Yeah I have finished the Spring Cleaning!!!  If you have a look you probably can’t tell that anything has been done but I know our whole home is now clean!!!  Everything has been washed and dusted to an inch of it’s life!!  I still have a few more jobs to do, the garden, the garage, the attic and the cars but they will get done over the next few weeks. 

Although I won’t be in the garden until it warms up, I have never known a May that has been this cold and wet!!!  They are forecasting warm weather from Friday of this week, which is another long weekend for us here in the UK, which will be unusal as it is a long weekend.  DH and I are going to be busy painting our sitting room and that will be the end of the painting until the next long weekend which is at the end of August. 

Eldest has begun his new job and is loving it except for getting wet, a lot, so he is hoping that the nice weather will arrive soon too.  As is Treacle of course.

I am  up to date with all my jobs and work which makes a change so I can plan a few of what I call “nice to do’s” like my quilting, which has been non-existent for months.  I still have things to finish like bindings to be made and sewn to the quilts and also a king size quilt to finish and some birthday presents to sort out.  I also need to plan and cut out a memory quilt which I need to get on with too!!!!!!!  Also trying to keep up with my doing some reading each day.  Still trying to keep up with my Aims from January 1st!!! 

Still can’t believe that we are five months in the year already, although I could have thrown our radio out of the window the other day when the presenter started talking about Christmas!  It is only May for goodness sake.

I hope your week is going well and I will now hopefully be back to blogging every day. 

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

2 thoughts on “Busy.

  1. Molly the Airedale

    You certainly do stay SuperBusy, Miss Susie, and you’re right – we don’t want to think of Christmas just yet. It’s so funny how our weather is so different. This past weekend we had to run the ac and they’re calling for hot humid temps again tomorrow. ICK! We are enjoying our cool and breezy day today though. Happy Tuesday!

  2. farmquilter

    You are one very busy lady!!! We’ve had cold temps, lots of wind and rain in the last week…I’m with Eldest, I don’t care for the rain when I have to work outside and get wet!! Rain gear is just not part of my kit!! Heading into warmer, drier weather here, so that’s a plus!!

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