Jobs Done!

DH and I managed to get the hall, stairs and landing decorated over the weekend!!!  It is one of those jobs where there does not seem to be a lot to do but there is an horrendous amount of woodwork to gloss paint!!!  That took us all day Saturday to do, we got the walls done on Sunday and tidied up and got everything put back on Monday!  We even managed to keep Treacle off the walls whilst they dried!! 

Friday, Saturday and Sunday it was really nice weather wise but not as warm as earlier in the week but at least the sun was out. We also got the lawn mown.  However yesterday morning it was doing this:

It didn’t settle of course but it did snow for a while and this morning, first day back at work and all the cars had to be de-iced as it had gone below freezing last night!!  Treacle doesn’t know if she is coming or going at the moment, one day it’s nice and she can spend all day outside, next day it is back to freezing.  Needless to say our heating is back on but at least it dried the paint!!!  At the next Bank Holiday at the beginning of May, we will be painting our dining room which will be easier as it is large walls and not much gloss to do!!  Then it will be the sitting room at the end of May!!!

In between I will be getting the Spring Cleaning done!!  I have already done one room and now the hall, stairs and landing is done too.  Nine more to go!!!  I also have to do some sorting out and clearing up of things.  I am going to leave DH and The Boys to do the garden and cars which then leaves just the garden to tidy and set up for summer, which I am hoping is going to be like last year when it was lovely and warm. 

We have now been told that the next stage of opening up is going to go ahead on April 12th when non essential retail will open as well as hairdressers (thank goodness), spas, gyms and restaurants.  Obviously things will be watched to make sure that the infection rate does not go up again.  Here’s hoping.

I hope you all had a lovely Easter and a great week. 

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

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  1. farmquilter

    Painting is such a lot of work!!! Just preparing the space to be painted requires lots of time!! Poor Treacle would definitely be befuddled by that sort of weather!! We had a lovely, warm Easter weekend, the Sunday night/Monday morning it rained…Monday was cloudy and windy…with a definitely dip in temps!! The overnight temp last night was 33!! Of course, Monday night was the first week back for softball, so I was out there from 5:30 until 10:15…when I got home (30 minute drive) I could hardly move because my muscles were definitely protesting the fact that I over-used them after 18 months of not doing much!!! Of course, I pulled a groin muscle, so I’m really glad I have tonight off, but the rest of the week, I’ll be out there!! Pictures of the painted areas???

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