Busy Days!

Sorry for lack of posts last week due to not being very well!  I seem to go ages without having anything and then suddenly get something and feel dreadful!!!  Starting to feel a little better this week but of course work and home jobs still have to get done!!!

It didn’t help that we put the clocks forward last Saturday and it always takes me what seems like weeks to catch up again!  In fact some years I don’t think I ever catch up until we put the hour back in Autumn!!!!  I love the lighter nights but at what price!!!!

Spring has finally sprung here and yesterday and today in fact it was in the 70° so Treacle has spent the days outside so she was very tired when she came in.  The garden is definitely coming awake now and it is so nice to see the sun.  Although at the Easter weekend coming up it is going to go back to being cold and even some snow in places!!!!  The wonderful weather world of Britain!

We should have been here from Saturday but although things are starting to open up travel to Scotland is not one of them.  We have not been to Scotland at Easter for quite a few years now and had booked to go last year then all the Covid thing began so it was moved to this year and no doubt it will now be moved to next year, here’s hoping!!!!  We are due to go up in August and am hoping that this will happen.

As our village is quite rural quite a few people keep chickens.  However the property on the hill above our home, we can’t see it except for their land, has now got a cockerel!  However the blooming thing is crowing all the time.  I dread it  when it starts to get light at 4.00am and it starts crowing then!!!!  They are “hobby farmers”, a few animals and really playing at farming.  He retired quite early so I think this is to keep him out of his wife’s way!!!!

As it is Easter this weekend and we are not away I have persuaded DH to do some painting inside!!!  Last year we concentrated on the garden, especially during lockdown, so this year we will be doing the inside especially as events won’t be going ahead until later in the year hopefully!!!

Monday was the second part of opening things up which included outdoor sports and Girlfriend was competing yesterday with Penny.  Here they are mid jump. 

Treacle has been enjoying the sunshine, so much so that I could not get in her yesterday until I produced her food bowl!!!!! 

I hope you are having a good week. 

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

2 thoughts on “Busy Days!

  1. farmquilter

    I am sorry you are sick – that stinks!! I usually stumble around for a bit when we spring forward, so this year I moved the clocks ahead the day before during the day and went about my day thinking that was the correct time…sleepy when the clock said it was time for bed, got up at my normal time as well – no problem making the switch! I’ll be trying that trick from now on. Cheers to getting the house painted – thankfully a job that doesn’t need doing every year!!

  2. Molly the Airedale

    What a gorgeous rooster but I wouldn’t want him waking me up at 4am either. We have roosters that live not to far from us but they’re far enough away that we can’t hear them. We do hear Mackie’s dad’s whooper swans hooting it up at times and they’re farther away from us than the rooster. The poor neighbors. LOL
    What a beautiful action shot of Penny and Girlfriend! That sunshine does feel good, doesn’t it, Treacle 🙂 We hope you feel better soon, Susie!

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