Trying to get back to being organised after two weeks of chaos!  Don’t you ever wish to go back to a simpler time in your life?  As it is #TBT I thought I would show you some pictures from October when we were in London.  The one below is from 2005 when the Boys were ten and six.  We had gone down for the half term holiday and this is on a boat going down the Thames from The Houses of Parliament to the Tower of London.  From my perspective now this was a simpler time, however if you asked me then it probably would not have been!  It is all subjective of course. 

Last year DH and I went down to London for a cancelled visit from earlier in the year due to all the chaos of the Pandemic.  We managed to get in just in time as the whole country went into lockdown again during November!  We visited Charles Dickens home and it was a good visit and it wasn’t busy of course. 

One of the issues I have had over the last few weeks is replacing our passports!  I know we might not be able to go far at the moment but they need doing and you can now do them on-line but you have to get specific photographs that can be uploaded and the paperwork!!!!!!!!  This is meant to be easier?

The Boys at the moment are being particularly challenging!  At least when they were ten and six they were easier to deal with!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got my home jobs done today and tomorrow I have some other jobs to get done and the grocery shopping. 

We did the first of the swimming Championships last weekend and we only had a few issues, one being the printer to print the results out would not work initially!  Saying that though after two years it really went very well.  We have the second one this Saturday and then it will be the Presentation Evening just before Christmas.  The swimmers had a good time which was the main thing.  DH has a swimming AGM to go to on Sunday and is then commentating at another swimming club’s championships on Sunday evening and that will be the weekend done again!

I hope you lovely lot are having a good week, tomorrow is Friday, yeah!!!!

Hugs & Love, Susie & Treacle xx

2 thoughts on “#TBT.

  1. farmquilter

    I say that the best times of our lives are when our children are young! They bring so much work but so much joy and laughter as well. England has been having quite the time with lock down, open, lock down, open…no one can plan anything! Here, at least where I am, not much has changed in my life, thankfully!! I’m a homebody so anything closing really doesn’t affect me much. Now, the grocery items I want/need not being available is frustrating, but I think I’ll survive!! Love the picture on the Thames! I didn’t do a boat trip when I was in London…I preferred the countryside that is oh so beautiful!

  2. Molly the Airedale

    Love the background in your first photo! I’ve never had to worry about a passport. The only time that we were in Canada was long ago when you didn’t have to have one. Happy Thursday!

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