Hello November!

Goodness where did October go?  All our leaves have almost fallen now, but there are a determined few still clinging to the branches much to DH’s annoyance!!!

One of the highlights of the weekend was our Clocks went back so we gained an extra hour of sleep although today you wouldn’t know it.  It began at 5.00am when the alarm went off.  I sorted DH & The Boys lunches, fed Treacle and let her out, put one load in the tumble dryer as it was raining and another load for the washer.  Put the Christmas cake into the oven to cook for four hours, the Christmas pudding on to steam for eight hours (!).  I packed away the mince pies I made into boxes for the freezer, got my ironing out for later and packed them all off to work and that was before 7.00am!!!!    I then managed to get a shower and some breakfast before I started actual work! 

We had a lovely weekend, out for dinner on Friday evening for DH’s Birthday and then out on Saturday night for dinner with friends.  It was a very social weekend and we had a lovely time.  Although I was quite glad for the extra hour in bed!   Because we had lovely food over the weekend dinner last night was cheese and beans on toast and it was so nice not to have to cook anything!!!

This week is busy with work and then Friday is Bonfire Night but we are not having any fireworks this year or going anywhere, although I will do a Bonfire Tea of hot dogs, chips and apple pie for pudding!!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful week.

Hugs & Love, Susie & Treacle xx

2 thoughts on “Hello November!

  1. farmquilter

    It is so nice to be able to go out with friends! I’m glad hubby had a good birthday weekend and now you are on full blast with the work week! Your schedule is nuts!!! Our weather is cooler and after the 3″ of rain last Sunday/Monday, it has been its normal dry. We got almost a full year’s worth of precipitation in 24 hours!! I’m off to umpire kickball tonight!

  2. Molly the Airedale

    I cut grass today hoping that our colder temps this week will make our leaves fall. Your home must have smell absolutely delicious with all of that baking going on! We turn our clocks back this coming weekend. Molly’s breakfast will be delayed by an hour and I can already hear her moans and groans.

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