We Are Back!

Well that vacation went quickly!  DH and I didn’t do a lot, as restrictions had only just eased in Scotland so some things were not open and we also decided we didn’t need to go anywhere!  It was just nice to be away in the peace and quiet.  Here are a few pictures of the view from the cottage and a couple of times we did venture out.

The view from our cottage, it was so quiet and peaceful.

We had a visitor one morning, a Hare.

Going up to the cottage we also had these three visitors, The Famous Grouse!

Various pictures of days out of the mountains, the sea and the local wildflowers.

The Heather was just coming out in all its wonderful purple colour.

We did venture to the outskirts of Inverness to go to Leakey’s Second Hand Bookshop.  As you can see from the two pictures they have lots and lots of books and if you go in the cooler months the wood burner is going and it is great!

The above building is across the road from Leakey’s and was originally Dunbar Hospital.

We headed home on Saturday and it started to rain as we left and never stopped until late into the evening and we were home!  You would never have known it was August by the weather!!!

It was a lovely two weeks but it’s great to be home and see Eldest, Youngest and little Treacle, who had had the best time with her Boys, being treated like a Princess!!!!

This look says, they are back and of course my dinner is late !!!!!!!

We also celebrated Eldest’s Birthday, 26 (!), but he had been at work all day so was happy to have a takeaway at home as he did not finish until 8.30pm!!!! 

Today it is back to work (!) and catch up on all the business work and all the washing and ironing as well.  House jobs at the end of the week as well and possibly gardening if the weather is okay at the weekend!  DH has also. on Saturday, got the first event in over eighteen months so that will be interesting to see how it goes.  We also have a long weekend this coming weekend as it is the last Bank Holiday of the year and we should have been painting our bedroom and dressing room but that is not going to happen now with DH’s event, hey ho it will get done. 

I hope you all have had a good two weeks and I will try and show you some of the things I mananged to get quilted and done whilst I was away, although I do now have quite a lot of bindings to sew to the backs of the quilts!!!!!!!

Have a great week.

Hugs & Love, Susie & Treacle xx

2 thoughts on “We Are Back!

  1. Molly the Airedale

    Welcome home! What gorgeous views – each one more beautiful than the previous photo! How many books did you buy at Leakey’s Bookshop? There is no way that I could have come out empty handed.
    Happy Birthday to eldest! I know that Treacle is over the moon to have her mom and dad back home!

  2. farmquilter

    Such lovely weather for your holiday…it’s like the rain cried you out of Scotland!! So glad you got some down time to refresh for the craziness as we gear up for the holiday season. Your holiday pictures are so beautiful…I so want to travel those hills! I’m sure Treacle was glad to have you home as she will have her meals on schedule! Poor Eldest having to work so late on his birthday! I’m in Washington and we celebrated with one of the twins yesterday for her birthday. I can’t wait to see what you have been working on with needle and thread!!

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