Oh My It Is Friday!!!

This week has been chaos as always being the first week back from vacation!!!  I have managed to keep up to date with work and getting there with home jobs!  Sometimes I do wonder whether it is worth going away, but of course it is, just when you are in the middle of trying to get things sorted when you get back!!!!

I was scanning around Pinterest the other day and saw this quote.  It is so true I always do this!!!

Saw this on Instagram, I mean Snoopy and Star Trek!!!!  Snoopy would defintely be the Captain!!!

Saw this also on Instagram as a T-Shirt to buy, slightly rude I know but after dealing with a business matter today which has been going on since Tuesday with no one answering my emails and getting no where on the phone, I really could slap them (the business) so that Google would not be able to find them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Still got lots of jobs to do but they will get done as it is a long weekend for us in the UK and the weather looks okay too so hopefully the garden will be done.

Whatever you are up to this weekend I hope it is a good one and I will be back Monday with some pictures.

Hugs & Love, Susie, DH, Eldest, Youngest & Treacle xx

I am keeping an eye on my Tennis Ball to make sure it doesn’t move!!

2 thoughts on “Oh My It Is Friday!!!

  1. farmquilter

    I don’t understand why people are so rude as to not answer emails/phone calls when they are conducting business! Wasting everyone’s time! Makes me a crazy person too! Rudeness in general gets my ire to rise because there is rarely a reason for it! Hope your weekend in the garden is productive!!

  2. Molly the Airedale

    Wherever do the weeks go?! It seems like you work twice as hard to catch up once you’re back from vacation but it sure is worth it! I sure wish I could play ball with you, Treacle!

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