dinner!  We got there are 7.00pm and did not leave until 11.30pm! 

The Bride & Groom, Harriet & Dave.

Harriet’s Bouquet full of wonderful warm Autumn colours made by the Bride’s Mom, Auntie Carol our Boys’ Godmother!

Of course we spent such a wonderful evening chatting I did not get a lot of pictures!!!!  November is a good month to get married, it is our Wedding Anniversary next Friday!

We will be here on Wednesday and I cannot wait!  So looking forward to getting away for a few days, although we have already had one thing cancelled because of Covid!  So keeping everything crossed that nothing else gets cancelled.  I am hoping that the Christmas things will be up when we get there and I can get some great pictures!!! 

This one has the Boys at home with her so she will be thoroughly spoilt and pampered.  I have not managed to get her a Spa Day appointment yet!  She will be extra woolly by the time I get her there.  The same can be said for me, as my hairdresser has abandoned me because of various issues she has got.  The problem is trying to find someone who will cut it how I like it.  We have all had my hairdresser for over 27 years so it will be a huge change!  Hey ho.

I hope you lovely lot had a wonderful weekend and a great week.

Hugs & Love, Susie & Treacle xx

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  1. farmquilter

    I hope you have a wonderful time in London at the Goring!! Such a gorgeous hotel!! I feel your pain with the hairdresser…I went almost 3 years without a professional haircut! I did trim it a couple of times and my daughter did another trim, but by the time I got to the pro, I got 9 inches cut off!! Feels so short, but I don’t tuck it into my pants any more!!

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