Susie’s Friday Book Club.

Well you go away for a few days and goodness me the paperwork and jobs do pile up!!!  I am now up to date.  We have also had some very, very (for us) hot weather over the last week.  In fact we had to buy two new fans, one for our room and one for our Den where I work all day.  Yesterday the temperature in the Den reached 32°C and it was unbearable even with the fan!!!  Treacle has been very wise and found the coolest spot in our home under the dining room window and on our tiles every day and spent the day there, smart doggie!

Anyway it is a little late but here is my Book for this month’s Book Club.

Last month’s book “Into The Dark” by Karen Rose was not as good as it started out and in fact I did not finish it!  Whenever that happens I always turn to an author I know and love, because I know the book will be good, so this month it is another one from Mr Cussler.

This one is a Kurt Austin thriller.  It begins with Kurt rescuing some Scottish fishermen whilst he and Joe are working there for NUMA, which is when the mystery starts when the passenger on the fishing boat was not rescued.  Thus begins a treasure hunt unlike any other where arms dealers, thieves and the British MI5 are involved.  Can Kurt and Joe sort things out and find the treasure before everyone else and not die trying!

I have only just started the book but I am loving it already!!!! 


It is a little cooler today than the previous days which is a relief and we are due for some rain over the weekend which the garden will love. 

Last Monday I went out with my good friend, Jayne, for lunch.  We normally go out in June for our Birthdays, which are a week apart, but couldn’t so went on Monday.  We had a lovely meal and it was great to catch up on all the news.  Jayne is, at the end of this month, going to become a lady of leisure as she will be “retiring” from her present job.  Which means that we will be able to go out a bit more afterwards!!!!!

DH and I are off to London again later today and coming back on Sunday morning and we are then out with some other friends for Sunday Lunch.  It is so nice to be able to be out and about and doing things again.  Let us hope that this will now continue and we will not have any more lockdowns!!!

I hope you lovely lot have a wonderful weekend and I will have some pictures to show you on Monday. 

Hugs & Love, Susie & Treacle xx

Is it biscuit time yet?

2 thoughts on “Susie’s Friday Book Club.

  1. Molly the Airedale

    The too hot weather is truly no fun. We had cooler temps yesterday, today and tomorrow and it’s wonderful! It’s always fun to go out to lunch with a friend and how exciting that Jayne will be retiring! Of course, it’s biscuit time, Treacle! Happy Friday!

  2. farmquilter

    It is miserable when it is that hot inside!! Lovely temp for the outside, but inside needs to be cooler! Funny how none of the houses I lived in growing up and until I moved from Nevada to Washington never had air conditioning (two window air conditioning units at the farm) yet now I would sorely miss the central air I have at my dad’s house! Sporting a boot for my right foot…last night I didn’t dodge a thrown bat and have a severely bruised foot – the bat hit the top of my foot. Have fun in London – I hope where you stay has air conditioning!!

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