Twenty years ago today I was working at home and Youngest was with me, aged two, and he was watching a Thomas The Tank Engine story on TV when he pointed to the TV saying there was something on the bottom, I had a look and the news was running along the bottom.  I distracted him with some toys and turned the channel over to the news and actually watched the second plane hit.  It was awful to watch and yet I was unable to not watch.  By the time I collected Eldest from school two hours later the towers had come down.  DH was home and we just kept the news on all night. 

I read a book not long after written by four of the wives who had lost their husbands and it was about them coming to terms with their loss and moving forward and it was very powerful.  So today our thoughts are with all those who lost loved ones, for all those who lost loved ones because their jobs were to help those who were there and to everyone around the World who were witnesses to that dreadful day. 

We will not forget

The wives in the book started saying to people they met after a while “Love You, Mean It”  and I think that sums up the takeaway from 9/11.

Hugs & Love, Susie x

2 thoughts on “9/11.

  1. farmquilter

    We will never forget…just one more time in history that we need to never forget. When we forget, we are doomed to repeat the horrors. I pray we never forget, even when our government appears to have forgotten…we need to remind them that the people won’t forget and will teach our children the hard lessons we have learned so they won’t have to endure the those lessons again.

  2. Molly the Airedale

    We had just come home from our morning walk and turning on the radio in the workshop getting ready to start our work day. We heard the news first on the radio and turned on the TV because obviously this had to be a huge mistake. Like you, we stood there is horror transfixed by what we were watching. We will never forget.

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