“London, Baby”!

Yes couldn’t resist the phrase from “Friends” when they were in London!!!!!  In fact it was “Joey” who kept saying “London, Baby!”.   Anyhoo here are a few (!) pictures of mini-break in London again. 

The Hotel Bar and below one of their signature summer cocktails and it was yumm!

A trip to Fortunum & Mason which is all decked out for summer.

DH & I went out for dinner on Thursday evening to Gilray’s Steak Bar.  This was my starter below Slow Cooked Sticky Honey & Chili Beef Rib Strips and again it was yummy.

We both had steak, chips and mushrooms after.

Below is the view from the restaurant and it was just starting to drop dark

One of the things for summer in London is they have lit all the bridges down the Thames.

Love The Houses of Parliament at night.

We actually went past the Ralph Lauren Sloane Square store on the way to the flower show and because it was Wimbledon and they provide the Wimbledon uniforms, the shop was dressed for Wimbledon.  Just love the displays.

On the way back from the flower show this bar had blue tennis balls on their roof for Wimbledon!

We had a lovely few days and our next visit will be November when we are going down for our Anniversary and also to do some Christmas shopping, hopefully, fingers crossed and all that, that it will happen and we will not have any more lockdowns or restrictions!

Next Monday is supposed to be our “Opening Up” day but because of the rising numbers, again, of cases it is going to be a cautious opening!  Which means that they want us still to wear masks in crowded places/supermarkets etc and to be still mindful of large gatherings at home and if you can to still meet people outside!  Hmm not sure that people will listen to the advice.  This, of course, means that we will still probably have to wear face masks at the Festival of Quilts at the NEC at the end of this month!  I was really hoping we would not have to but we shall see.  I just find when it is really warm and having a mask on I start to overheat!!!!  I have tried the fabric masks but can’t get on with them so use the paper ones as I seem to be able to cope with them more easily, although in one store in London I was so hot the mask was wet by the time I got out!!!!  Hey Ho!

I hope you are having a good week, it’s almost the weekend.  Treacle is quite happy today as it is sunny and warm and she is able to be outside all the time!!!!

Did someone say Biscuit?!!!!!!!!!

Have a great Wednesday.

Hugs & Love, Susie & Treacle xx

2 thoughts on ““London, Baby”!

  1. Molly the Airedale

    Wow – London is just so beautiful and fabulous! Covid is just too much. It’s on the rise again here. Will it ever end and will the rain here ever end?! Enjoy your sunny warm day, Treacle!

  2. farmquilter

    Your pictures make me want to ride the London Eye at night!! It was totally amazing during the day, I can just imagine the view at night!! Looks like the weather was nice for your trip – hot and sunny here as well with temperatures ranging from 100 to 106, which makes me very glad for central air conditioning. I hate the masks and other than going to the doctor’s office, I haven’t worn a mask anywhere since January, until I went on my trip last month and New Mexico required it when I stopped at gas stations. I have a very thin gator that I will wear when I know I need to wear a mask for a while – easier to breathe through and satisfies the requirements. Having asthma and trying to breathe through the masks, paper or cloth, is difficult. Have a lovely week!!

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