Whose In For Dinner?

I sometimes wonder if I am running a hotel at home!!!  Obviously with the Boys being 21 and 25 they are busy with work and their lives and the only thing I ask them is who is in for dinner?  You don’t know how complicated an answer that can be!!!  Sometimes I have three in for dinner, sometimes it is five and sometimes (rarely) it is just DH and I.  Of course DH sometimes complicates things with “I have a Zoom meeting at 7.00pm can I have dinner first?”!!!!!!

This week Eldest is on his training course again, Youngest and Girlfriend are away as she is competing with Penny, so DH and I find ourselves in for dinner together for the first time in ages!  The next question is what do I now cook? 

Don’t get me started on the sweat shop laundry I run as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So although it is May 18th the weather is still cold and I caved today and put our heating back on!!!  I don’t think our heating has been on this late in the year for a long while.   Sitting out my desk it can be so cold and Treacle obviously approves as she has been basking in her basket next to my desk!!!

I hope you are having a great Tuesday, I am off to see what the fridge can offer for DH and my dinner tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

2 thoughts on “Whose In For Dinner?

  1. farmquilter

    Geez, woman, you are running a B&B with major perks!!! The extra 3 would be helping with housework and cooking, as well as doing their own laundry (on a schedule, if necessary) if they were with me. However, I am probably not the norm in being unwilling to wait on my kids when they become adults. I will when I visit them in their homes, but not when they are in my home. You do all that plus work full time!! No wonder you have little time/energy for quilting! You are Super Mom!!!

  2. Molly the Airedale

    We will send you heat! It’s hot here today and tomorrow will be even hotter and then a cooling front will be making an appearance, thank goodness. We are NOT heat lovers at all!
    Dinner sounds like fun for just the two of you.

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